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Auction Date:

February 06, 2024 | 7:00 pm

Auction Location / Nearest City:

414 N McKelvey St, Bladen, NE, USA

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Auction Description:

Bladen, NE – Online Real & Personal Property Auction

Date: Auction ends Feb 6 @ 7PM.

Location: 414 N McKelvey St – Bladen, NE


The property has 3 BDR, 2 Bath Mobile Home. The mobile home is a 1997 Champion. The home has a great floor plan w/a large master bedroom, closet, and master bath. Open concept living/kitchen/dining area and 2 bedrooms and a bath on other end of the home. The property sits on a nice size lot and has 1 small storage shed. (THE TWO LARGER SHEDS ON THE PROPERTY WILL BE MOVED OFF THE PROPERTY PRIOR TO CLOSING AND ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE.)

2023 Taxes: $492.68
Legal Description: 0 4 11 Lot 3 Blk 1 Bladen Original Town
Year Built: 1997
1997 Champion Home Builders Co – Mobile Home VIN#975611L
Lot Size: 50×140′

Lot 1 414 N McKelvey St – Bladen, NE-REAL ESTATE AUCTION
Lot 2 Cash/check at pickup, bring boxes & help to load
Lot 4 Lawn mower, does not run (needs battery?)
Lot 5 Frigidaire refrigerator 30.5x32x68.5
Lot 6 Estate 30” gas stove, you unhook
Lot 7 Amana electric dryer, doorhandle Tate
Lot 8 Kenmore washing machine, you unhook, bring tools
Lot 10 Black & Decker power miter saw, 10 inch blade, on
Lot 11 1x4x8, 1x2x8, pcs of wood, pcs of pegboard,
Lot 12 Wheelchair ramp hitch (north side of shed)
Lot 13 Cast iron donkey
Lot 14 Cement stable boy, has damage (heavy, bring help
Lot 15 USA hydrant statue
Lot 16 Wooden deck chair
Lot 17 4′ garden disk
Lot 18 Propane BBQ grill
Lot 19 Cinder block and 2 rocks
Lot 20 Hi-lander spare tire
Lot 100 Wooden shelf 28.5X9.5X68
Lot 101 Card table
Lot 102 Samsung 32’ TV in box, used
Lot 103 Vintage pool and checker board, door screen
Lot 104 Wall pictures
Lot 105 Vintage Heavy wooden cabinet (bottom shelf broken)
Lot 106 Wooden shelf 15X9.5X 63
Lot 107 Miscellaneous cups, items
Lot 108 Cup, jacks, etc.
Lot 109 Plastic cups and lantern
Lot 109a Sports items and cups
Lot 110 1950s life magazine
Lot 111 Post, journal, look, 1940s, 50s, 60s
Lot 112 1940s and 50s life magazine
Lot 113 Sheet, quilt, and blanket
Lot 114 Lamp and iron
Lot 115 Air Popcorn popper
Lot 116 Assorted VHS tapes
Lot 117 Assorted VHS tapes
Lot 117a Miller wood picture
Lot 118 Intex air mattress
Lot 119 Futon/couch bed w/mattress
Lot 119a Assorted pots and cups
Lot 120 Horse pictures
Lot 121 Vintage Marx Jeep
Lot 122 Pepsi can characters
Lot 123 Ceramic cowboy money banks
Lot 124 Ceramic cup/teapot
Lot 125 Collector towing trucks
Lot 126 Two speakers
Lot 127 Collector race car
Lot 128 Collector ace stores truck
Lot 129 3 purses
Lot 130 Small Treadmill
Lot 130a Workout supplies
Lot 130b Vintage kitchen supplies
Lot 131 1950s LIFE magazines
Lot 132 1960s LIFE magazines
Lot 132a Autographed 2004 collector car
Lot 133 Assorted VHS and cassette tapes
Lot 134 1960s LIFE book, concert programs, etc.
Lot 135 Radio, controller, optivisor
