Furniture, Firearms, Ammo, Tools!

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February 28, 2024 | 2:30 pm

Auction Location / Nearest City:

2221 S 5th, Pocatello, Idaho 83201

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Auction Description:

Furniture, Firearms, Ammo, Tools!

Auction Location: 2221 S 5th, Pocatello, Idaho 83201

Auction Date: 2/28/2024

Wonderful Selection Arriving Right Here! Put it in your calendar. Treasure hunt at its best. Items arrive from Sellers just like you. Through business liquidations, estates, shops, retirement, moving, government and much more. 

Pickup: Wednesday until 5:00 PM, Thursday – Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Saturday 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Lot 9:                    Desk Lamp

Lot 10:                 Metal Eagle / Flag Wall Decor

Lot 11:                 “Welcome” Bigfoot Wall Decor, Metal

Lot 12:                 Cedar Chest

Lot 13:                 Wall Mount Metal Cabinet

Lot 14:                 Two Compartment Gun Cabinet (No Keys)

Lot 15:                 Two Compartment Gun Cabinet (No Keys)

Lot 16:                 Decorative Bowl

Lot 17:                 Wall Clock with Temperature and Humidity

Lot 18:                 2) Framed Vietnam War Artwork

Lot 19:                 Small World Rhythm Musical Clock

Lot 20:                 Rhythm Musical Mantel Clock

Lot 21:                 Spirit of St. Louis Field CD Stereo Boom Box

Lot 22:                 L.L. Bean Snow Shoes

Lot 23:                 3) Haystack Mountain Burlap Bags

Lot 45:                 58″ Samsung Flat Screen TV

Lot 408:               2003 Chevrolet  Blazer 1/2 Ton*

Lot 1089:             2) Boxes and a Partial Box of Federal 30-06 Springfield Hi-Shok Bullets

Lot 1090:             CCI 17 HMR Full Metal Jacket Ammo

Lot 1091:             44 Magnum Cartridges

Lot 1092:             1) Full and 1) Partial Box SH .223 Cal Cartridges

Lot 1093:             1) Full and 1) Partial Box Winchester .458 Cal. Cartridges

Lot 1094:             2) Boxes Winchester 30-06 Cartridges

Lot 1095:             3) Boxes Contender .44 Cal Hot Shots

Lot 1096:             2) Boxes Remington 30-06 Cartridges

Lot 1097:             3) Boxes Remington .243 Win. Cartridges

Lot 1098:             2) Remington 7mm Cartridges

Lot 1099:             3) Boxes Federal .243 Winchester Hi-Shok Bullets

Lot 1101:             Crossbow Gun with Arrows

Lot 1102:             Pistol Holsters

Lot 1103:             Pistol Holster, Ammo Belts, Animal Calls, Field Dressing Kit

Lot 1104:             Colt AR-5 Ammo Clips, Brass Catcher, Brass

Lot 1105:             Pistol Pouch, Long Gun Sleeve, Gun Belt, Ammo Pouch

Lot 1106:             3) Leather Gun Belts

Lot 1107:             Winchester 12ga Ammo with Clip, 2) Luger Clips, Clip

Lot 1108:             Pepper Mace, Schock Tronic

Lot 1109:             3) Ammo Clips (Two with Some Live Ammo)

Lot 1110:             2) Ammo Clips with Live Ammo

Lot 1111:             30-06 Brass, 7mm Cartridges and Brass

Lot 1112:             2) Rifle Butt Stock, Gun Part

Lot 1113:             Gun Lock, Trigger Lock, Barrel Mounts, Ghost Ring Sight, Primer Arm, Recoil Absorber Pad, Gun Belt, Replica Civil War Bullet and More

Lot 1114:             2) Ammo Clips

Lot 1115:             AK47 Accessories, Gun Butt Stock, Ammo Clip, Gun Parts

Lot 1116:             Empty Ammo Containers

Lot 1117:             Compressed Air Guns

Lot 1118:             2) Wood Gun Stock

Lot 1119:             Battle Worn Fantasy Spartan Sword

Lot 1120:             Stainless Steel Fantasy Machete with Sheath

Lot 1121:             Stainless Steel Fantasy Sword

Lot 1122:             Ruger Gun Stock

Lot 1123:             Winchester Pocket Knife, Ozark Pocket Knife, Switch Combs, Wood and Plastic Type Knives

Lot 1124:             Leather Back Quiver,2) Smaller Quivers, Arm Protector, Leather Wrap for Arrows

Lot 1125:             Gun Case

Lot 1126:             2) Ammo Boxes

Lot 1127:             Large Ammo Box

Lot 1128:             Reloading Dies and Accessories, Black Powder (Partial), Books, Scale

