Alice Wulf Estate – Cambridge, NE

Online-Only Auction

Auction Date:

December 27, 2023 | 7:00 pm

Auction Location / Nearest City:

Cambridge, NE, USA

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Auction Description:

Alice Wulf Estate – Cambridge, NE 

Date(s): 11/29/2023 – 12/27/2023

Auction Date/Time Info: Online Only Auction – begins to close on Weds. Dec. 27th – 7 PM Central.

Preview Date/Time: BY APPT. ONLY!

Checkout Date/Time: Pick up – Payment – Check out is Thurs Dec. 28th – 12:30 – 6:30PM at in Rural Cambridge, NE (NO EXCEPTIONS!)

Location: (exact address sent with invoice after auction is over) Cambridge, NE 69022

Buyer Premium: 15% will be added to all high bids

Lot 10 45″ antique wagon wheel

Lot 11 38″ antique wagon wheel

Lot 12 43″ antique wagon wheel, wired at the top

Lot 13 1 row bottom plow, aprx 8′

Lot 14 56” antique wagon wheel

Lot 15 Concrete stable boy

Lot 16 Antique 1 row bottom plow, handle broke

Lot 17 52” antique wagon wheel

Lot 18 67” bottom plow, handles missing

Lot 19 Iron ditcher 90”

Lot 20 48” iron wheel

Lot 21 48” iron wheel

Lot 22 89” bottom plow, broken handle

Lot 100 Lane cedar chest, padded top w/key 48x16x15

Lot 101 Coffee table 49x28x19 w/drawers

Lot 102 Lazy boy Grey suede recliner.

Lot 103 #40 Red wing Union Stoneware Co crock.

Lot 104 Vintage wood/iron school desk with folding seat.

Lot 105 #5 red wing union stoneware crock. Chips on

Lot 106 #4 red wing union stoneware w/ handles and lid.

Lot 107 #2 red wing union stoneware crock. Chip on

Lot 108 #3 union stoneware whiskey jug.

Lot 109 #3 union stoneware whisky jug.

Lot 110 #3 Union stoneware whisky jug.

Lot 111 Vintage crock jug with lid and handle., no

Lot 112 #5 Union redwing stoneware whisky jug.

Lot 113 #4 Union Stoneware Whisky Jug. Chip on bottom

Lot 114 #4 Union Stoneware butter churn.

Lot 115 #6 Union SRedwing toneware butter churn.

Lot 116 #3 Union Redwing stoneware jug with lid and

Lot 116a Hand painted angel figurine,

Lot 117 #5 Union Redwing Stoneware jug w/handle and lid.

Lot 117a Wood wall decor

Lot 118 Wood shovel. 62” tall.

Lot 119 #3 Union Stoneware crock.

Lot 120 #5 Vintage crock Jug.

Lot 121 Decorative Pitchfork. Approx 6’ tall.

Lot 122 Fall decor wreath. Approx 28”.

Lot 123 #5 Union Redwing stoneware Jug.

Lot 123a Square glass lids

Lot 124 Stoneware waterer

Lot 125 Vintage crock

Lot 126 #2 Redwing crack

Lot 126a Under counter light, new, battery operated spray

Lot 127 Vintage wood shovel 57”

Lot 128 #8 Union stoneware redwing crock

Lot 129 #4 Redwing butter churn

Lot 129a Sad irons

Lot 130 64” flat screen TV

Lot 131 TV cabinet 52X 17.5 X 27

Lot 132 Antique display cabinet, wood shelves 72 X 26X 41,

Lot 133 Brown rocker recliner, faux leather

Lot 133a Westminster quartz wall clock

Lot 133b #30 Western crock

Lot 133c #15 Union stoneware red wing

Lot 133d Wood  welcome to grandma and grandpa‘s house sign

Lot 133e Vintage dresser w/detailed mirror 44x21x72 bring

Lot 133f Barnwood welcome sign

Lot 133g Antique pedal singer sewing machine, detailed

Lot 133h Lighted Curio cabinet16x11x72 Glass shelfs

Lot 133j 22×18 and 18×18 pictures

Lot 133k Vintage dining room chair

Lot 133m Montgomery Ward vintage wall phone

Lot 133n #4 Union butter churn crock,

Lot 133p Vintage refrigerator 29 X 17 X 42

Lot 133q Vintage wall coat rack, dolls and cane

Lot 133r Windmill / tank picture

Lot 133t 49” antique wagon wheel, great shape

Lot 134 Montgomery Ward vintage pedal sewing machine in

Lot 135 Antique ice chest 20.5 X 13.5 X 39

Lot 136 Beautiful chest of drawers, detailed handles,

Lot 137 Antique Underwood typewriter

Lot 138 Antique vintage school desk with side cubby

Lot 139 Vintage beautiful vanity, detailed hardware, 48 X

Lot 140 Mounted pheasant in-flight, aprx. 36X 34

Lot 141 HOWE vintage scale

Lot 142 Smoke alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, retractable

