Dennis Dixon Estate Auction #3

Online-Only Auction

Auction Date:

December 27, 2023 | 5:00 pm

Auction Location / Nearest City:

502 Main Street, La Porte City, IA, USA

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Auction Description:

Dennis Dixon Estate Auction #3

Date: Bidding Ends- December 27th at 5:00

Location: 502 Main St LaPorte City, IA 50651

Auction Removal Times: Pickup on Thursday, December 28th from 11AM-4PM at 502 Main Street, LaPorte City, Iowa 50651

Auction Preview: Preview on Tuesday, December 26th from 3-5PM at 502 Main Street, LaPorte City, Iowa 50651

Legacy Auction Company

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(319) 559-2454

Lot 1: Dietz city of New York lantern

Lot 2: Handlan Lantern with matching globe

Lot 3: ADLAKE Lantern

Lot 4: Dressel lantern

Lot 5: Dietz Vesta New York

Lot 6: CMSTP&P Lantern with Adlake globe

Lot 7: ADLAKE C&NW Lantern with matching globe

Lot 8: Handlan BR Lantern with Adlake globe

Lot 9: Dietz Vesta Lantern with matching globe

Lot 10: Handlan Lantern St. Louis

Lot 11: Dietz Vesta N.Y.C.S. Lantern with matching globe

Lot 12: Dressel CMSTP&PRR Lantern with orange globe

Lot 13: Justrite Battery lantern

Lot 14: Handlan Lantern with matching red globe

Lot 15: Dietz No. 2 D-LITE Lantern

Lot 16: Ecolite battery lantern

Lot 17: Vintage Manhattan Brass company single arm

Lot 18: Small kerosene lanterns

Lot 19: Craftsman standard and metric nut drivers

Lot 20: Craftsman and Standard nut drivers

Lot 20b: Craftsman tool boxes. Approximately 42By 19 x 5

Lot 21: Assorted nut drivers and Leatherman with pouch

Lot 22: Assorted pliers. Snap ring, needle nose etc.

Lot 23: Assorted pliers. Snap ring needle nose etc.

Lot 24: Fencing tool and assorted pliers

Lot 25: Craftsman half inch drive socket with holders

Lot 26: Craftsman standard and metric hex key sets,

Lot 27: Craftsman half inch drive socket. 7/16 through

Lot 28: Craftsman half inch drive metric sockets and

Lot 29: Adjustable wrenches, craftsman torx Key set and

Lot 30: Craftsman half-inch drive speed ranch, ratchet

Lot 30b: Craftsman tool boxes. Approximately 27 x 18 x 54

Lot 31: Craftsman standard and metric sockets etc. with

Lot 32: Craftsman half inch drive ratchets and extension

Lot 33: Sockets, speed wrench extensions etc.

Lot 34: SK half inch ratchet and snap on half inch speed

Lot 35: Craftsman half inch Sockets, extension etc.

Lot 36: Craftsman half inch standard and metric sockets

Lot 37: Snap on half inch deep well sockets with hex key

Lot 38: Adjustable pliers etc.

Lot 39: Assorted pliers and screwdrivers

Lot 40: Craftsman, SK Wayne and fuller adjustable

Lot 40b: DeLaval Cream separator and parts. One leg broke.

Lot 41: Assorted pliers

Lot 42: Adjustable wrenches and pliers

Lot 43: Locking pliers and adjustable wrenches etc.

Lot 44: Craftsman screwdrivers. Straight and Phillips

Lot 45: Craftsman screwdrivers. Straight and Phillips

Lot 46: Bondhus Ball driver hex tools

Lot 47: Hex key wrench sets, nut drivers and microtech

Lot 48: Assorted screwdrivers

Lot 49: Assorted screwdrivers

Lot 50: Advertising screwdrivers

Lot 51: Craftsman screwdrivers

Lot 52: Nut drivers and screwdrivers

Lot 53: Adjustable pliers

Lot 54: Torx Screwdrivers and test light

Lot 55: Beer opener’s

Lot 56: Craftsman metric combination wrenches. 6 mm to 19

Lot 57: Craftsman metric combination wrenches. 6 mm to 18

Lot 58: Craftsman metric combination wrenches. 7 mm to 17

Lot 59: Craftsman metric combination wrenches 6 mm to 16

Lot 60: Craftsman metric combination wrenches. 6 mm to

Lot 61: Craftsman metric combination wrenches. 6 mm to 16

Lot 62: Craftsman metric combination wrenches. 7 mm to 16

Lot 63: Craftsman metric combination wrenches. 7- 13 mm,

Lot 64: Craftsman metric combination wrenches.

