Glassware, Dolls, Furniture, And More!!

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February 07, 2024 | 2:00 pm

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2221 S 5th Ave, Pocatello, ID 83201, USA

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Auction Description:

Glassware, Dolls, Furniture, And More!!

Emfield Estate – Shelley

Preview Starts: 2/6/2024 11:00 AM and Ends 2/6/2024 12:00 PM

Auction Date: Ends on 2/7/2024

Pickup: Thursday 10:00 am – 1:00 pm and Friday 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Offsite Auctions have limited pickup times and minimal bring-backs. 
If you miss pickup times your items could be forfeited. Please make sure you make every effort to pick up during scheduled times. Please do not bid if you cannot make arrangements to pick up during scheduled times. 

Indulge in fine crystal glassware. From sparkling wine glasses to intricate decanters. Elevate your dining experience with these treasures. Also bid on collectible dolls, furniture, a grandfather clock, clothing, lamps, Christmas decor, books and so much more! Come to preview the day before and bid with confidence!

Lot 3:                    Dining Table, 6) Upholstered Dining Chairs

Lot 4:                    Claw Foot Piano Stool, Swivel

Lot 5:                    Tiffany Style Lily Pad Lamp

Lot 6:                    Black Leather Upholstered Chair

Lot 7:                    Milwaukee 2 Piece Torx Power Bits – About 100

Lot 8:                    Brass Floor Lamp with Beaded Shade

Lot 9:                    Large Lot of Various Electronics

Lot 10:                 Atlases, History Books, Other Books

Lot 11:                 Entertainment Center with Contents

Lot 50:                 Round Dining Table, 4) Chairs

Lot 51:                 Tote of Christmas Decorations, Ornament Tote

Lot 52:                 6) Pie Pans, Casserole Dish

Lot 53:                 Shark Vacuum, Water Jug, Step Trash Can, Cleaning Supplies

Lot 54:                 Craft Supplies, Drink Dispenser, Decorations

Lot 55:                 Contents of Corner: Craft Supplies, Christmas Decorations, Kitchen, Office Supplies

Lot 56:                 Collection of Silverware

Lot 57:                 Glass Pie Pans, Bowls, Casserole Dishes

Lot 58:                 Red Dish Pie Pans, Mugs, Bowls, Heart Shape Pans, Casserole Dishes

Lot 59:                 Silverware Set with Holder

Lot 60:                 Gold Silverware

Lot 61:                 Chinaware, Cookie Cutters, More

Lot 62:                 China, Glassware, Ceramic Figurines

Lot 64:                 Folding Card Table

Lot 66:                 Cuisinart Food Processor

Lot 67:                 Ice Cream Maker, Ice Cream Salt

Lot 68:                 Kitchen Utensils, Tablecloths, More

Lot 69:                 Contents of Mantel

Lot 70:                 Cutting Board, Pans, More

Lot 71:                 School Desk Chair, Folding Chair, Chime

Lot 72:                 Shapeware Pans

Lot 72a:                              Stainless Steel Pans, Bowls, Pots, Cookie Sheets

Lot 73:                 Candy Molds, Checkerboard Cake Set, More

Lot 73a:                              Casserole Dishes, Porcelain Bowls, Pie Pans