Lot 143 Vintage Bridesmaids glass basket

Lot 143a Vintage green handled utensils

Lot 144 Candy dishes, vase, pitcher

Lot 145 Relish dishes

Lot 145a Vintage red handle utensils

Lot 146 Glasses and dessert bowls

Lot 147 Misc lot

Lot 148 Kerosene lamp

Lot 149 Polaroid sun camera

Lot 150 Misc sewing items, thread

Lot 151 Vintage Kerosene lamp

Lot 152 Fry daddy, presto popcorn popper,electric small

Lot 153 Vintage tape dispensers, insulators

Lot 154 Assorted utensils, pitcher

Lot 155 Thermos, string holder, small humidifier, welcome

Lot 156 Rings, pocket knifes, misc advertising items

Lot 157 Towels washcloths, pot holders

Lot 158 Vintage Flour sifters

Lot 159 Vintage green handle utensils

Lot 160 Vintage iron utensils

Lot 161 Vintage red handled

Lot 200 #12 Western Stoneware. 19″ w/handles

Lot 201 1956 Garton Racer

Lot 202 1960 eight ball racer

Lot 203 1935 toledo duesenberg racer

Lot 204 1941 garton speed demon

Lot 205 1956 Garton Racer

Lot 206 1959 Garton Racer

Lot 207 #2 Union Crock

Lot 208 Great Plains retro drill

Lot 209 2 pheasant Throw pillows, and other

Lot 210 Lace tablecloths, hand-crocheted curtain

Lot 211 Decorative snowman metal gas can

Lot 212 Crock chicken waterer

Lot 213 Antique sled

Lot 214 Metal truck w/pheasant feathers

Lot 215 Metal truck fall decor

Lot 216 Route 66 neon sign

Lot 217 12.5″ vintage gas pump, coin bank

Lot 218 Mini White Mountain ice cream maker

Lot 219 2 mini gas pumps

Lot 220 Vintage kerosene lamp, tall chimney

Lot 221 1 gallon western Crock

Lot 222 Miniature replica gas pump

Lot 223 Miniature replica gas pump

Lot 224 3 Miniature replica gas pumps

Lot 225 1 gallon WH crock

Lot 226 Wolf figurines

Lot 227 Brown 1 gallon Crock

Lot 228 Collectors gas pump

Lot 229 Vintage chicken water

Lot 230 Pheasant decor

Lot 231 Vintage chicken water

Lot 232 Vintage kitchen utensils

Lot 233 Pheasant decor

Lot 234 Route 66 wooden clock

Lot 235 Phillips 66 gas pump metal bank, 13″

Lot 236 Ceramic sleeping cat

Lot 237 Three vintage steam irons

Lot 238 Corona Vintage typewriter

Lot 239 Three vintage steam Irons

Lot 240 Three gas pump replicas 7.5″

Lot 241 4 kiddie car classic poster on cardboard

Lot 242 Wooden pheasant, welcome sign

Lot 243 Two racks?

Lot 244 Stuffed animals

Lot 245 Stuffed rabbits, bear

Lot 246 Western 6 gallon crock, Two hairline cracks

Lot 247 3 gallon red wing crock

Lot 248 #4 Red Wing Crock

Lot 249 6 TV trays

Lot 250 Pitcher and wash basin

Lot 251 Pheasant lamp

Lot 252 2 Crock jugs

Lot 253 Gallon crock, has crack

Lot 254 Vintage lamp

Lot 255 3 Vintage steam Irons

Lot 256 Vintage hurricane lamp

Lot 257 Vintage skates in box

Lot 258 Vintage trinket holders

Lot 259 Brown Crock jug

Lot 260 Vintage steam irons

Lot 261 Vintage kitchen utensils

Lot 262 Vintage butter churn

Lot 263 16 Looney -toons, Supergirl & Green Lantern

Lot 264 Hand weights, 8# & 3#.

Lot 265 Barbie & Marilyn Monroe Hallmark Keepsake

Lot 266 1959 Chevy Impala Display.

Lot 267 Vintage hair dryer, earrings, decor.

Lot 268 Duck decor. Hairline crack in one duck.

Lot 269 Redwing Collectors Society items.

Lot 270 Tea cups & saucers, tea pot, cat decor.

Lot 271 Salt lamp.