Lot 1129:             Gun Cleaning Accessories, Ear Plugs, Magazines

Lot 1130:             Simmons Gun Scope, Wood Gun Stock, Ammo Belt, Pistol Cases,

Lot 1131:             Hunting Knives with Sheaths, Metal Knives and Daggers

Lot 1132:             2) Pampered Chef Knives, 3) Paring Knives, Knife Sharpener

Lot 1133:             Chicken Bone Scissors, Knife Sharpeners, Can Opener, 2) Kitchen Knives

Lot 1134:             Rose Decorated Knife Set, Sharpener, Lighted Rose

Lot 1135:             3) Ring Bowie Fixed Knives

Lot 1136:             Ring Bowie Fixed Blade Knife

Lot 1137:             Huusk Cleaver, Pocket Knife

Lot 1138:             Hunting Knife with Sheath

Lot 1139:             Resin Bone Handle Knife with Sheath

Lot 1200:             Yamaha AV Receiver

Lot 1201:             6) Paradigm Speakers, 4) Stands, Wires

Lot 1800:             3) Steel War 1943 Pennies,  Wheat Back Pennies, Money Bag

Lot 1801:             1960, 1961, 1958, 1963 Quarters, 1946, 1963, 1951, 1964 Dimes

Lot 1802:             1957 Silver Certificate $1 Bill, Gold Flake, Copper Coin, Vintage Stamps, 1g Silver

Lot 1803:             2) 2009 Limited Edition Bank Note “Living Presidents”

Lot 1804:             Kennedy Half Dollar Gem “Proof” Condition, 1974 Eisenhower Dollar, Half Dollar Collectors Coin

Lot 1805:             1963 Red Seal $2 Note, 1957 Silver Certificate $1, 1963 Scarce Batt Note

Lot 1806:             Steel War Pennies

Lot 1807:             1939-1959 Old Jefferson Nickels

Lot 1808:             1961-1978 Proof Set of Coins, 2) 1972 Proof Set

Lot 1809:             1884-1909 Indian Head Cent, 24kt Gold Plated Indian Head Cent

Lot 1810:             1919-1958 Wheat Pennies

Lot 1811:             Westward Journey Nickel Series, United States Mint Westward Journey Nickel Series

Lot 1812:             1894-1909 V-Nickels

Lot 1813:             1916-1935 Buffalo Nickels

Lot 1814:             1963-1989 Brilliant Uncirculated Jefferson Nickels, 1977-1990 Brilliant Uncirculated Roosevelt Dimes

Lot 1815:             2009 Lincoln Cent Series, 1960-2008 Brilliant Uncirculated Old Lincoln Cents

Lot 1816:             1909 VDB Lincoln Head Cent, 1957-1958 Brilliant Uncirculated Old Wheat Pennies

Lot 1817:             Commemorative Medallions, 1965 Winston Churchill Commemorative Medallion, Donald Trump 2nd Amendment Medallion

Lot 1818:             1969 Uncirculated Canadian Coins, Foreign Coins, Old Mexican Silver Dollar Minted from Silver, Ancient Roman Coin

Lot 1819:             Authentic Meteorite-Space Rock, 1975 Bicentennial Commemorative Medal, Summer Olympics Soccer Stamp, Topps Baseball Trading Cards

Lot 1820:             1902 Silver Rare Barber Dime

Lot 1821:             1929 Silver Rare Standing Liberty Quarter

Lot 1822:             1941 Silver Rare Mercury Dime

Lot 1823:             1856 Silver Rare Seated Liberty Half Dime

Lot 1824:             1867 Rare Shield Nickel

Lot 1825:             1864 Rare Two Cent Piece

Lot 1900:             1879, 1885, and 1921 Morgan Silver Dollars

Lot 1901:             2) Sunshine Minting Silver Ounce Coins

Lot 1902:             1896 and 1899-O Morgan Silver Dollars

Lot 1903:             Sunshine Minting .999 Fine Silver 10 Ounce Bar

Lot 1917:             Watches, Geneva, Embassy, Replica Rolex, Fossil and More

Lot 1918:             Watches and Watch Faces, JJ, Narmi, Versales, Bumbles, Fossil and More

Lot 1919:             Bracelets

Lot 1920:             Watches, Carriage, Anne Klein, Relic, Eddie Bower, Icing and More

Lot 1921:             Pins and Brooches

Lot 1922:             Belt, Tin, Necklaces, Pendants, Earrings

Lot 1923:             Rogers and Hollands Bracelet

Lot 1924:             Rosary, Cross Pendants, Religious Necklaces

Lot 1925:             4) Bracelets

Lot 1926:             Earrings, Necklaces, Rings, Bracelet / Watch

Lot 1927:             Lane Jewelry Box with Hair Clip, Pendants, Pins, Earrings

Lot 1928:             Elephant, Baby Cat Trinket Box, Porcelain Heart Trinket Box, Jewelry Box