Lot 74:                 Floral Loveseat and Couch

Lot 77:                 Canvas Bags, Totes, More

Lot 78:                 Heart Baking Pan, Other Shaped Pans

Lot 79:                 Cake Pans, Muffin Pans, More

Lot 80:                 Mini Muffin Pans, Mixer Plus, More

Lot 81:                 Bookshelf with Contents, More

Lot 82:                 Food Processor, Glassware, More

Lot 83:                 Cuisinart Smartstick Blender

Lot 84:                 Pots, Pans, Kitchen Utensils

Lot 85:                 Model Plane, Stuffed Animals, Other Toys

Lot 86:                 Stainless Pans, Pots, More

Lot 87:                 Bookshelf with Contents

Lot 88:                 Glass Pie Pans, Chinaware, More

Lot 91:                 China Hutch with Bottom Shelf Contents

Lot 92:                 Top Shelf Contents of China Hutch

Lot 93:                 Meat Grinder

Lot 94:                 Red Floral Pattern Chair

Lot 95:                 Cherished Teddies Figurines

Lot 96:                 Candlestick Holders

Lot 97:                 Wine Glasses, Holiday Decor, More

Lot 98:                 Acoustic Guitar

Lot 99:                 Garden Water Fountain, File Folder, More

Lot 100:               Large Ornate Mirror

Lot 101:               Entryway Table

Lot 102:               Floral Glassware, Doll, More

Lot 103:               Pictures, Prints, Frames

Lot 104:               Cookbooks, Figurines, More

Lot 105:               Tablet, Crayons, More

Lot 106:               Glass Bowls, Fruit Bowl, More

Lot 107:               Sewing Patterns, Envelopes, More

Lot 108:               Shark Navigator

Lot 109:               Tablecloths, Timer, More

Lot 110:               Ties, Trio Tablet, More

Lot 111:               End Table, 3) Chairs

Lot 112:               Craft: Stamps, Color and Shapes, File Binder, Thread, Scrapbooking Papers, Clothes Pins, More

Lot 113:               Suitcase, Backpacks, Bags

Lot 114:               Tiffany Style Glass Lamp

Lot 115:               Planter Pots, Cast Iron “Speaking Dog”, Nativity

Lot 116:               Entry Way Table

Lot 117:               Gold Framed Quilted Nauvoo Temple

Lot 118:               Black and Gold Large Framed Mirror

Lot 119:               Collection of Figurines, Brass Vase, Snow Globes

Lot 120:               Clock, Lighted Angel Figurines, Hurricanes Crystal Glass Stemmed Glasses,

Lot 121:               Christmas Wine Bottle Holder, Assorted Christmas Wrapping Paper, 24″ Wreath and Garland Set, Tape

Lot 122:               Decorative Milk Can

Lot 123:               Display Cabinet – Contents Not Included

Lot 124:               Contents of Display Cabinet – Figurines

Lot 125:               Assorted Dolls, Teddy Bear

Lot 126:               Music Stand, Sunday School Music Book

Lot 127:               Glass Beverage Dispenser, Cake Stand, Frying Pan, Cookie Cutter, Silicone Blade

Lot 128:               2) Red Wingback Chairs

Lot 129:               Avon Fragrance and Pre Shave Bottles

Lot 130:               2) Disney Princess Snow Globes, Children’s Socks, Bebe Boots

Lot 131:               SimpliSafe Security System – Wireless Siren, Wireless Keypad, Entry Sensors, Panic Button, Motion Sensors

Lot 132:               Deep Skin Therapy Kit, Ricer, Jump Rope, Purse, Reusable Containers with Lids

Lot 133:               Sewing Patterns

Lot 134:               Assorted Clothing

Lot 135:               3) Chairs with Pillows

Lot 136:               Antique Foldable Rocking Chair

Lot 137:               Picnic Basket, Jewelry Box

Lot 138:               2) Snow Globes, 2) Candlestick Holders, Figurines, Teddy Bear

Lot 139:               Punch Bowl with 9) Matching Cups

Lot 140:               2) Fenton Vases*

Lot 141:               3) Pink Glass Vases, 3) Red Glass Turkey Candlestick Holders, Crystal Bowl

Lot 142:               Assorted Blue Glassware

Lot 143:               Assorted Figurines and Dolls

Lot 144:               2) Blue and Green Vases

Lot 149:               Floral Loveseat and Couch

Lot 150:               Simon Dewey “Christ the Good Shepard”

