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Auction Date:

April 12, 2024 | 3:00 pm

Auction Location / Nearest City:

101 Montana St, Wakonda, SD, USA

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Auction Description:

Date/Time: Friday, April 11th at 3:00pm
American Legion Hall: 101 Montana St. – Wakonda, SD Preview:  1pm-3pm Day of the Auction

100% of this Auction comes from three local estates!  The Mike Reiners Estate of Sioux Falls, SD; Gary Wright Estate of Vermillion, SD & the Reid Mathison Estate of Canton, SD!  This is by far the most handguns we’ve ever offered at one time – extremely large selection of high end S&W & Colt Revolvers & Pistols!

COMMEMORATIVES:  S&W – If not indicated (S)Stainless or (N)Nickel; assume firearm is Blued; M.15-4 38S&W Spl, US Dept of Treasury Special Agent; M.19-3 357mag Texas Ranger Comm w/Knife, wood case; M.25-3 45cal, 125th Ann. Comm, wood case; (2)M.28-2 357mag Hwy Patrolman; M.66 357mag US Border Patrol 50th Ann, S, wood case; M.66-1 357mag, Missouri Hwy Patrol, Stainless; M.66-1 357mag Iowa Hwy Patrol; M.68-2 38S&W Spl Los Angeles Police Dept, S, box; M.568 357mag, Alabama Dept. of Pub Safety 50th Ann., 1 of 219; M.682 38S&W Spl California Hwy Patrol Ltd Ed, wood case, S; M.686-3 357mag US Dept Treasury Bicent, buckle, wood case, S; COLT – SA Frontier Scout 22LR Wyatt Earp Lawman, N, case; SA Frontier Scout “Reconstruction of Old Ft. Des Moines 1965” 22LR, Gold Finish, Case; SA Frontier Scout Wyoming Diamond Jubilee 22LR, wood case;   

REVOLVERS: S&W – M.12-3 Airweight 38Spl, N; M.14-3 38S&W Spl; M.15-3 38S&W Spl, N; M.15-3 38S&W Spl; M.17-2 22LR; M.18-4 22LR; (2)M.19-3 357mag, N; M.24-3 44S&W Spl; (3)M.25-5 45colt; M.25-11 45colt; (3)M.27-2 357mag; M.29-2 44mag, N; (2)M.29-2 44mag, S; M.29-2 44mag; (2)M.29-3 44mag; M.29-5 44mag Classic; M.29-8 44mag Mtn Gun; M.31-1 22LR, N; (3)M.34-1 22LR, N; (4)M.34-1 22LR; M.36 38S&W Spl, N; (2)M.36 38S&W Spl; M.37 Airweight 38Spl, N; M.38 Airweight 38Spl; (2)M.48-3 22MRF; M.48-4 22MRF; M.49 38S&W Spl; (3)M.57 41mag, N; (3)M.57 41mag; M.57-5 41mag Mtn Gun, case; M.58 M&P 41mag; M.58 41mag, S; (2)M.58-1 41mag, case; M.60 38S&W Spl, S; M.63 22LR, S; (2)M.63-3 22LR, S; (2)M.64-2 38S&W Spl, S; M.65-5 357mag, S; M.586-3 357mag; M.586-8 357mag;  M.610-3 10mm, S; M.625-2 45ACP Mdl of 1988 “Bowling Pin”, S; M.625-6 45colt Mtn. Gun, S; M.625-8 45ACP, S, case; (2)M.629 44mag, S; M.629-2F 44mag, rare; M.629-4 44mag, Trail Boss, S; M.629-4 44mag, Mountain Gun, S; M.629-5 44mag, Perf. Center, S; M.629-6 44mag, case, S; M.637-2 38S&W Spl+P Airweight, S; M.640 38S&W Spl, S; M.649-1 38S&W Spl, S; (2)M.651-1 22MRF, S; M.657 41mga, S, box; M.686-4 357mag, S; DA45 45cal; K-22 Masterpiece Pre-Mdl 17 3rd Mdl 22LR; K-22 Outdoorsman 22LR; 38M&P 2nd Mdl of 1902 1st Change 38S&W; 38 Safety Hammerless 2nd Mdl 38S&W; 22 Hand Eject 22LR; Top-Break 32S&W; COLT – (3)Anaconda 44mag, S; (2)Officers Mdl Match 22LR, box; (2)Officer’s Mdl 38spl, Heavy BBL; Lawman Mk.III 357mag; Official Police MK.III 38Spl;  (5)Official Police 38Spl; (2)Army Special 38Spl; (2)Trooper 357mag, 22LR, box; (2)Trooper Mk.III 22LR; Trooper MK.III 357mag; (2)Police Positive 38Spl, 22cal; (3)New Frontier 22LR; SA Buntline Scout 22LR; DA38 38Spl, N; DA38 38Spl; (2)SA Army 357mag, 44spl; Peacemaker 22LR; RUGER – (6)New Vaquero (4)45cal, (2)357mag, N; Vaquero 45cal; Vaquero 45cal, N; (4)New Mdl Blackhawk (2)30carbine, (2)45colt; New Mdl. Blackhawk .357mag, S; (2)Blackhawk 41mag, 357mag; Single-Seven .327Fed Mag, S; New Mdl Single-Six 32 H&R Mag; SP101 357mag, S; New Mdl Single-Six 22LR, S;  (2)Single-Six 22cal; Wrangler 22LR, Custom Lady Grips; H&R – M.929 22LR; M.922 22cal; Top-Break Hammerless 32S&W Short; Top-Break 32S&W Short, N; OTHER – TAURUS M.327 .327Fed mag, S; TAYLOR’S & CO. Top-Break 45LC; HERITAGE Barkeep 22LR; IVER-JOHNSON Top-Break 32S&W Short, N; ENFIELD No.2 MK.1 .380/38S&W;