Lot 65: Craftsman metric brake line wrenches

Lot 66: Craftsman metric brake line wrenches, Snap on

Lot 67: Craftsman metric ratchet wrenches.

Lot 68: Craftsman metric combination wrenches

Lot 69: Three-quarter drive socket set 7/8 through 2 inch

Lot 70: Three-quarter drive breaker bar, ratchet and

Lot 71: Three-quarter inch drive snap on handle and blue

Lot 72: Craftsman  Standard box end wrenches quarter inch

Lot 73: Craftsman standard open and wrenches.

Lot 74: Craftsman and Standard open end wrenches.

Lot 75: Williams box end wrench. Inch and five eights and

Lot 76: Craftsman standard combination wrenches. Quarter

Lot 77: Craftsman open end  wrenches.  3/8 through 13/16

Lot 78: Craftsman open end wrenches. 3/8 through seven

Lot 79: Craftsman open end wrenches. Quarter inch through

Lot 80: Craftsman open end wrenches. 3/8 through seven

Lot 81: Craftsman standard open end wrenches. 3/8 through

Lot 82: Assorted open end wrenches

Lot 83: Craftsman standard combination wrenches. Quarter

Lot 84: Craftsman and Standard combination wrenches.

Lot 85: Craftsman standard combination wrenches. Quarter

Lot 86: Craftsman standard combination wrenches

Lot 87: Craftsman Standard combination wrenches. Half

Lot 88: Craftsman box end wrenches. Three eights through

Lot 89: Craftsman  Standard brake line wrenches

Lot 90: Craftsman ratchet wrenches. Quarter inch through

Lot 91: Craftsman and Assorted box end wrenches

Lot 92: Craftsman and Standard combination wrenches. 3/16

Lot 93: Craftsman standard combination wrenches. 5/32

Lot 94: Milwaukee heat gun

Lot 95: Roto zip spiral saw

Lot 96: Milwaukee whole hawg  drill

Lot 97: Makita circular saw

Lot 98: Milwaukee heavy duty portable bandsaw

Lot 99: Portable bandsaw blades. 44 and seven eights

Lot 100: Waterloo industries toolbox with contents

Lot 101: Stack on toolbox with contents

Lot 102: Bars, nail sets, chisels and punches

Lot 103: Socket and nut drivers etc.

Lot 104: Trailer tow kit, drop receiver, balls etc.

Lot 105: Assorted pliers, tinsnips etc.

Lot 106: Assorted pipe wrenches. One rigid

Lot 107: Pipe and monkey wrenches

Lot 108: Nippers, wire cutter and adjustable advertising

Lot 109: Receiver hitches and balls

Lot 110: Miscellaneous Craftsman wrenches

Lot 111: Miscellaneous wrenches and 3/8 drive extension

Lot 112: Pipe wrenches. Two are Rigid

Lot 113: Pipe wrenches. Two craftsman and one rigid

Lot 114: Assorted hammers. One craftsman and one Estwing

Lot 115: Case hatchet

Lot 116: Keen Kutter and Funks bars

Lot 117: Assorted hammers and hatchet

Lot 118: Bars, hammers and saw

Lot 119: Tap and die sets etc.  Metric and standard

Lot 120: Assorted Tools and whistle etc.

Lot 121: Pakistan knife with sheath

Lot 122: US army lineman’s pliers and knife with holder

Lot 123: 1944 US World War II era army flat blade pick

Lot 124: Vintage monkey wrenches

Lot 125: Vintage monkey wrenches. Some railroad

Lot 126: Two Meat cleaver’s. One Wards

Lot 127: Two Meat cleavers. One craftsman

Lot 128: Two meat cleavers. One Cruso

Lot 129: Two meat cleavers. One Rath Packing Co

Lot 130: Rock River meat cleaver and knife

Lot 131: Bread slicer, hook knife and US Landers, Frary

Lot 132: Meat cleaver and knives

Lot 133: Case meat cleaver

Lot 134: Assorted knives. One Hibbard hand made

Lot 135: Assorted knives and steel etc.

