Antiques, Truck, Furniture!

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Auction Date:

February 21, 2024 | 2:00 pm

Auction Location / Nearest City:

Rockland, ID, USA

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Auction Description:

Antiques, Truck, Furniture!

Shoshone St. Estate – Rockland, ID

Auction Date: February 21, 2024

Location: Rockland, ID

Details being added here often. Mark it on your calendar. Do not miss getting some of these wonderful items. Watch Lot, Bid Now and Check back for more items being added. 

Pickup: Thursday, Feb. 22nd, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM and Friday, Feb. 23rd, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Offsite Auctions have limited pickup times and very limited bring backs. 
If you miss pickup times your items could be forfeited. Please insure you make every effort to pickup during scheduled times. Do not bid if you cannot make arrangements to pickup during scheduled times. 

Lot 1:                    1990 Toyota Pickup

Lot 4:                    Large Area Rug

Lot 5:                    Vintage Desire St. Streetcars

Lot 6:                    Soundesign Stereo Turntable

Lot 7:                    Fishing Rod, Tennis Racket, More

Lot 8:                    Mule Deer Antler Mount

Lot 9:                    Fishing Tackle, Spinning Reel, Fishing Bag

Lot 10:                 Stanley Night Stand

Lot 11:                 Twin Size Bed with Frame

Lot 12:                 Vizio TV with Stand

Lot 13:                 Arrow Blanks, Feather Fletchings

Lot 14:                 Twin Mattress with Boxspring and Frame

Lot 22:                 Breadbox, Salt & Pepper Shakers

Lot 91:                 Plastic Organizers

Lot 92:                 Flashlights, Lanterns

Lot 93:                 Paint, Stain, Contents of Closet

Lot 94:                 Metal Wood Grain Dresser

Lot 95:                 Carnegie 8 Track Stereo

Lot 96:                 Contents of Counter

Lot 97:                 Vertical Gun Rack

Lot 98:                 3 Gun Vertical Gun Stand

Lot 99:                 Arrow Rack

Lot 100:               Metal Cabinet, Shelf, Organizer

Lot 101:               2) Chairs, Placemats/Tablecloths, Volcolm Bag

Lot 102:               Filing Cabinet, Organizer, Tape Measure, More

Lot 103:               Extension Cords, Briefcase, More

Lot 104:               1.5 Million Candle Power Spotlight

Lot 105:               Tacklebox with Tackle

Lot 106:               Level, Light Fixture, Tape Gun, More

Lot 107:               Vintage Brass Log Holder

Lot 108:               Pro Micromat, Glue Gun, Organizer, More

Lot 109:               Airman MX 1000 Pump

Lot 110:               Fishing Nets, Cane Poles, Texas Fly Swatter

Lot 111:               2) Youth Bows

Lot 112:               Various Cables, Leviton Wiring Devices, More

Lot 113:               Bear Print, Fishing Pole, More

Lot 114:               Sewing Patterns, Fabric, Holiday Lights, More

Lot 115:               Lanterns, Thermus, Canteens

Lot 116:               Sandpaper, Painting Supplies, More

Lot 117:               Rifle Scope, Tools, Door Hardware, Square, More

Lot 118:               Fly Tying Kit, Fly Tying Supplies

Lot 119:               Electronic Components, Signal Generator, Radios, More

Lot 120:               Spray Paint, Cans of Paint, Auto Parts

Lot 121:               JVC Boombox

Lot 122:               Comfort Office Chair

Lot 123:               Media Cabinet

Lot 124:               Filing Cabinet, Organizer Shelf, More

Lot 125:               Bookshelf with Contents

Lot 126:               Bookshelf with Contents

Lot 127:               Twin Lounger Chairs

Lot 128:               Car Jump Battery Pack

Lot 129:               Nu-Form Universal Back Brace

Lot 130:               Mini Crockpot, Cookware, More

Lot 131:               Glass Top Side Table

Lot 132:               Daisy 840 BB Gun

Lot 133:               Screen Cleaning Kit, TP-Link Router

Lot 134:               Office Chair

Lot 135:               Various Video Cables, Relay, Funnel, Samsung Earbuds

Lot 136:               4) Plastic Organizers with Contents

Lot 137:               Resin Fruitbowl

Lot 138:               Pyrex Dish, Ceramic Casserole Dish, Bread Pans

Lot 139:               Salad Shooter, Microwave Splatter Guard, Cutting Boards

Lot 140:               Mini Waffle Iron

Lot 141:               Emerson Microwave

Lot 142:               Bag Balm, Bench Scraper, Knives

Lot 143:               Various Mugs and Glasses

Lot 144:               Reed & Barton Nut Bowl, Weidlich Silver Plated Shakers, More

Lot 145:               Ceramic Pot, Pitcher, More

Lot 146:               Toscany Vase, Cut Glass Plates, More

Lot 147:               Hamilton Beach Electric Carving Knife, Roasting Pan

Lot 148:               Various Glassware

Lot 149:               Enclosed Trashcan

Lot 150:               Tupperware, Pans, More

Lot 151:               Food Storage Racks, Can Rotation Trays

Lot 152:               Entertainment Center

Lot 154:               Computer Desk, Chair, Contents of Desk

Lot 155:               Gerber EZ Fasten New Cloth Diapers

Lot 156:               2) Add a Rod, Rack, Decor, More

Lot 157:               Various Tools, Drill, More

Lot 158:               Cleaners, Pesticides, More

Lot 159:               Burwood Butterflies, Wagon

Lot 160:               Filbar Dresser

Lot 161:               Bookshelf with Contents

Lot 162:               Filing Cabinet, Stationary

Lot 163:               Coding Books, Other Books, Chair

Lot 164:               Health Books, Other Books

Lot 165:               Hardware Organizer

Lot 166:               Cane, Briefs, More

Lot 167:               Movies, PC Software

Lot 168:               Suitcase, Envelopes, More

Lot 169:               Cream Colored 5 Drawer Dresser

Lot 170:               Queen Size Bed with Frame

Lot 171:               Chair, Wrapping Paper, Christmas Tree, Blankets

Lot 172:               Fans, Organizer, More

Lot 173:               Organizer with Contents, Shelf with Contents

Lot 174:               Wood Shelving with Contents

Lot 175:               Prints, Office Mats

Lot 176:               Omni Breeze Tower Fan, Heater

Lot 177:               Unitrex Adding Machine, Olivetta Adding Machine, Panasonic 256 Tape Deck

Lot 178:               Amazon Alexa, Organizers, Side Table

Lot 179:               Bookshelf with Contents

Lot 180:               Pack-N-Roll, Suitcase, Monitor

Lot 182:               Brinkmann Q-Beam 12v Spotlight, Timing Light

Lot 183:               RF Signal Generator, Automatic Antenna, More

Lot 300:               MCM Long Dresser with Mirror and Contents

Antiques, Truck, Furniture!

Rockland, ID, USA
Rockland, ID

Auction Location / Nearest City:

Rockland, ID, USA

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