Lot 272 Pioneer Barbies in box.

Lot 273 Tractor decor. Green tractor  needs glued.

Lot 274 Ceramic pie plates and lids.

Lot 275 Ceramic Duck Light. 14”h.

Lot 276 Rooster wind  vane and decor.

Lot 300 #15 Redwing Union Stoneware. W/handles, glass top

Lot 301 Floor Lamp. 62” tall

Lot 302 Brother sewing machine. LS-1717b.

Lot 303 Vintage washboard.

Lot 304 Oscillating fan. 19”.

Lot 305 Indian/Horse statue.

Lot 306 Christmas lights and surge protector.

Lot 307 Calf compression sleeve, oxygen tubing, gait

Lot 308 8 Decorative pheasant plates

Lot 309 2 glass oil burner stove containers, 1913

Lot 310 Hanging Metal funnel planter

Lot 311 Plastic Easter Eggs

Lot 312 Christmas decor

Lot 313 Puzzles, Looney toons, chicken toy. 1 chicken

Lot 314 Christmas decor.

Lot 315 Christmas decor, cards, bows.

Lot 316 Decorative plates, vase, deer.

Lot 317 Variety of home decor

Lot 318 Wood Thermometer. McCook Rendering Co.

Lot 319 Home decor. Footprints, framed serenity prayer,

Lot 320 Miniature Gas pump.

Lot 321 Vintage woodpecker nutcrackers?

Lot 322 Home decor (grandpa, farmall & more)

Lot 323 Vintage kitchen utensils in rooster basket.

Lot 324 Vintage shaving items and more w/ wood box.

Lot 325 Vintage woman’s items. Perfume container, ring

Lot 326 Vintage blow dryer, mirror, curling iron. 27”

Lot 327 Fall decor.

Lot 328 Chicken/rooster decor. Metal & ceramic.

Lot 329 Rooster, turkey and chicken decor. Wood and hard

Lot 330 Stained glass rooster light.

Lot 331 Lot of phones w/ vintage rotary phone.

Lot 332 Coo-coo clock.

Lot 333 Reading glasses and cases.

Lot 334 Cast iron mini replicas w/ pencil sharpeners.

Lot 335 Cast iron mini replicas w/ pencil sharpeners.

Lot 336 Cast iron mini replicas w/ pencil sharpeners.

Lot 337 Cast iron mini replicas w/ pencil sharpeners.

Lot 338 Old Milwaukee Beer Pheasant Picture.

Lot 339 Miller High Life Pheasant Picture/mirror.

Lot 340 1992 NE Lite Beer Pheasant Picture/Mirror.

Lot 341 #10 Union Stoneware Co. tiny chip

Lot 342 Hall’s Punchbowl w/12 cups, 1 cup is glued

Lot 343 3 vintage crocks. A couple chips and hairline

Lot 344 2 crock Vintage pitchers.

Lot 345 Vintage black pepper metal tin.

Lot 346 Vintage stoneware jug

Lot 347 vintage crock cookie jar, & whiskey jug

Lot 348 2 vintage stoneware bowls. One with Hairline

Lot 349 Vintage stoneware bowl. Couple of imperfections.

Lot 350 Wooden angel picture

Lot 351 Mounted Pheasant rooster & hen decor.

Lot 352 Mounted duck on 16” wood base.

Lot 353 Purple glass oil lamp.

Lot 354 Hallmark Kiddie Car Fire Station #1

Lot 355 Hallmark Kiddie Car Drive-In with accessories.

Lot 356 Hallmark 1924 Fire Engine #6

Lot 357 Woodcraft Collectable Wooden Car.

Lot 358 1959 Chevy El Camino 1:24 Die Cast.

Lot 359 1958 Chevy Impala 1:18 Die Cast.

Lot 360 Hallmark Kiddie Car Billboard sign, accessories,

Lot 361 Hallmark Christmas car and locomotive.

Lot 362 White metal truck.

Lot 363 Hallmark 1940 Gendron Pioneer Roadster. No box.

Lot 364 Wood box 12x4x4. Metal paper holders.

Lot 365 Vintage metal/glass  parrot lamp.

Lot 366 Fall decor.

Lot 367 VHS tapes and blank tapes.

Lot 368 National Rifle Association VHS tape, collectable

Lot 369 Mixed lot. Table runners, doilies, table cloth,

Lot 370 Hallmark Kiddie Car signs. 2 metal, rest are

Lot 371 Fish-Master from Casting Line Sail Company.

Lot 372 Earrings- studs and small hoops/ dangles.

Lot 373 Earrings- small hoops and studs.

Lot 374 Assorted bracelets.