Lot 136: Assorted kitchen items and knives. Craftsman and

Lot 137: Case Meat Fork and knives

Lot 138: Assorted knives

Lot 139: Advertising knives

Lot 140: Nut crackers and picks

Lot 141: Assorted knives

Lot 142: Vintage Kitchen items

Lot 143: 1847 Rogers brothers Silverware accessories

Lot 144: Nutcrackers and picks

Lot 145: Advertising pens and pencils

Lot 146: Advertising pens and pencils

Lot 147: Advertising pens and pencils

Lot 148: Advertising pens and pencils

Lot 149: Advertising pens and pencils

Lot 150: Advertising pens and pencils etc.

Lot 151: Pencil sharpeners and paper punches

Lot 152: John Deere 7330 tractor

Lot 153: Louisville slugger bat, Sifo rainbow wagon etc.

Lot 154: Collector marbles with case

Lot 155: Collector marbles

Lot 156: Collector marbles

Lot 157: Collector marbles

Lot 158: Cats-eye  marbles

Lot 159: Vintage kitchen items

Lot 160: Vintage fishing lures

Lot 161: Vintage fishing lures

Lot 162: Vintage fishing lures

Lot 163: Vintage fishing lures

Lot 164: Vintage fishing lures

Lot 165: Vintage fishing lures

Lot 166: Vintage fishing lures

Lot 167: Vintage fishing lures

Lot 168: Vintage fishing lures

Lot 169: Vintage fishing lures

Lot 170: Vintage fishing lures

Lot 171: Vintage fishing lures

Lot 172: Vintage fishing lures

Lot 173: Vintage fishing lures

Lot 174: Vintage Fishing lures

Lot 175: Vintage Winchester fishing lure

Lot 176: Vintage fishing lures

Lot 177: Vintage Fishing lures

Lot 178: Vintage fishing lures

Lot 179: Vintage fishing lures

Lot 180: Vintage and fishing lures

Lot 181: Fishing lures

Lot 182: Fishing lures

Lot 183: Fishing lures

Lot 184: Fishing lures

Lot 185: Fishing lures

Lot 186: Fishing lures

Lot 187: Fishing lures

Lot 188: Fishing lures

Lot 189: Fishing lures

Lot 190: Fishing lures

Lot 191: Fishing lures

Lot 192: Fishing lures

Lot 193: Fishing lures

Lot 194: Fishing lures etc.

Lot 195: Fishing lures

Lot 196: Fishing lures

Lot 197: Fishing lures

Lot 198: Fishing lures

Lot 199: Fishing lures

Lot 200: 2 Pocket fisherman

Lot 201: Lead lures

Lot 202: Musky lures

Lot 203: Fishing lures

Lot 204: Northern and musky lures

Lot 205: Northern and musky lures

Lot 206: Fishing lures

Lot 207: Fishing lures

Lot 208: Fishing lures

Lot 209: Fishing lures

Lot 210: Fishing lures

Lot 211: Vintage fishing lures

Lot 212: Assorted fishing items

Lot 213: Fishing lures

Lot 214: Fishing lures

Lot 215: Fishing lures

Lot 216: Antique fishing hook cans

Lot 217: Pflueger fishing hook tins

Lot 218: Fishing items

Lot 219: Assorted sinkers

Lot 220: Musky lures

Lot 221: Fishing lures

Lot 222: Fishing lures

Lot 223: Vintage fishing lures

Lot 224: Vintage fishing lures

Lot 225: Fishing Lures etc.

Lot 226: Vintage fishing lures

Lot 227: Vintage Fishing lures

Lot 228: Vintage fishing lures

Lot 229: Vintage fishing lures

Lot 230: Vintage fishing lures

Lot 231: Vintage Fishing lures

Lot 232: Vintage Fishing lures

Lot 233: Vintage fishing lures

Lot 234: Vintage Fishing lures

Lot 235: Vintage fishing lures

Lot 236: Vintage fishing lures

Lot 237: Vintage fishing lures, etc.

