Estate Sale of David & Reba Ford Family Rev Trust #2

Online-Only Auction

Auction Date:

May 30, 2024 | 7:00 pm

Auction Location / Nearest City:

14334 Cloverdale Road, Rogers, AR 72756, USA

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Auction Description:

Estate Sale of David & Reba Ford Family Rev Trust #2
Online Auction
Auction Begins: May 13th 2024
Auction Ends: May 30th 2024 – 7:00pm
Location: 14334 Cloverdale Road, Rogers, AR 72756

Listing Details:
On behalf of the Ford Family Revocable Trust we are pleased to offer the second of several sales. The late David & Reba Ford had remarkable lives and garnered a remarkable collection of antiques, fishing gear, fishing lures, ammunition and reloads, equipment, tools, lathes, collectibles, clocks, silverware, furniture, exercise equipment and more. We will be doing multiple online sales with pick up being held at their former home on Beaver Lake, 14334 Cloverdale Road, Rogers, AR on Saturday & Sunday. There is something for everyone here!

6 Small Plates Made in Italy ?plastic?
Redington AS 9/10 Reel
Single Jar of Pure Ozark Honey
5 Boxes Federal Premium Rifle Cartridges 7-20
Gallon Bag of Costume Jewelry
218 BEE 50 Grain 51 Shells
Weaver Scope Model K4
Penguin 440 Fly Reel
3 Boxes Hornady Custom 257 Roberts Light Magnum
Weaver Scope Model K4
Japan Fly Reel
Target Ammo Cal. 8mm 50 Cartridges
Range Finder
South Bend 1133A fly Real
Target Ammo Box Not Full See Photos
Ruger Weapons Case
Pflueger Summit 1294 Fly Reel
Ladies 14k Gold Filled Hamilton Watch Not Working
3 Boxes 32 H & R Magnum 85 Grain Hollow Point
Simmons Scope
Wright & McGill Co Fly Reel
2 Boxes 300 Savage 150 Grain Rifle Cartridges
Weaver Scope Model K4
Martin 61 Fly Reel
Lot of 218 BEE 46 Grain Open Point Ammo
Simmons Scope
Shakespeare Silent Tru-Art Automatic Model 1837
25 Boxes of 7.62 x 39mm Ammo Sealed
Weaver Scope
South end 1140-A Fly Reel
2 Boxes 257 Roberts
Weaver Scope Model K4
Trutta Fly Reel
2 Jars Pure Raw Honey From the Ozark
4 Boxes 7-30 Waters Federal Ammo
Simmons Scope
Shakespeare Russell 1895 Fly Fishing Reel
Lot of Costume Jewelry in Brown Tote
4 Boxes Super-X 23-35 Winchester Lubaloy Ammo
Bushnell 4X Banner Scope in Simmons Box
Shakespeare OK Automatic No 1821 Fly Reel
5 Boxes 225 Winchester Ammo w/ 4 Spent Shells
Simmons Scope
Garcia Mitchell 400 Fishing Reel
4 Boxes 25-20 Winchester Ammo Imperial &
Penn 210 & Mitchell 302 Salt Water Reel
Garcia Mitchell 300 Fishing Reel
4 Boxes 32 S & W Ammo Western & Winchester
Pair of Vintage Fishing Reels
Garcia Mitchell 300 Fishing Reel
2 Boxes Remington 25-35 Ammo
Pair of Vintage Fishing Reels
VTG 1963 Garcia Mitchell 300
2 Boxes 6.5 x 55mm Ammo
Pflueger & Langley Fishing Reels
Garcia Mitchell 306 Fishing Reel
7 x 57 Yugoslavian Made Ammo
Vintage Fishing Reels
Pair of Vintage Fishing Reels
3 Boxes 225 Winchester
Pair of Vintage Fishing Reels
Pair of Vintage Fishing Reels
2 Boxes PMC 6.5 x 55 Swedish Ammo
2 Vintage Fishing Reels
Garcia Mitchell 408 & Garcia Mitchell 300 Fishing
Pure Ozark Honey 2 Jars
3 Boxes 32-20 Remington & Winchester
Pair of Fishing Reels
Lot of Fishing Reels
3 Boxes Western 225 Ammo
Vintage Fishing Reel w/ Red Wood Handle Knobs
Pair of Vintage Fishing Reels
Variety of Ammo
Pair of Vintage Fishing Reels
Shakespeare Marhoff 1964 Nickel Silver Fishing
Single Box 32 H&R Magnum
Silver Spin SX1 m Abu Garcia Reel
Pair of Fishing Reels
Trio of Empty Ammo Canisters
Shakespeare Combo 700 Reel
Free Spool No. 1982 Sportscats by Shakespeare
Trio of Ceramic Canisters
2 Vintage Fishing Reels
Pair of Fishing Reels
Contents of Shelves
Vintage Fishing Reels
Pair of Tables Shows Some Wear
Vintage Johnson Citation Fishing Reel Model 110
Klaussner Home Furnishings eMoMo Nightstand
Pair of Vintage Fishing Reels
New Rugar Gun Case
Lot of Fishing Reels
2 Jars of Pure Ozark Honey
Lot of Alcohol & Peroxide Unopened All w/ Expired
Crystal River Fly Reel
Lot of Alcohol
Lot of Jigs
Lot of Jigs
Starrett No. 196 Machinists Dial Test Measuring
Salt Water Jigs
Kraut & Vegetable Cutter
2 Notebooks w/ Fly Making Items
Molina Victoria Food Meat Grinder
Plano Over & Under Tackle Box
Bailey/ Stanley #5 Planer
Pair of Plano Tackle Boxes
Sears Craftsman Mandrel Micrometer
Pair of Stanley Tool Boxes
Millers Falls Planer
Magnum by Plano Tackle Box
Vintage Taylor Brass Compensated Barometer has
Pair of Tackle Boxes
2 Jars Ozark Pure Raw Wildflower Honey