PISTOLS: COLT – Delta Gold Cup 1911 10mm, S; Gold Cup Nat. Match MK.IV Ser.80 45ACP, N; Gov. Mdl. MK.IV Ser.80 45ACP, N; Gov. Mdl. 02091 Mdl.0 Super 38Auto, S; Nat. Match MK.III 1911 38Spl; Combat Commander MK.IV Ser.80 45ACP, S; Gov. Mdl. MK.IV Ser.70 45ACP, S; (2)Combat Commander 45ACP, S; Gov. Mdl. MK.IV Ser.80 Super 38ACP; Officer’s Mdl 45ACP, S; M1991A1 Ser.80 45ACP; Gold Cup Trophy 1911 22LR; 1908 Pocket Mdl.M Hammerless 380ACP; Huntsman 22LR; 1903 Pocket 32ACP; MK.IV Ser.80 Mustang 380ACP, S; LES BAER CUSTOMS – (2)1911 45ACP; 1911 38 Super; S&W – M.39-2 9mm; M.52 38Spl. Mid-Range; M.52-1 38Spl Mid-Range; M.52-2 38Spl Mid-Range; M.439 9mm, N; M.1006 10mm, S; M.1076 10mm, S; M.4006 40S&W, S; M.5906 9mm, S; Perf. Center 945 45ACP, S; SW1911 45ACP, S; M&P-40 40S&W; WALTHER – (3)PP Sport 22LR; PPK/S 9mm; PPK/S 9mm, S; PPK/S 7.65mm; PPK/S 32ACP, S; (4)PPK/S 22LR; PPK/S 22LR, S; (2)PPK/S 380ACP, S; PPK-L 22LR; (2)PPK 9mm; (3)PPK 9mm, S; (4)PPK 7.65mm; (3)PPK 32ACP, S; PPK 22LR; (3)PP 9mm; PP 7.65mm; PP 7.65mm, S; (3)PP 22LR; SP22M2 22LR; P22 LR; PARA ORD – P14.45 45ACP; .45LDA 45ACP, S; C7.45LDA 45ACP, S; C6.45LDA 45ACP, S; 14.45LDA 45ACP; 16.40LDA 40S&W; BROWNING – M1910 Mdl.1955 Belgium 380ACP; 1905 Vest Pocket 25ACP; 1900-FN 7.65mm; 1911-22 22LR; 1911/380 Black Label 380ACP; FABRIQUE NAT. – (2)10/22FN 380ACP; (2)Browning 1910FN 380ACP; Browning 1903FN 9mm Br. Long; (2)M.1910FN 32ACP; Browning 10/71 380ACP; 1905 FN Vest Pocket 1st Variation 25ACP; Brevettato 1934 380ACP; Baby 25ACP; KIMBER – Pro Carry II 9mm; Micro Carry STS 380ACP, S; BERETTA – M.92FS 9mm; (2)M.948 22LR; Brevettata M.1934 7.65mm; 21A 22LR; M.1934 7.65mm; M.418 25ACP; SIG SAUER – P229 .357Sig; P220 45ACP; P238 380ACP; GLOCK – 21 Gen 4 45ACP; M.22 40S&W; 19 Gen 4 9mm; RUGER – 22/45 LITE 22LR; MK.II Target 22LR; MK.III Target 22LR; SR45 45ACP; DAVIS IND – DM-22 22Mag O/U Der., N; D-32 32ACP O/U Der, N; D-38 38Spl O/U; D-22 22LR O/U Der.; OTHER – SPRINGFIELD M.1911-A1 45ACp, S; HUSQVARNA (2)Browning 1907 9mm Browning, 380ACP; MANURHIN PP 7.65mm, box; REMINGTON 1911R1 45ACP; DAN WESSON PM10-S 1911 Pointman Ser. Target 10mm, S; ROCK ISLAND M1911-A1FS 45ACP, case; LLAMA M.XV 22LR; PHOENIX ARMS HP25A 25ACP, S;

ANTIQUE/BLACKPOWDER – Cabela’s 1858 New Mdl Army Target 44cal, box; CVA 45cal; Italian Colt Reproduction;

Live In-House Bidding – No In-house Buyer’s Premium – Internet, Absentee & Phone Bidding Available!  Shipping of Firearms Available in the US.  See a full list & catalog at!

Terms:  Cash, Good Check, Visa, MasterCard.  SD Sales tax applies.  10% buyer’s premium on all Internet, Absentee, and Phone bids.  Sales tax now charged to online buyers according to new federal guidelines.  All Federal Firearms Regulations Apply.

Girard Auction & Land Brokers, Inc.
15 Ohio St. – Wakonda, SD
(605) 267-2421 OR Toll Free:  1-866-531-6186 &
Ken Girard, CAI, AARE; Mike Girard, CAI—FFL Manager; Scott Moore–Auctioneer
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Girard Auction & Land Brokers, Inc.

(605) 267-2421

Toll Free:  1-866-531-6186


101 Montana St, Wakonda, SD, USA
Wakonda, SD

Auction Location / Nearest City:

101 Montana St, Wakonda, SD, USA

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