Lot 151:               Folding Card Table

Lot 152:               Large Gold Framed Mirror

Lot 153:               Candle Holders

Lot 154:               Purple Vases, Crystal Glassware: Candy Dishes, Vases, Stem Glassware, Bowls

Lot 155:               4) Boxes of Books: Quilting, Cookbooks, Religious, Novels

Lot 156:               Crystal Glass: Candy Dishes, Bowls, Picture Holder, Stemmed Glassware

Lot 157:               Crystal Glass Bowls, Vases, Pitcher

Lot 158:               Coca Cola Plate and Glass, Tea Pot, Crystal Glassware

Lot 159:               5) Boxes of Christmas Decorations: Tins, Nativity, Ornaments, Labels, Ribbons

Lot 160:               4) Upholstered Chairs

Lot 161:               Amber Glass Canister, Blue Vase, Crystal Glass Vases

Lot 162:               Scrapbook Binders, Paper, Gift Bags, Wooden Pieces

Lot 163:               Towels, Table Clothes

Lot 164:               Arizona Jean Company Jacket, Children Clothes, Women’s Clothes

Lot 165:               Sucker Molds, Pyrex Bowl, Cookie Cutters

Lot 166:               Uranium Glass Butter Dish

Lot 167:               Coffee Table with Drawers

Lot 168:               Children’s: Noah and the Animals, You can Doodle It, Millionaire, Believe It or Not, Hot Wheels

Lot 169:               Doll Crafting Pieces, Hair, Beanies

Lot 170:               6) Porcelain Dolls

Lot 171:               2) Porcelain Dolls

Lot 172:               House Numbers, Blue Glass Bowls, Doll Hair, Doll Heads, Embroidery Hoops

Lot 173:               Various Porcelain Dolls

Lot 174:               Planter Pot, 2) Vases

Lot 175:               Neck Massager, Foot Massager

Lot 176:               Crystal Glass Lamp, Nativity, Glass Shade Lamp, Figurines

Lot 177:               Side Table with Drawer

Lot 178:               Collection of Doll

Lot 179:               Crystal Glass Bowls, Vases, Glassware, Storage Box

Lot 180:               4) Boxes of Various Glassware

Lot 181:               Jewelry Box, Storage Container

Lot 182:               Assorted Crystal Glassware – Plates, Candy Dishes

Lot 183:               Assorted Glassware – Tea Cups, Saucers, Bowls

Lot 184:               2) Boxes Christmas Decorations

Lot 185:               Pink 3-Ring Binders, Paper Doilies

Lot 186:               3) Crystal Vases, Crystal Bowl

Lot 187:               Faith Glass Jar, House Shaped Box

Lot 188:               Pink Wine Glasses, Table Cloths, Heart Crystal Bowl, Glass Jar

Lot 189:               Jan Hagara Meg Doll, Victoria Ashlea Original Doll

Lot 190:               Crafting Items: Buttons, Ribbon, Letters

Lot 191:               Childrens Toys, PEZ, Hot Wheels

Lot 192:               Glassware: Vases, Candy Dishes, Stemware

Lot 193:               Glassware: Decanter, Stemware, Piggy Bank

Lot 194:               Glassware: Candy Dishes, Bowls, Fire King Mixing Bowl

Lot 195:               Crafting Stamps, Items, Punches

Lot 196:               Vintage Suitcase

Lot 197:               Craft Items: Ziplock Bags, Large Megaphone, Hats, Yarn

Lot 198:               Teddy Bears, Doll Heads, Magazines, Books

Lot 199:               Coleman Radio/Light

Lot 200:               Pink Glassware: Vases, Stemware

Lot 201:               Glassware: Teal, Clear, Green Vases, CandyDishes

Lot 202:               Clear Glassware: Vases, Bowls, Candy Dishes

Lot 203:               Blue Glass Vase, Clear Vases

Lot 204:               Candy Glass Dishes, Vases, Platters

Lot 205:               Assorted Crystal Glassware, Holiday Wine Glasses

Lot 206:               Assorted Glassware – Vases, Plates, Bell

Lot 207:               Assorted Glassware – Decanter, Bowls, Candy Dishes

Lot 208:               Assorted Glassware – Vases, Wine Glasses, Bowls

Lot 209:               Assorted Glassware – Crystal Plates, Crystal Cups, Cake Stands