Lot 238: Vintage fishing lures

Lot 239: Vintage fishing lures

Lot 240: Lure making items

Lot 241: Spinner bait making items

Lot 242: Spinner bait making items

Lot 243: Lead sinker molds

Lot 244: Spinner bait making items

Lot 245: Spinner bait making items

Lot 246: Spinner bait making items

Lot 247: Spinner bait making items

Lot 248: Spinner bait making items

Lot 249: Spinner bait making items etc.  And tote

Lot 250: Fasteners and crimping tools

Lot 251: Bobbers, minnow basket and fillet strainer

Lot 252: Fish gaffs

Lot 253: Fishing lures, hooks etc.

Lot 254: Assorted Pflueger reels

Lot 255: Fish gaffs and spear

Lot 256: Fish spears

Lot 257: Grappling hooks

Lot 258: Assorted reels

Lot 259: Vintage lures and fishing items

Lot 260: Vintage lures

Lot 261: Vintage lures

Lot 262: Vintage lures

Lot 263: Vintage lures

Lot 264: Vintage lures

Lot 265: Vintage lures

Lot 266: Vintage lures

Lot 267: Vintage lures

Lot 268: Vintage lures

Lot 269: DVDs

Lot 270: DVDs

Lot 271: DVDs

Lot 272: CDs

Lot 273: Railroad DVDs and VHS tapes

Lot 274: Approximately 100 45’s

Lot 275: 45’s

Lot 276: Assorted reels

Lot 277: Assorted reels

Lot 278: Assorted reels

Lot 279: Assorted reels

Lot 280: Assorted fly reels

Lot 281: Assorted reels

Lot 282: Assorted reels. Some parts

Lot 283: Assorted reels

Lot 284: Bank pole reels

Lot 285: Fish gaffs

Lot 286: Rod and reel

Lot 287: Rod and reel

Lot 288: Three rods and reels

Lot 289: Vintage rod and reel

Lot 290: Fishing items

Lot 291: Pflueger reel

Lot 292: Fishing line and bobbers

Lot 293: Vintage reels

Lot 294: Vintage rare reel

Lot 295: Fish stringers

Lot 296: Fishing items

Lot 297: Musky lure

Lot 298: Fishing Lures, sinkers etc.

Lot 299: Extendable fishing rods. Some with reels

Lot 300: Fishing lures

Lot 301: Ice fishing poles

Lot 302: Ice fishing poles

Lot 303: Kids fishing poles

Lot 304: Fish baskets, trotline etc.

Lot 305: Fishing lures, bait boxes power bait etc.

Lot 306: American ranger rod and Pflueger real with soft

Lot 307: Five fishing rods and reels

Lot 308: Fish baskets

Lot 309: Bait baskets

Lot 310: Large fish basket

Lot 311: Minnow traps

Lot 312: Assorted fishing rods

Lot 313: Bearcat 5 band FM scanning receiver, cobra

Lot 314: Approximately 12 foot bamboo fishing poles

Lot 315: Bamboo fishing poles. One with reel

Lot 316: Approximately 12 foot bamboo poles

Lot 317: Realistic UHF a.m. FM direct entry programmable

Lot 318: Realistic UHF AM/FM direct entry programmable

Lot 319: Puma 23BCB radio, antennas, Mic holder. 1938 and

Lot 320: Baseball and basketball cards etc.

Lot 321: Public announcement speaker, public address

Lot 322: Pepsi bowling pin

Lot 323: Railroad items

Lot 324: Morton Salt items

Lot 325: Four stainless steel bowls

Lot 326: Four stainless steel bowls

Lot 327: Four stainless steel bowls

Lot 328: Four stainless steel bowls

Lot 329: Four stainless steel bowls

Lot 330: Three roasters, coffee pot and canner etc

Lot 331: Pyrex baking dishes etc

Lot 332: Edison Battery Oil bottle, platters and Fire King

Lot 333: Fishing rods and metal case

Lot 334: Fishing items and lure making items

Lot 335: Lures, fly tying clamp etc

Lot 336: Vintage kitchen items

Lot 337: Vintage kitchen items

Lot 338: Vintage kitchen items

Lot 339: Vintage kitchen items

Lot 340: Uncle Sam’s budget bank and bank bags

Lot 341: Hair care items

Lot 342: Meat tenderizers

Lot 343: Assorted files with 5 gallon bucket etc.