Lot 136 Bibles
Lot 137 Sugar creek books
Lot 138 Humidifier
Lot 139 Tv remotes, cords, etc.
Lot 140 Assorted extension cords
Lot 141 Keyboards, cords, emachine, hp monitor
Lot 141a Wall decor, vintage wolf picture
Lot 142 Depression dishes
Lot 143 Small glass bowls
Lot 144 Carnival glass
Lot 145 Retro dishes
Lot 146 Orange carnival glass
Lot 147 Assorted brown/orange dishes
Lot 148 Blue glass hen and rabbit on nest
Lot 149 Beautiful carnival glass
Lot 150 Orange glass hen on nest
Lot 151 Green dishes
Lot 152 Bells, cups, etc.
Lot 153 Assorted trays
Lot 154 Assorted green dishes
Lot 155 Assorted vintage bottles
Lot 156 Assorted salt and pepper shakers
Lot 157 Assorted glass
Lot 158 Vintage Children’s toys
Lot 159 Vintage misc items
Lot 160 Assorted glass bowls and vases
Lot 161 Coca Cola glasses, bear bank jar
Lot 162 Assorted milk glass
Lot 163 Assorted colored glass
Lot 164 Assorted glass dishes
Lot 165 Blue and green glass
Lot 166 Vintage swan powder dish, figurines
Lot 167 Indian stein
Lot 168 Assorted glass
Lot 169 Assorted floral and ceramic dishes
Lot 170 Assorted glass
Lot 171 Movie CDs
Lot 172 Small purple hen on nest
Lot 173 Pink depression glass
Lot 174 Wall decor
Lot 200 Braided rugs
Lot 201 Assorted blankets (need washed)
Lot 202 Assorted quilts/crocheted blankets
Lot 203 Assorted sports throw blankets, & others
Lot 204 Assorted blankets (need washed)
Lot 205 Sheets, full size?
Lot 206 Two 3 drawer sterilite units w/sewing contents
Lot 300 Games and puzzle
Lot 301 Toshiba DVD and VHS player
Lot 301a NASCAR case, PlayStation and three remotes
Lot 301b Coby dvd player, Cords and remote
Lot 302 1.5 gallon vac master wet dry vacuum
Lot 303 Purses / bags
Lot 304 Baseball caps
Lot 305 Bag of plastic hangers
Lot 306 Smith corona portable typewriter
Lot 307 Royal paper shredder
Lot 308 Briefcase, notebooks, team albums
Lot 309 Massaging machine
Lot 310 Keurig and electric grinder/chopper
Lot 311 Battery operated wolf clock
Lot 312 Throw rugs, draft stopper
Lot 313 Indian picture, 33X28
Lot 314 Tranquil sunset picture 34X 29
Lot 315 Vintage pictures
Lot 316 Vintage pictures in frame
Lot 317 Gold and black bakers rack, 28X 14 X 68
Lot 318 Indian collectible plates
Lot 319 Kerosene lamp
Lot 320 Kerosene lamp
Lot 321 Anniversary clock, 9 inches tall
Lot 322 Vintage deeds and marriage certificate 1800s
Lot 323 Barrister lawyers bookcase, 35x12x60
Lot 324 Wood shelves
Lot 325 Bookshelf, 29×9.5×68
Lot 326 Large air mattress
Lot 327 Vintage rug beater
Lot 327a Chest of drawers 30x17x39
Lot 328 Vintage pie cabinet missing handles on doors,39 X
Lot 329 Alaron 31 day clock
Lot 330 Cassette tapes
Lot 331 Vintage wooden toys, Jack’s, miscellaneous
Lot 332 Vintage rug beater
Lot 332a DVD player, RadioShack modulator, ally smart
Lot 332b Bel air and Corvette
Lot 333 Vintage rocker
Lot 334 Small wooden stool
Lot 335 Chest of drawer w/bruned in covered wagon design
Lot 336 Antique pie cabinet 42x16x53 metal crinkled on
Lot 337 Wooden chairs
Lot 338 HEPA filter
Lot 339 Sewing machine cabinet only