Lot 210:               Tote of Assorted Glassware – Plates, Cups

Lot 211:               Assorted Vases, Bowl

Lot 212:               Christmas Decor, Holiday Molds, Ornaments

Lot 213:               Matching Bowl and Pitcher Set

Lot 214:               Crystal Punch Set, Boxes of Assorted Crystal Glass, Boxes of Glassware

Lot 215:               Tote of Assorted Glassware – Cookie Jar, Plates, Cups

Lot 216:               Crystal Glassware

Lot 217:               Figurines – Hansen Classics and More

Lot 218:               2) Vases, 2) Dolls

Lot 219:               Box of Holiday Decor, 3) Fake Plants

Lot 220:               Assorted Household Items – Decor, Nerf Gun, Clothing, Craft Supplies

Lot 221:               Three Drawer Dresser

Lot 222:               Glass Eggplants, Glass Onions, Crystal Glass

Lot 223:               Crystal Glass Cake Stand, Tulip Hurricane Candle Holder, Bowls and Vases

Lot 224:               Lenox Carousel Spice Jars, People Firugines

Lot 225:               Chinaware: Johnson Bro, English Staffordshire Sterling, Noritake Ivory, More

Lot 226:               4) Campbell’s Tomato Soup Mugs

Lot 227:               Vanity Tray, Globe, Spice Rack, Silver Tray, Picture Frames, Vase

Lot 228:               Blue Glass Candy Dish, Christmas Bear Glass Platter, Snowman Tray, Crystal Glass Bowl, Cake Stand

Lot 229:               4) Glass Canisters, 2) Glass Jars

Lot 230:               Dublin Crystal Glass Cake Pan with Lid, Green Vase, Crystal Glass

Lot 231:               Red Glassware, Green Bowl, Crystal Glassware

Lot 232:               Floral Arrangement in Vase, 2) Vases

Lot 233:               Xbox 360 Accessories, Wii Accessories, World Warcraft Games, Solar Light, Routers, More

Lot 234:               Paper, File Tote, NintendoDS XL Starter Kit, Media Stix, Keyboards, More

Lot 235:               3) Dining Chairs

Lot 236:               Mugs, Chinaware, Bread Tube, Extra Large Wine Glass, Mini Stove Figurine, Decorative Plates, Crystal Glass

Lot 237:               Floral Arrangements, Fabrics, Picnic Basket, Tin Boxes, More

Lot 238:               Regulator Clock, “Family” Clock, Upholstered Chair, Flag, Sign

Lot 239:               Silver Serving Ware

Lot 240:               Bookshelf and Contents of Area: Wrapping Paper, Books, Candle Holders, Shoes, Decorations