Lot 375 Assorted necklaces.

Lot 376 Vintage chalk slates and True Blue Contest Speller

Lot 400 Cooling racks

Lot 400a #50 redwing crap with drain spout, very heavy

Lot 400b At the crossing,, Jim Hansel pheasant/farm

Lot 400c Two round mirror wall shelfs

Lot 401 Milk bottles, canning jars, pop bottles

Lot 402 Christmas enamel dishes, & tins

Lot 403 #25 Western stoneware crock w/ wood handles

Lot 404 #4 union stoneware co.

Lot 405 Two plain crocks

Lot 406 Wood kitchen items

Lot 407 #4 crown crock

Lot 408 #20 redwing crock w/wood handles, bring help to

Lot 409 Brass school bells

Lot 410 Miniature cast-iron Separator

Lot 411 Glass Creamer/sugar and serving dishes

Lot 412 Creamer/sugar bowls, platter, bowls

Lot 413 Assorted serving bowls and oil bottle

Lot 414 Serving dishes

Lot 415 Glass serving dishes

Lot 416 Banana split boats, syrup jars

Lot 417 9 Stoneware bottles. Some imperfections/ hairline

Lot 418 Boyd’s Bears and Friends.

Lot 419 Precious moments figurines.

Lot 420 McComb Pottery Co stoneware jars w/metal lids.

Lot 421 4 vintage stoneware jars with metal lids.

Lot 422 Gold Leaf glasses in holder, gold rimmed dishes

Lot 423 Etched gold rimmed glasses, S&P shakers, gold

Lot 424 Pink depression glass. Pitcher and 3 glasses.

Lot 425 Pink depression glass dishes & cups

Lot 426 Pink depression glass. Dishes, salt & pepper

Lot 427 Pink depression glass Plate, cream & sugar other

Lot 428 Pink depression glass. Bowl and measuring cups.

Lot 429 Assorted tea dish items. Mustache cup, S&P

Lot 430 #20 Vintage crock.

Lot 431 #30 Red Wing Union stoneware Co. crock with

Lot 431a #8 Western crock, W/handles, lid chipped

Lot 432 Wood/ Glass display case w/ side doors. 36x12x78.

Lot 433 Decorative lighted  gas pump. 56” high.

Lot 434 Leather couch. 7’x 3.5’x3’. Matches lot 435

Lot 435 Leather loveseat. 66?x38?x36?.( Matches couch

Lot 436 Grey cloth electric lift chair.

Lot 437 Light grey electric lift chair.