Lot 400 Tan couch (2 side seats recline) -has stains
Lot 400b Chair pads, pillow, carpet cleaning supplies
Lot 401 Brown oversized electric vibrate/massage recliner
Lot 402 Lawyers display cabinet 31X12X29
Lot 402a Vintage globe lamp
Lot 403 Small Wood plant stand
Lot 403a Hull vase & others
Lot 403b Miscellaneous vases
Lot 403c Miscellaneous vases
Lot 404 #3 crock butter churn, wood lid
Lot 405 2 window fans
Lot 406 Southwest ceramic vases
Lot 407 Tupperware & plastic ware
Lot 408 Misc lids and storage containers
Lot 409 Assorted CDs
Lot 410 Assorted CDs
Lot 411 Quilt blocks
Lot 412 Misc. house decor
Lot 413 Disney VHS tapes
Lot 414 Disney VHS tapes
Lot 415 Assorted movie CDs
Lot 416 End tables
Lot 416a Jesus photographs
Lot 416b Xl platter, fruit design
Lot 417 Wood wall display
Lot 418 Two matching lamps, bottom lights up
Lot 419 Vases, home decor
Lot 420 coffee grinder
Lot 421 Kerosene lamp
Lot 422 Two kerosene lamps
Lot 423 4 glass beer mugs
Lot 424 Two plastic cookie jars
Lot 425 Assorted coffee cups and coasters
Lot 426 Inflator, tool set, and radio
Lot 427 Assorted dishes
Lot 428 Matches, nightlights, and chair tips
Lot 429 Pot holders
Lot 430 Glass baskets
Lot 431 Green glass baskets
Lot 432 Gold Glass baskets
Lot 433 Opalescent baskets
Lot 434 Carnival glass baskets
Lot 435 Pink depression glass
Lot 436 Clear and red glass baskets
Lot 437 Blue glass baskets, swan, and angel
Lot 438 3 Hens on nest
Lot 439 Clear and green hens on nests
Lot 440 Milk glass hens on nests
Lot 4433 Conveyor hay belt
Lot 4434 Metal trailers
Lot 4435 Plastic cars and semi
Lot 4436 Nylint trailers
Lot 4437 Quilt rack
Lot 4438 Wood cabinet, 24X 15.5 X 60
Lot 4439 Retro Kitchen Step stool
Lot 5000 Metal Welcome signs
Lot 5001 Outdoor metal decor
Lot 5002 Assorted outdoor decor
Lot 5003 Outdoor decor
Lot 5004 assorted gardening tools and accessories
Lot 5005 Metal garden lights and decor
Lot 5006 Wooden outdoor decor
Lot 5007 Large Best Western Metal Sign
Lot 5008 Tiller
Lot 5009 Vintage wheelbarrow
Lot 5010 Iron garden hooks
Lot 5011 Wooden bench
Lot 5012 Metal ladder etc.. (south side of shed)
Lot 5013 Grill attachment & decor
Lot 5014 Windmill w/blade
Lot 5100 Wooden herbie husker cut outs, you remove one
Lot 5101 Wooden flower pots and bench
Lot 5102 Bird bath and side table
Lot 5103 Vintage tricycle
Lot 5104 Metal cows, pig, and dog decor
Lot 5105 Cement garden squirrel
Lot 5106 Cement garden raccoon
Lot 5107 Heavy cement garden monkey
Lot 5108 Garden rabbit statues
Lot 5109 Garden decorated rocks
Lot 5110 Frog statue
Lot 5111 Pigs, raccoon, and squirrel cement statues
Lot 5112 Miniature bird baths
Lot 5113 Heavy cement dog statue
Lot 5114 Heavy cement owl statue
Lot 5115 Ceramic cat and ladybug
Lot 5116 Small pig and frog garden decor
Lot 5117 Grandpa and grandma cement rocks
Lot 5118 Husker brick decor
Lot 5119 Plant garden hooks, etc.

Real Estate & Personal Property Auction

414 N McKelvey St, Bladen, NE, USA
Bladen, NE

Auction Location / Nearest City:

414 N McKelvey St, Bladen, NE, USA

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