Lot 344: Assorted files and reamer

Lot 345: Jumbo lantern light set

Lot 346: Fancy oil lamp

Lot 347: Vintage Aladdin wall lamp

Lot 348: Aladdin wall lamp with wall bracket and shade

Lot 349: Vintage railroad signal lantern

Lot 350: Vintage oil lamp

Lot 351: Dietz Acme inspector lamp

Lot 352: Dietz Vesta railroad lantern with matching globe

Lot 353: Dietz vesta Navy standard deck lantern With

Lot 354: C.T. Ham & CO Junior lantern

Lot 355: Jason Constellation telescope 280. Appears new

Lot 356: Focal telescope. Appears new

Lot 357: Vivitar spotting scope. Appears new

Lot 358: Charles Daly spotting scope

Lot 359: Sears discover binoculars,Focal Monocular etc

Lot 360: Bushnell recording binoculars, Bushnell 8 x 21

Lot 361: Alarm clock, wind up radios, battery radio and

Lot 362: Silver plated tea set with salt and pepper shaker

Lot 363: Landers bread mixer

Lot 364: Magnavox VHS and DVD player with VHS tapes

Lot 365: Magnavox VHS player and DVD recorder with VHS

Lot 366: Sanyo VHS player and DVD player with VHS tapes

Lot 367: Magnavox VHS and DVD player with DVDs and VHS

Lot 368: Magnavox VHS and DVD player with DVDs and VHS

Lot 369: HP computer monitor with keyboard and mouse,

Lot 370: Rhewum Lantern. Missing globe

Lot 371: Dietz Vesta lantern

Lot 372: Dietz Acme inspector lamp

Lot 373: Railroad signal lantern

Lot 374: Delta Red Bird electric lantern

Lot 375: Ecolite battery lantern

Lot 376: Star headlight and lantern company battery

Lot 377: The New Era rope machine with tool

Lot 378: Steel adjustable monkey wrench. Possibly railroad

Lot 379: Vintage work light

Lot 380: Ecolite

Lot 381: Justrite Battery lantern

Lot 382: Delta reddylite

Lot 383: Ash flash work light

Lot 384: Universal lamp company auto lite

Lot 385: Justrite carbide light

Lot 386: Autolite carbide light

Lot 387: Atlas steam vaporizer

Lot 388: Conger battery lantern

Lot 389: ADLAKE battery lantern

Lot 390: LEM patty press

Lot 391: U.S. standard sieve series soiltest

Lot 392: Measuring sticks

Lot 393: Oscar Mayer lighted sign

Lot 394: Vintage Bingo game

Lot 395: Measuring sticks

Lot 396: La Porte City, Iowa pottery

Lot 397: Measuring sticks

Lot 398: Vintage Rudolph magnetic dart game

Lot 399: NAPA wiper blades clock. Lighted?  Clock works

Lot 400: Miller Lite battery clock

Lot 401: Measuring sticks

Lot 402: Miller Lite sign

Lot 403: Vintage Pepsi-Cola serving tray

Lot 404: Measuring sticks

Lot 405: Marlboro Cigarette case. Two sided

Lot 406: Atlas water bag

Lot 407: Measuring sticks

Lot 408: Coleman desert water bag

Lot 409: Measuring sticks

Lot 410: Desert water bag

Lot 411: Measuring sticks

Lot 412: Rodeo traveler water bag

Lot 413: Measuring sticks

Lot 414: Eagle brand water bag

Lot 415: Measuring sticks

Lot 416: Desert camping water bag

Lot 417: Measuring sticks

Lot 418: Eagle brand drinking water bag

Lot 419: Measuring sticks

Lot 420: US noncombatant Gas mask. Child

Lot 421: Measuring sticks

Lot 422: Leather bag

Lot 423: Measuring sticks

Lot 424: Vintage postcards

Lot 425: Measuring sticks

Lot 426: Hats

Lot 427: Measuring sticks

Lot 428: Hats

Lot 429: Measuring sticks

Lot 430: Hats

Lot 431: Measuring sticks

Lot 432: Hats

Lot 433: John Deere hats etc.

Lot 434: Hats

Lot 435: Measuring sticks

Lot 436: Hats

Lot 437: Measuring sticks

Lot 438: John Deere calendars and connecting link

Lot 439: John Deere calendars and connecting link magazine

Lot 440: Manuals, parts books etc.