Lot 500 #5 Imperial Medal Pottery Butter churn w/handles

Lot 501 #2 Redwing Butter churn w/handles

Lot 502 Fiesta Cinnabar 5 Piece Pl. setting new in box

Lot 503 Fiesta purple 5 Piece Pl. setting new in box

Lot 504 Fiesta juniper new in box 5 Piece Pl. setting

Lot 505 Fiesta plum, 5 Piece Pl. setting, new in box

Lot 506 Fiesta juniper round platter

Lot 507 Fiesta periwinkle blue bowls New invbox

Lot 508 Fiesta yellow, 5 Piece Pl. setting new in box

Lot 509 Fiesta scarlet 5 Piece Pl. setting new in box

Lot 510 Fiesta peacock, 5 Piece Pl. setting new in box

Lot 511 Fiesta juniper, three piece serving set, new in

Lot 512 Fiesta juniper tea pot new in box

Lot 513 Fiesta periwinkle, six piece hostess set new

Lot 514 Fiesta turquoise candleholders new in box

Lot 515 Fiesta perry winkle candleholders new in box

Lot 516 Fiesta serving platters

Lot 517 Fiesta dinner plates

Lot 518 Fiesta oval serving platters

Lot 519 Fiesta peacock pitcher

Lot 520 Fiesta orange pitcher

Lot 521 Fiesta salad & cup plates

Lot 522 Fiesta glasses

Lot 523 Vintage wards Butter Churn

Lot 524 1902 Wall spice cabinet

Lot 524a Country cabin clock

Lot 525 Lighted tree

Lot 525a 33″ WC Shinn Lincoln Neb. lightning rod, good

Lot 525b Antique Detailed flower pattern oil burner lamp

Lot 525c Antique eight day half hour strike clock, gnocchi

Lot 526 Enesco yellow vintage prayer lady, napkin

Lot 526a Happy days lunchbox and thermos

Lot 526b Vintage toasters, no chords

Lot 526c Vintage toasters

Lot 527 Enesco pink praying lady, cookie jar, spoon rest,

Lot 528 Enesco praying pink lady, instant coffee, tea

Lot 529 Fiesta salt and peppers

Lot 530 Fiesta cream pitcher and egg holders

Lot 531 Enesco praying pink lady, scouring pad holder,

Lot 532 Enesco praying pink lady, Salt and pepper shaker,

Lot 533 fiesta glasses & coffee cups

Lot 534 Enesco praying blue lady, pad/soap, spoon, napkin

Lot 535 Enesco praying blue lady, Salt and pepper

Lot 536 Enesco praying blue lady, tea pot, creamer, sugar

Lot 537 Enesco praying white lady, napkin holder, instant

Lot 538 Enesco praying blue lady, cookie and sugar

Lot 539 Assorted syrup bottles,

Lot 540 Assorted syrup bottles

Lot 541 Assorted syrup bottles, colorful lids

Lot 542 Green, yellow, orange, stripped  syrup bottles

Lot 543 Vintage syrup bottles

Lot 544 Enesco praying pink lady, Salt and pepper, napkin

Lot 545 Enesco praying pink lady, Bell, thread, plant,

Lot 546 Enesco praying pink lady, spoon rest, napkin and

Lot 547 Enesco praying pink lady, S&P, napkin(head g

Lot 548 Enesco praying pink lady dustpan and brush

Lot 549 Enesco praying pink lady, S&P, spoon storage

Lot 550 Enesco praying pink lady dust pan

Lot 551 Enesco praying pink lady, Queen, wall pocket, &

Lot 552 Enesco praying pink lady, S&P, plant, napkin

Lot 553 Enesco praying pink lady cookie jar

Lot 554 Vintage Electric mixer and vaporizers

Lot 555 Vintage measuring cup w/hand beaters

Lot 556 Green depression glass measuring cup W/hand

Lot 557 Blue jar, cream pitcher with hand theaters

Lot 558 Green depression glass measuring cups w/hand

Lot 559 4 vintage crocks W/hand beaters

Lot 560 Vintage green depression glass pitcher, jar,

Lot 561 Vintage glass measuring cups and jar w/hand

Lot 562 Vintage measuring cup, picture W/hand beaters,

Lot 563 Glass jars and measuring cup with hand beaters

Lot 564 Vintage coffee grinder

Lot 565 2 qt. butter churn

Lot 566 Vintage cast-iron top 4 cup glass w/whip beater

Lot 567 2 pt. Pink depression heavy glass with hand

Lot 568 Green depression glass measuring cup chipped

Lot 569 Green depression glass measuring cup W/hand

Lot 570 Miniature hand beaters with glass bottoms

Lot 571 Small crocks W/wood paddles and beaters

Lot 572 Vintage hand beaters

Lot 573 Vintage Bordens milk jar 1937, Hoppies favorite

Lot 574 Antique universal mayonnaise and cream whipper

Lot 575 Vintage ink bottles, nut chopper, baby bottle,

Lot 576 Antique clamp on slicer, cast-iron

Lot 577 Red wing Pitchers

Lot 578 Vintage ice cream scoops, red wing crock

Lot 579 Vintage ice cream scoops

Lot 580 Coca-Cola tin and glasses

Lot 581 Vintage hand mixers

Lot 582 Assorted vases and chicken

Lot 583 Metal S&P shakers, coffee canister w/xmas lights

Lot 584 Vintage pie Pan, ice cream soup, hand mixers,

Lot 585 Vintage toasters, may not have chords

Lot 585a Vintage ice cream scoops, one antler handle

Lot 586 Vintage toasters, may not have chords

Lot 587 Vintage kids plastic  toy mixers

Lot 587a International sterling paint spray silverware and

Lot 588 Vintage grater, enamel cup & tin

Lot 589 Vintage Back in 76 lunchbox and thermos

Lot 590 Cake pans, burner covers, burner rings, lid does

Lot 591 Vintage wood slicer

Lot 592 Gibson blue and white china

Lot 593 Homer Laughin & embassy china

Lot 594 Vintage Redwing crock, crock bowl, cup

Lot 595 Purple lady Statues, solar moving decor, misc

Lot 596 Bowl,animals,vintage pencils and pens,

Lot 597 Vintage shoe size indicators

Lot 598 Plates, shot glasses, misc

Lot 599 Advertising pencils and screwdrivers

Lot 600 Metal washboard

Lot 601 Glass king lingerie washboard, Fiberglass

Lot 602 Metal washboard

Lot 603 Fiberglass washboard

Lot 604 Raggedy Ann and other cloth dolls

Lot 605 Scarecrow, miscellaneous cloth dolls

Lot 606 Umbrella, cane, purse, chair pad, cornucopia

Lot 607 Cross stitch baby quilt kit you finish

Lot 608 24″ barber pole, works, you remove

Lot 609 Razor strap, cheese & divided box

Lot 610 Desk lamp, wooden shelf

Lot 611 16 inch American clock

Lot 700 #5 Western Stoneware w/lid.