Lot 1929:             Wood Jewel Box with Christmas Charm Bracelets, Pins

Lot 1945:             Trinket Box with Necklaces, Necklace with Matching Bracelet

Lot 1946:             Jewelry Case with Stone and Jewel Necklaces and Bracelets

Lot 1947:             Bracelets, Earrings, Body Jewelry

Lot 1948:             Necklaces, Bracelets, Charm Bracelets

Lot 1949:             Men’s Rings Various Sizes

Lot 1950:             Turtle Pendants, Necklace, Ring

Lot 1951:             Leaf Necklaces, Charm Bracelets, Hallmark Necklace, Bracelets

Lot 1952:             Earrings

Lot 1953:             Fashion Necklaces, Earrings

Lot 1954:             Pearl and Bead Necklaces, Choker, Bracelets

Lot 1955:             Shell Necklaces

Lot 1956:             Bolo ties, Necklace, Bracelets, Watch Face

Lot 1957:             Various Empty Jewelry Boxes, Ring Boxes

Lot 1993:             Watches Ferenzi, Lax, Geneva and More

Lot 1994:             Watch Bands, Watches Fondini, Heron, Paidu, Geneva and More

Lot 1995:             Watches, Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets

Lot 1996:             Necklaces, Choker Necklaces, Earrings

Lot 1997:             Bangle Bracelets, Stretchy Bracelets, Silver Colored Bracelets

Lot 1998:             Earrings, Necklaces, Chunky Watches

Lot 1999:             Seashell and Stone Necklaces, Shark Tooth Necklace, Peace Necklace

Lot 2000:             Christmas Decorations

Lot 2001:             Coin Books, Sentry Safe Cash Box

Lot 2002:             8) Monopoly Games

Lot 2003:             4) Puzzles, Proverbial Wisdom Game, Bunco

Lot 2004:             Treasure Island, The Adventures of Joel Pepper, The House on the Cliff, The X Factor, More

Lot 2005:             Assorted Clown Figurines

Lot 2006:             Christmas Decorations

Lot 2007:             Assorted Figurines

Lot 2008:             CD Rom Games, Hunting Club Game Attachment, Music CD’s

Lot 2009:             Assorted Books: The Red Badge of Courage, Flyboys, 1776, Life Our Finest Hour, More

Lot 2010:             CD Players, Camera, Headphones, Camera Bags, More

Lot 2011:             Salt and Pepper Grinders, Decorative Eggs, Duck Figurines

Lot 2012:             Crystal Dishes, Butter Dish, Salt and Pepper Shakers, Vase

Lot 2013:             Crystal Butter Dishes, Salt and Pepper Shakers, Serving Tray, More

Lot 2014:             Crystal Pitcher, Glasses, Butter Dish, Napkin Holder, More

Lot 2015:             Eggshell Georgian Dish Set

Lot 2016:             DVD Player, VTech PreComputer, Quantum Pad, Office Supplies

Lot 2017:             4) Men’s Belts, Belt Buckle, Hat Pins

Lot 2018:             AM/FM Binocular Radio with Glass Optics, Container, Flask Set, Mini Mag Flashlight, Flashlights

Lot 2019:             Assorted Milk Jugs, Crate

Lot 2020:             Assorted Board Games: Othello, Sliders, Scene It?, Scrabble, Card Tricks, More

Lot 2021:             Guitar Teaching Books, DVD Lessons

Lot 2022:             4) Men’s Bracelets, Case

Lot 2023:             Assorted Christmas Decorations, Ribbon, Bows, More

Lot 2024:             Assorted Snowman Figurines, 4) Blue Plexiglass Pieces

Lot 2025:             Assorted Records: Neil Diamond, Elton John, Barbra Streisand, More

Lot 2026:             Model Airplane

Lot 2027:             Model Airplane

Lot 2028:             Model Airplane

Lot 2029:             Model Airplane

Lot 2030:             Ryan PT-20 Trainer Model Airplane, Airplane Decor

Lot 2031:             Boomerang, Bamboo Drum

Lot 2032:             Purse, 2) Women’s Sandals, Blankets

Lot 2033:             Black & Decker Power Inverter, Snake Flashlight, LED Light,

Lot 2034:             Spear Gun, Flippers

Lot 2035:             BBQ Items: Smoker Boxes, Small Grill Tray, Utensils, Salt and Pepper Shakers, Gloves, More

Lot 2036:             Assorted Christmas Decorations, Lights, Tree Topper, More

Lot 2037:             Model Airplane, Remote Airplane

Lot 2038:             3) Polished Stones, Pyramid

Lot 2039:             2) Pocket Watches, 4) Men’s Wallets

Lot 2040:             Draft Safeguard Switch

Lot 2041:             Shooter’s Accessory Box, Assorted Gun and Rifle Cleaning Kits, More