Lot 441: Egg basket

Lot 442: Egg basket

Lot 443: Chicken waterer

Lot 444: 2 Chicken waterers

Lot 445: Vintage phones and phone line tester

Lot 446: New cordless phone, vintage Irons and telephones

Lot 447: Advertising bean pot, ball jar with lid, Vintage

Lot 448: Large Vintage 1800s antique Stoneware ceramic

Lot 449: Budweiser and Coors pitchers

Lot 450: Panasonic boom box and speakers

Lot 451: Wooden knife block, knives and steel. Some knives

Lot 452: Stanley Aladdin Thermos and West Bend 30 cup

Lot 453: Knife block with Chicago Cutlery knives and steel

Lot 454: Knife block with Chicago Cutlery knives and steel

Lot 455: Avon chess set with cologne filled chess pieces

Lot 456: Chicago Cutlery knife set

Lot 457: German gas masks and 3M Half face dust mask

Lot 458: Chicago Cutlery knife set

Lot 459: Chicago Cutlery knives etc.

Lot 460: Goggles

Lot 461: Goggles

Lot 462: HiTachi boom box

Lot 463: Western safety megaphone with siren. New in box

Lot 464: Pioneer multi play compact disc player

Lot 465: Pioneer multi play compact disc player

Lot 466: Catalogs, books and magazines

Lot 467: Little bull power megaphone

Lot 468: Loudspeakers

Lot 469: 10 watt handheld megaphone

Lot 470: Vintage Rogers brothers flatware set

Lot 471: 2-Jack Armstrong explorer telescope. One missing

Lot 472: Jack Armstrong explorer telescope

Lot 473: Grilling tools. Some Coleman

Lot 474: Assorted flashlights and spotlight

Lot 475: Assorted brushes

Lot 476: Brush set

Lot 477: Large ski-doo jacket and pants

Lot 478: New clip on sunglasses

Lot 479: Allis Chalmers Repair parts soluble oil

Lot 480: Vintage Mobil Lustre Cloth tin

Lot 481: Vintage Gulf household oil can

Lot 482: Vintage Gold eagle hydraulic brake fluid tin

Lot 483: Vintage shell handy oil

Lot 484: Vintage Phillips 66 dripless penetrating oil

Lot 485: Vintage Phillips 66 find parts oil

Lot 486: Flying A quality household oil

Lot 487: Vintage Schwinn cycle oil

Lot 488: Vintage Standard electric motor oil

Lot 489: Case honing oil

Lot 490: Boyd Stainless oil and Pfaff Sewing machine oil

Lot 491: Vintage Andis Clipper oil tins

Lot 492: 2 Vintage singer sewing machine oil tins

Lot 493: Vintage Las-stik Polishing cloth wax treated tin

Lot 494: Vintage Gross original Belleville cut patches

Lot 495: Vintage Boye Stainless oil

Lot 496: Vintage wahl hair clipper oil

Lot 497: Vintage fiend oil for firearms and 2- 3 In one

Lot 498: Singer household oil and three in one household

Lot 499: Redwing Shoe oil and three in one household oil

Lot 500: Vintage Rislone Lubricating oil tin

Lot 501: Vintage Redwing Shoe oil tins

Lot 502: Three vintage Hope’s Lubricating oil tins

Lot 503: vintage Mastercraft gun oil and Hoppe’s

Lot 504: 2 vintage True Test and Master Mechanics household

Lot 505: Two vintage liquid wrench  and ideal graphite

Lot 506: Two vintage Liquid Wrench and Birchwood Casey

Lot 507: Vintage City services utility oil and clean strip

Lot 508: Boye Lubricant and three in one oil tins

Lot 509: Vintage stainless sewing machine oil and cardinal

Lot 510: Vintage small oil tins

Lot 511: Stanley dry mop spray and archer linseed oil tins

Lot 512: Tube patch kits

Lot 513: Military oil, Wildwood glue and scotch light tins

Lot 514: Stanley wooden torpedo levels etc.

Lot 515: Metal torpedo levels etc.

Lot 516: Two advertising torpedo level’s

Lot 517: Advertising wooden levels

Lot 518: Advertising wooden levels

Lot 519: Advertising wooden levels

Lot 520: Advertising wooden levels

Lot 521: Advertising wooden levels

Lot 522: Advertising wooden levels

Lot 523: Advertising  Wooden levels

Lot 524: Advertising wooden levels

Lot 525: Advertising wooden levels

Lot 526: Royal Typewriter

Lot 527: United States Marine Corps bag

Lot 528: Advertising bottle openers etc.