Lot 700a Grandma items.

Lot 700b Vintage wall mirror, wood trim

Lot 701 #12 Red Wing Union Stoneware. 18″h

Lot 703 Large ceramic vase. 22×10.5.

Lot 704 #12 Red Wing Union Stoneware. 17”h.

Lot 705 #3 Western Stoneware. 10.5”h.small chip

Lot 706 Vintage crock w/ lid and handle. 13”h.

Lot 707 Vintage Whisky Jug. EE Bruce & Co. 11.5”.

Lot 708 Vintage Whisky Jug. 12”h.

Lot 709 Vintage whiskey jug. 15.5. sm chip

Lot 710 Decorative glass washboard. 24×12.5

Lot 711 Blue Ribbon washboard. 24×12.5.

Lot 712 #2 Union stoneware. Hairline cracks. 10”.

Lot 713 Vintage western whisky jug. 10.5”. Chipping

Lot 714 #2 Ruckles Stoneware whisky jug. 12”.

Lot 715 Vintage whisky jug. 9.5”.

Lot 716 Vintage whiskey jug. 11”. Hairline crack along

Lot 717 #3 vintage jug with lid. 11”.

Lot 718 Vintage jug with lid. 10”.

Lot 719 2 Vintage Jar Union stoneware Co. 10.5”h.,has chip

Lot 720 3 Vintage jar. Union Stoneware. 8”. Chip on side.

Lot 721 Vintage green jar w/beaters, electric juicer, elec

Lot 722 Soup warmer and bowls.

Lot 723 Vintage crock bowls.

Lot 724 USA #10 Vintage bowl

Lot 725 Vintage green glass salt & pepper shakers. 5” h

Lot 726 Vintage green glass S&P Shakers. 5”h

Lot 727 Malt & Banana Split dishes.

Lot 728 3 Sad irons – 1 w/ handle, 2 w/o

Lot 729 Vintage coffee bean grinder. 7x7x5.

Lot 730 Pheasant figurines.

Lot 731 Coke glasses, wooden basket 15x6x6, Santa items.

Lot 732 Enamel pots.

Lot 733 Carnival glass pieces.

Lot 734 Vintage McCoy vase, Tea pot & flower decor.

Lot 735 Blue hobnail dish set & platter

Lot 736 Vintage green glass canister set, metal lids

Lot 737 Vintage planters

Lot 738 Vintage juicer and measuring cups

Lot 739 Green glass canister set

Lot 740 Vintage wood & red utensils

Lot 741 Hand painted saw 29”

Lot 742 Vintage items on wall

Lot 743 Barn lantern

Lot 744 1926 and 1956 telephone directories W/vintage

Lot 745 Vintage barn lantern

Lot 746 Shorter barn lantern, red glass

Lot 747 Barn lantern

Lot 748 Barn lantern

Lot 749 Two piece red wing dispenser, lid has some chips

Lot 750 Vintage secretary 29x15x50

Lot 751 #10 water cooler, red wing w/handles 2 pc some

Lot 753 Vintage floor lamp, green base

Lot 754 Vintage floor lamp, swing top, green bass

Lot 755 Vintage kitchen cabinet 46×25.5×75 2 pc

Lot 756 Champion  washboard

Lot 757 Oil lamp with tall chimney cast iron base flat,

Lot 758 Wood bird wind chime

Lot 760 #8 redwing crock

Lot 761 #3 Butter churn crocks, lid  chipped

Lot 762 #2 Plymouth butter churn, few chips

Lot 763 #3 Indianhead butter churn

Lot 764 #2 Brown butter churn crock

Lot 765 Chest of drawer, 36X 18 X 48 (765, 767 match)