Shot Bars/ Reloading Info

5 Tackle/ Tray Boxes
Items in End Cap
Lot of Fishing Lures
Unbranded Sad Iron
Lot of 4 Plastic tackle Boxes / Trays
Sears Craftsman DJ4 Micrometer 0-4″ In Wood Case
Jigs w/ Fly Tying Items
Universal Food Grinder w/ Wood Handle Chopper
3 Boxes Fishing Worms
Antique Perfection Model 28 Nut Cracker
Lot of Fishing Worms
LibertyWare Apple Peeler & Slicer
Lot of Fishing Hooks
Vintage First Aid Kit
Lot of Fishing Hooks
Bushnell Car Window Mount 78-4405
Box of Feathers & Fur for Fly Making
2 Jars Pure Wildflower Honey from the Ozarks
Lot of Sterling Flatware
Bulova alarm clock Westclox alarm clock

Assorted jewelry boxes
Wooden masks, wall decor
Assortment of jewelry
Assortment of jewelry
Flower jewelry box and jewelry inside
Hai ti jewelry box and jewelry Included
Jewelry box and contents
Jewelry box and contents
Armitron pocket watch
“Standing jewelry box and contents
37″” tall”
Timex pocket watch
Milan pocket watch
Remington pocket watch
Assorted watches and jewelry
Silver treasures by godinger
Linet imperial binoculars with case
Nikon speedlight Nikon camera EL2 7825561
Telescope obs m49
Storm king bunting u.s. flag
Nikon binoculars and case
Assorted binoculars
Palomar binoculars
Binoculars and case
U.s. Navy, BU ships binoculars
Nikon kogaku
Anne Klein bracelets
Sony digital still camera
Box of assorted jewelry
Bag of assorted jewelry
Assorted jewelry
Nikon camera
Promaster lens 93040135
Nikon camera
Exakta camera
Assorted perfumes and tray
Toy cars, stethoscope, figurines
Nikon f2 gun coupler
Weiss ikon Contessa camera
Assorted watches and jewelry
Assorted jewelry
Leather bags, lighters, tools, kitchen ware
Tsunami knife set
Storage bin and folders
Vhs camcorder, tapes, bag, and accessories
Jewelry holders, puzzle, basket, figurines
Set of vintage lamps
Matching side tables, bed frame, headboard,
Invacare oxygen machine
Dresser: 33″×18″×49 Dresser with mirror:
Assorted jewelry
Jewelry box and contents
Dresser only 33″×20″×32″
Midland Public alert weather radio and tape
Rocking chair Comforter and pillow set
Tv stand itself 25″×16″×27″
“Dresser with cedar shelves
“Shoe polish stand and caddy
Quilt rack 46″” tall”
Wash cloths and dish towels
Makeup chair, mirror, and wall decor
Decorative doily
Stamp collection

Estate Sale of David & Reba Ford Family Rev Trust #2

14334 Cloverdale Road, Rogers, AR 72756, USA
Rogers, AR

Auction Location / Nearest City:

14334 Cloverdale Road, Rogers, AR 72756, USA

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