Lot 2042:             Assorted Books: Breaking the DaVinci Code, Mysteries of the Ancient Americas, Standing for Something, More

Lot 2043:             Sketchbooks, Artist’s Handbook, Painting Set, Diamond Drawing Pencils, Colored Pencils, Hand Mannequin, More

Lot 2044:             Archery Case, Personal Heater

Lot 2045:             2) XBOX 360, Games, Controller, Show Me Your Moves Dance Pad, More

Lot 2046:             2) Blowguns, Tackle Box, Blowgun Darts, Steel Tip Darts

Lot 2047:             2) Model Ships

Lot 2048:             Sharp Viewcam, Batteries, Charger, Tapes, Vivitar Camera, Camera Bag

Lot 2049:             Kodak Camera, Printer, Paper, 2) Camera Bags

Lot 2050:             RollerDerby Phantom Inline Skates Size 8

Lot 2051:             RollerDerby Phantom Inline Skates Size 11

Lot 2052:             4) Rifle Cleaning Kits

Lot 2053:             Women’s Deerskin Skirt and Jacket Size 10

Lot 2054:             Harley Davidson Leather Jacket, Sariell Leather Pants, Belt

Lot 2055:             Leather Jacket Size 14

Lot 2056:             2) Crystal Vases, Bowls, Plate

Lot 2057:             Tea Pot, Vase, Candy Jar, Pitcher, Candle Holders

Lot 2058:             Candles, Vases, Decanters, Royal Patrician China, Tea Bag Strainers

Lot 2059:             2) Cowboy Bobbleheads, Motorcycle Figurine, Brass Case with Stones

Lot 2060:             Silverplate Plates, Utensils, Wine Bottle Holder, Bell, Salt and Pepper Shakers

Lot 2061:             Crystal Candle Holders, Plate, Wine Glasses, Vase, Decanter, More

Lot 2062:             Drum, Monkey Drum, Nut Maracas, Rattle, 2) Placemats

Lot 2063:             Christmas Decorations

Lot 2064:             Christmas Decorations, Tigger and Pooh Stockings, More

Lot 2065:             XBOX Steering Wheel and Foot Pedals, Controllers, Dance Mats

Lot 2066:             CD Collection: Dixie Chicks, Crash Kings, Matrix, Walk the Line, Disciples in Denim, More

Lot 2067:             CD Collection: Radney Foster, Led Zeppelin, Spirit, Riding Thunder, More

Lot 2068:             CD Collection: Hiroshima, Lifted, Dracula, Boney James, Colbie Caillat Coco, More

Lot 2069:             CD Collection: Tracy Byrd, Neverland, Adele, John Mayer, Temptu, More

Lot 2070:             CD Collection: Nickleback, Toni Braxton, Metal Dreams, Tangier, Arch Enemy, More

Lot 2071:             Looney Toon Porcelain Doll Tasmanian Devil

Lot 2072:             Looney Toons Porcelain Doll Tweety

Lot 2073:             Looney Toons Porcelain Doll Bugs Bunny

Lot 2074:             The Carousel Tropical Horse Figurine, Broadway Collection Porcelain Doll

Lot 2075:             Mary’s Moo Moos Figurines

Lot 2076:             Vehicle Blackbox DVR, Vtech Two Landline Phones, Moen Faucet, HP Scanner

Lot 2077:             3) Computer Desktops

Lot 2078:             Rock Band Game with Accessories, Camera Bag, Adult Protection Underwear

Lot 2079:             Hockey Trading Card Collection

Lot 2080:             Sport Trading Cards: Baseball, Jockeys, Basketball

Lot 2081:             Baseball Trading Card Collection

Lot 2082:             Football Trading Card Collection

Lot 2083:             Hockey Trading Card Collection

Lot 2084:             Sport Trading Card Collection: Racing, Baseball, Basketball Wild Card

Lot 2085:             Yankees Trading Card Binder Collection

Lot 2086:             Topps Football 1983 Trading Card Binder Collection

Lot 2087:             Basketball Trading Card Binder Collection

Lot 2088:             Football Trading Card Binder Collection

Lot 2089:             Topps Charlie’s Angels 1977 Trading Cards

Lot 2090:             Baseball Collector’s Card Album

Lot 2091:             Baseball Collector’s Card Album

Lot 2092:             Racing Trading Card Binder Collection

Lot 2093:             Baseball Trading Card Collection

Lot 2094:             Floral Sitting Chair with Stool, Vintage Dresser*

Lot 2600:             12) Dairy Crates

Furniture, Firearms, Ammo, Tools!

2221 S 5th, Pocatello, Idaho 83201
Pocatello, ID

Auction Location / Nearest City:

2221 S 5th, Pocatello, Idaho 83201

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