Lot 766 Vintage Lightning rod, 4’ extends, purple ball

Lot 767 Dresser w/mirror and queen headboard 60 X 18 X 75

Lot 768 Marble top side table

Lot 768a Queen Purple sheets, electric blanket, bedspread &

Lot 769 Full size box spring

Lot 770 Pillow top queen mattress & box spring, small

Lot 771 Farm and quail picture

Lot 772 #10 Western crock, W/handles and marble top

Lot 773 Men’s belts on deer holder

Lot 774 1942 Farmers co-op, Wahoo Ne calendar

Lot 775 Grey queen/king comforter

Lot 776 Lap blankets and afghan

Lot 777 Antique pedal sewing machine cabinet

Lot 800 15″ butter churn red top

Lot 801 13″ Red top butter churn

Lot 802 13″  Red top butter churn

Lot 803 10″ Red top Butter Churn

Lot 804 Vintage blender jars

Lot 805 Vintage butternut coffee jar, blender jar,

Lot 806 Polar ice chopper, jar blenders, Red tops

Lot 806a George Foreman grill 16 inch

Lot 806b Wood apple shelf, vintage cookbooks and utensils

Lot 806c Ceramic geese figurines

Lot 806d Green depression glass Clamp on table chopper,

Lot 806e Flat green bottle spoon rest, other, ashtray,

Lot 806f Keurig Coffee maker with filter

Lot 806g 12 cup Mr. coffee, steak knife set in Block and

Lot 806h Can opener, food processor attachment and more

Lot 806j Misc utensils, Cutting board, macho mug

Lot 806k Hamilton beach malt mixer

Lot 807 2 Glass Butter churns

Lot 808 2 vintage glass butter churns W/paddles

Lot 809 Green glass bottom cake plate, blue crystal vase

Lot 810 Dazey butter churn 14″

Lot 811 Windsor & Craft  American cheese vintage boxes,

Lot 812 Vintage wood butter press

Lot 813 Roseville, USA and other crock

Lot 814 Green depression glass mixers and jar

Lot 815 12 topaz stoneware dinner plates, five bowls and

Lot 816 Vintage Pyrex bowl set

Lot 817 Vintage hand mixers

Lot 818 Assorted stoneware dishes

Lot 819 Vintage glass coffee pot, small chip on spout

Lot 820 Assorted jars

Lot 821 Two different patterns malt glasses , six ct

Lot 822 2 Patterns, six count malt glasses

Lot 823 Chip bowls

Lot 824 Peasant coffee cups, small crack and chip

Lot 825 Maple leaf dishes, added three plates, platter,

Lot 826 Serving bowls

Lot 827 Grandpa’s crock ice cream bowl, JD coffee mugs

Lot 828 Glass serving bowls and dishes

Lot 829 Black glass spoon rest and S&P

Lot 829a Speckled enamel utensils, you take down

Lot 830 Flower serving bowls

Lot 830a Metal green handled utensils on rack

Lot 831 Casserole dishes

Lot 832 6″ & 8″ Corning ware dishes

Lot 833 12 clear glasses

Lot 834 10 Retro green and gold glasses

Lot 835 Assorted small serving bowls

Lot 836 6 malt glasses

Lot 837 Heavy china dishes

Lot 838 10-9″ Flamingo china plates

Lot 839 Crock pot

Lot 840 Small serving bowls

Lot 841 1 & 2 quart measuring pitchers

Lot 842 Large pie plates

Lot 843 Egg plate, serving bowls and platter

Lot 844 West Bend elevator crock and hand mixers

Lot 845 Vintage Restaurant divided plates

Lot 846 Crock bowls, Columbia metal products Chicago Ill.

Lot 847 Crock jar with screw on lid

Lot 848 Sundae cups

Lot 849 Glass coffee pot no chips

Lot 850 Vintage salt jar, small chip inside lid, hairline

Lot 851 3-5″ crocks

Lot 852 malt and drinking glasses

Lot 853 Cambridge Centennial mugs 1974

Lot 854 Retro pitchers

Lot 855 Owl cookie jar, S&P and toothpick holder

Lot 856 Crock with lid

Lot 856a Vintage Farmers lumber and supply, Bassett Ne.

Lot 857 Leaf pitcher, teapot, fire king bowls and other

Lot 858 Centage fire king bowls, one teardrop

Lot 859 Vintage hall’s stackable dishes and bowls

Lot 860 Halls vintage bowls, S&P shakers

Lot 861 Hall’s nesting bowls

Lot 862 Vegetable/fruit refrigerator glass

Lot 863 Coffee pot, tea pot, and pitcher

Lot 864 Hall’s vintage pie plate, bowl, S&P

Lot 865 Hall’s vintage Cake plate, serving bowls and cup

Lot 866 Vintage Hall’s pitcher, creamer, and glass

Lot 867 Two patterns, 14 CT glasses

Lot 868 Straw dispenser, sugar containers

Lot 869 12 striped glasses

Lot 870 Vintage wood Breadbox

Lot 870a Gordon battery jar, Waterbury Conn. And other

Lot 870b Grandma Alice kitchen pitcher and utensils

Lot 870c Vintage USA owl cookie jar, small chip, hairline

Lot 870d Crock stoneware pitcher

Lot 870e Handmade wood tray

Lot 870f USA Owl cookie jar, W/S&P shakers, 2 chips on

Lot 870g Handpainted ceramic goose cookie jar

Lot 870h 10” crock pitcher

Lot 870j Ceramic hen & rooster

Lot 870k Vintage crock jug, few chips

Lot 870kk Vintage powdered sugar holder, seashell doily

Lot 870m Vintage glass jar on wire rack, measuring glass

Lot 870n 8 plc setting 6”, 7”