Lot 529: Beer and pop bottle openers etc.

Lot 530: 7-Up bottle opener

Lot 531: Advertising bottle openers and button hooks

Lot 532: Advertising screwdrivers, buttonhook, oil can

Lot 533: Assorted knives etc.

Lot 534: Assorted lights

Lot 535: Vintage matchbooks

Lot 536: Vintage matchbooks

Lot 537: Vintage matchbooks

Lot 538: Vintage Matchbooks

Lot 539: Vintage Matchbooks

Lot 540: Vintage bottle openers and ice picks

Lot 541: Vintage bottle openers and ice picks

Lot 542: Vintage bottle openers and ice picks

Lot 543: Vintage bottle openers and ice picks

Lot 544: Vintage Advertising ice picks

Lot 545: Vintage Advertising ice picks

Lot 546: Vintage Advertising ice picks

Lot 547: Ice pick and ice crusher

Lot 548: Vintage ice picks

Lot 549: Vintage ice picks

Lot 550: Vintage ice picks

Lot 551: Vintage ice picks

Lot 552: Vintage ice picks

Lot 553: Vintage ice pick handles

Lot 554: Vintage ice picks and sheath

Lot 555: Vintage and Advertising multi tools

Lot 556: Vintage ice tongs and pick

Lot 557: Ingersoll rand air chisel with bits

Lot 558: Pace setter speed ratchet. 3/8 drive

Lot 559: Craftsman paint sprayer etc.

Lot 560: Dibois Rinse gun

Lot 561: Central pneumatic air palm nailer

Lot 562: Central pneumatic air palm nailer

Lot 563: Milwaukee screw gun and heat gun

Lot 564: Supreme air buffer, air drill, sanding belts 3 x

Lot 565: Drill bit set, bit sets, spade bit set and hooks

Lot 566: Approximately (50) 45 records

Lot 567: Assorted bags. tool, computer etc

Lot 568: Collectible cases with tote

Lot 569: Assorted games

Lot 570: Hardware and heater for blower

Lot 571: Brooms and dust pan also brush

Lot 572: Foster Brothers No. 12 meat cleaver

Lot 573: Large meat cleaver

Lot 574: Village blacksmith meat cleaver

Lot 575: Meat cleavers

Lot 576: Chef master meat cleaver

Lot 577: Chef master meat cleaver

Lot 578: Chef master meat cleaver

Lot 579: Chicago Cutlery knife block and knives

Lot 580: Knife blocks and knives. Some are Chicago Cutlery

Lot 581: Faber ware knife block and knives

Lot 582: Hamilton Beach drink master, electric sliders

Lot 583: Lee household flour mill

Lot 584: Vintage Universal vegetable slicer

Lot 585: 2 vintage Keen Kutter grinders

Lot 586: Two vintage grinders

Lot 587: Two Universal grinders

Lot 588: Keystone 10 and Keystone 20 grinders

Lot 589: Enterprise and universal grinders etc.

Lot 590: Universal, climax, Keystone and Ross win grinders

Lot 591: Corona grinder

Lot 592: Rulers

Lot 593: Cow butter press

Lot 594: Two sets of skates

Lot 595: Two sets of skates

Lot 596: Two sets of skates

Lot 597: Two sets of skates

Lot 598: Three sets of ice skates

Lot 599: Dietz Acme inspector lamp with matching globe

Lot 600: Dietz Buckeye Dash lamp

Lot 601: Triumph No. 2 with Dietz globe

Lot 602: Dietz little wizard with matching globe

Lot 603: Sta-Lit Lantern

Lot 604: Paulls Leader Lantern

Lot 605: Dietz No. 2 blizzard lantern

Lot 606: Dietz Crystal lantern

Lot 607: Dietz Kmart lantern

Lot 608: Delta battery lantern

Lot 609: Battery lantern

Lot 610: Dazey vegetable chopper

Lot 611: Step up cushion hitch with 1 7/8″ ball

Lot 612: Aluminum roaster pan with aluminum pitcher, cake

Lot 613: Pie plate, muffin pan, cake pans, Pizza pan,

Lot 614: Christmas decoration and scissors


Dennis Dixon Estate Auction #3

502 Main Street, La Porte City, IA, USA
La Porte City, IA

Auction Location / Nearest City:

502 Main Street, La Porte City, IA, USA

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