Lot 300:               Contents of Countertop

Lot 301:               3) Small Pyrex Bowls

Lot 302:               Milkshake Glasses, Anchor Hocking Bowls, More

Lot 303:               Kitchen Towels, Stainless Pan, Trays, More

Lot 304:               Glass Ice Cream Bowls

Lot 305:               Kitchen Utensils, Hand Mixer, More

Lot 306:               Jewelry, Watch, Obsidian, More

Lot 307:               Kitchen Utensils, Punch Bowl, More

Lot 308:               Dixie Cups, Dishwashing Supplies, More

Lot 309:               Umbrella, Various Glassware, More

Lot 310:               Juice Glasses, Plates, Contents of Cupboard

Lot 311:               Ombre Wine Glasses, Green Glassware, Contents of Cupboard

Lot 312:               Buckets, Basketball, Hat, Easter Basket

Lot 313:               Contents of Cupboard

Lot 314:               Thunderjet Model Plane

Lot 315:               Guardian Folding Walker

Lot 316:               Shelf with Contents

Lot 317:               China Cabinet with Contents

Lot 318:               Dregeno German Train Toy

Lot 319:               Thomas Antique Style Phone

Lot 320:               Lights, Car Mitt, More

Lot 321:               Contents of Corner

Lot 322:               Contents of Closet

Lot 323:               Microphone, Mixers

Lot 324:               Wood Crafting Blocks

Lot 325:               RC Cars, Earbuds, More

Lot 326:               Headset, Keyboard, More

Lot 327:               Beats Earbuds, Disc Reader, More

Lot 328:               Die-Cast Cars, Tractor

Lot 329:               Toy Baby Buggy, Monkey Doll

Lot 330:               Assorted Kitchen Necessities

Lot 331:               Heavy Duty Kitchen-Aid – Works

Lot 332:               Tupperware, Mixing Bowls, BBQ Tool Set, Cupcake Pan, Measuring Cups

Lot 333:               Assorted Pan Lids, Juicer, Kitchen Items

Lot 334:               Knife Holder, Vase with Marbles, Assorted Plates

Lot 335:               Silverplated Good Warmer with Removable Two Quart Ovenproof Liner and Candle

Lot 336:               Box of Kitchen Necessities

Lot 337:               Box of Assorted Straws, Beverage Glasses

Lot 338:               Contents of Cupboard – Ramekins, Casserole Dishes, Plates, Cups, Bowls, Pyrex Dish

Lot 339:               Contents of Cupboard – Baking Sheets, Pan Lids, Cupcake Sheets, Cutting Board, Utensils

Lot 340:               Contents of Cupboard – Casserole Dish, Steamer, Pie Pans, Small Cutting Board

Lot 341:               Contents of corner

Lot 342:               Pictures, Glassware, Gloves

Lot 343:               Pictures, Black hat, Cook Books, Crafting Books

Lot 344:               2) Wooden Chairs

Lot 345:               Painting, Jeans, Clothing, Wood Blocks, Metal Rack

Lot 347:               Contents of Corner – Fake Plants, Pillows, Sheets, Dolls, Picture Frames

Lot 348:               2) Glass Water Dispensers, Nativity Scene, Paper Cutter, Glassware, 8QT Casserole Dish

Lot 349:               Assorted Pictures and Picture Frames

Lot 350:               Boots, Pants, Water Bottles, Dried Food

Lot 351:               Assorted Boxes of Clothing and Children’s Toys

Lot 352:               Assorted Children’s Toys

Lot 353:               Assorted Children’s Toys

Lot 354:               Box of Assorted Glassware, Nutcracker

Lot 355:               Picture Frames, Tote Lids, Yard Sticks

Lot 356:               Wrapping Paper, Christmas Decor, Christmas Supplies

Lot 357:               Canon Pixma MX472

Lot 358:               Assorted Children’s Toys, Meat Grinder, Bed Stands

Lot 359:               Doll, Nativity Scene, Wedding Statue

Lot 360:               Tall Dresser with Contents

Lot 361:               Folding Chairs, Folding Card Table

Lot 362:               Contents of Corner

Lot 363:               Chairs, Carpet, More

Lot 364:               Contents of Corner

Lot 365:               5) Subwoofer Heads

Lot 366:               Lea Bedroom Desk

Lot 367:               Contents of Cupboard

Lot 368:               Contents of Corner

Lot 369:               Contents of Corner

Lot 370:               Various Candles*

Lot 371:               2) Bathroom Scales

Glassware, Dolls, Furniture, And More!!

2221 S 5th Ave, Pocatello, ID 83201, USA
Pocatello, ID

Auction Location / Nearest City:

2221 S 5th Ave, Pocatello, ID 83201, USA

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