Lot 870p Wrap plastic machine and extra roll

Lot 871 Lazy Susan vintage caddy

Lot 872 Corning ware pie plate and others

Lot 873 Metal pie plate and bread pans

Lot 874 XL roaster

Lot 875 Purple and clear baking dishes

Lot 876 Vintage candleholders

Lot 877 Pyrex baking dishes

Lot 878 Anchor hockey baking dishes with lid

Lot 879 Salad shooter, tater twister

Lot 880 Deep fat fryer, looks new

Lot 881 Electric Kitchen kettle

Lot 882 Assorted cake pans, lids don’t really fit

Lot 883 Brown glassware pots and pans

Lot 884 Enamel pans/roasters

Lot 885 Vintage hand mixer/pump whisk

Lot 886 Speckled enamel roaster 16″

Lot 887 Electric meat slicer

Lot 888 Hand mixers, donut maker

Lot 889 Oster mixer with all the attachments

Lot 890 Bread machine

Lot 891 Elite blender with cups and attachments

Lot 892 12-16″ Pizza pans and cake pants

Lot 893 Cupcake, Pizza and cookie pans,

Lot 894 Folding flat griddle

Lot 895 Ice tea maker and pitchers

Lot 895a Assorted silverware and corn pics

Lot 895b Vintage wood handled utensils

Lot 895d Large assortment of fiesta silverware

Lot 896 Electric coffee pot and rice cooker

Lot 897 Four slice toaster and waffle maker

Lot 898 Sort of pots and pans, pressure cooke, no gauge

Lot 898a Carnival glass punch bowl, cups and ladle

Lot 899 Enamel roasters, bunt pan

Lot 899a Indoor grill

Lot 899b Vintage Franciscan dish set, 5 dinner, 5 salad, 5

Lot 899c Franciscan 13″ glass platter, china platter and

Lot 899d Ag Pro, Dr. Pepper, pheasant& cherry glasses

Lot 899e Vintage Crisco jars

Lot 899f Vintage Millville fruit jar, blender jar

Lot 899g Vintage pitchers

Lot 899h Corning ware coffee pot, sugar jar creamer and

Lot 899j :UFO & Fat Albert Thermoses

Lot 899jj Vintage Metal wall decor sand glass timer

Lot 899k Mickey Mouse, and Flintstone glasses

Lot 899m Black handle utensils, bowls and tray

Lot 899n wood handle utensils

Lot 899p colorful utensils

Lot 899q Utensils, measuring cup, sifters, bottle openers

Lot 899r White Glass beater jar, enamel coffee pot

Lot 899t Anchor hockey bowls, vintage jars

Lot 899u Angel food cake pans and assorted lids

Lot 899v Royal Silver plate silverware, & other

Lot 899w Fire King bowl, measuring spoons, Apple Corer

Lot 899y Marble cheese cutting board, Hotdog & flowering

Lot 899z Aunt Jemima syrup bottle w/ clothes sprinkler &

Lot 900 Assorted light bulbs

Lot 900a 2 decorative metal roosters.

Lot 901 Jelly and wide mouth pint jars

Lot 902 Assorted coffee cups, big papa’s pizzeria, CR

Lot 903 13″ crock with lid, handle chipped

Lot 904 Whiskey crock jug, small hole

Lot 905 #10 Western crock stoneware, Wood handles

Lot 906 #4 butter churn crock

Lot 907 #2 redwing butter churn crock

Lot 908 Tea cups and saucers.

Lot 909 Vintage cameras, movie camera

Lot 910 Glass items. Votives, ashtrays, vases.

Lot 911 Tea set. Cups, plates, saucers, creamer, sugar.

Lot 912 Chicken decor.

Lot 913 Pink flowered dishes. Multiple patterns.

Lot 914 Decorative plates.

Lot 915 Dish assortment.

Lot 916 Green depression glass items.

Lot 917 14 Wine glasses, parfait glasses and small

Lot 918 5 Vintage mixing glass containers with metal lids

Lot 918a Two tone carnival glass candy dis

Alice Wulf Estate – Cambridge, NE

Cambridge, NE, USA
Cambridge, NE

Auction Location / Nearest City:

Cambridge, NE, USA

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