Larry Mead Estate Auction – Online Only

Online-Only Auction

Auction Date:

February 28, 2024 | 5:30 pm

Auction Location / Nearest City:

2488 Humbolt Avenue, Anthon, IA, USA

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Auction Description:

Larry Mead Estate Auction – Online Only
Date(s): 1/7/2024 – 2/28/2024
Auction Date/Time Info: Auction begins closing at 5:30pm on Thursday February 28, 2024
Preview Date/Time: Preview Dates and Times: Tuesday February 20, 2024 from 4:30 – 6:00PM Monday February 26, 2024 from 4:30 – 6:00PM
Checkout Date/Time: Pick up Date and Time: by appointment with our scheduling app Thursday February 29, 2024 10-6PM Friday March 1, 2024 11-6PM
Location: 2488 Humboldt Avenue, Anthon, IA 51004

Vehicles: 2005 Chevy 2500 pickup, 2006 Chevy HHR

Tools: MTD log splitter, blizzard snow blower, Kohler push mower, Craftsman power washer, ladders, cement mixer, lawn spreader, craftsman 12 inch table saw, Sioux Tools grinder, Sioux Tools air tools, Delta saw, 5000 watt electric generator, porter cable drill press, leaf blowers, Vice, Poulan pole saw, Stihl Weed eater, Bosch circular saw, camp kitchen, two wheel cart, lawn sweeper, assorted tool sets, car ramps, more

Antiques and collectibles: Oil lamps, crocks, and wash boards, stove, military uniforms, military equipment, postcards, irons, cabbage patch dolls, porcelain dolls, spigots, colander, steel wheels, oil bottles, ice pick, more Furniture, kitchen and household decorations: Curio cabinets, display cabinets, buffet, hutches, chaise lounge, Secretary, lift chair, rocking chairs, jewelry cabinet, high chairs, Christmas villages, assorted dinnerware sets, cast iron, tea sets, coffee machines, nativity scenes, seasonal decor, tea sets, blue glass ball jars, ceramic Christmas trees, enamelware, more

Crafts: sewing machines, sewing materials, scrapbooking materials, photo printers, office supplies, more

Miscellaneous: stack on gun cabinet, assorted hunting supplies, kids toys, wall art, Pride power chair, exercise equipment, flower pots, lawn sprayers, humidifier, dehumidifier, outdoor decor, walkers, fishing supplies, more

Terms: Payment required upon pick up, or within 3 days. You must pick-up during the times allotted. We will accept Cash, Check, or Credit Card. A 10% buyer’s premium applies to all purchases. A 4% convenience fee for credit card charges. IF YOU CAN NOT PICK UP DURING OUR ALLOTTED TIMES, THEN DO NOT BID!

Paulsen Auctions LLC


Lot 1 2005 Chevy 2500 HD 2WD, VIN: 1GCHC24U85E254326
Lot 2 2006 Chevy HHR, VIN: 3GNDA23P86S625518
Lot 3 MTD log splitter
Lot 4 Blizzard snow blower
Lot 5 Kohler mower
Lot 100 1943 half dollar
Lot 101 Large cent
Lot 102 2 cent piece
Lot 103 1985 John Kennedy 25th anniversary coin
Lot 104 Earrings and pendant set in yellow gold
Lot 105 Assorted 1 dollar coins
Lot 106 1907 half dollar
Lot 107 1943 steel pennies and 1943 dime
Lot 108 Assorted foreign coins
Lot 109 Sacagawea 1 dollar coins
Lot 110 Half dollar coins
Lot 111 1979 Susan B Anthony coins
Lot 112 One dollar coins
Lot 113 1922 one dollar coin
Lot 114 1901 silver dollar and half dollar
Lot 115 Iowa quarters, number 29 of 50
Lot 116 Assorted change
Lot 117 WWI coins
Lot 118 1891 coins
Lot 119 Patty reeds dolly
Lot 120 Half dollar coins
Lot 121 Foreign coins
Lot 1000 Chains
Lot 1001 Sioux tools grinder
Lot 1002 Meat grinder with attachments, wooden box
Lot 1003 Walking sticks
Lot 1004 Tool box with tools
Lot 1005 Saws
Lot 1006 Oil cans and funnel
Lot 1007 Glass bottles
Lot 1008 Minno bucket, wooden box, metal canister
Lot 1009 Insulators, tins, Coca-Cola can, 7up bottle
Lot 1010 Cowbells, platters, etc
Lot 1011 Tool set
Lot 1012 Rino Plastic car ramps
Lot 1013 Metal car ramps
Lot 1014 Wagon wheel and pipe threaded
Lot 1015 Oil lamp, oil cans, etc
Lot 1016 Hubcaps, ball hitches
Lot 1017 Cast iron pots
Lot 1018 Cast iron pans
Lot 1019 Lodge cast iron
Lot 1020 Cast iron pot
Lot 1021 Porcelain Cabinet, contents not included,
Lot 1022 Assorted tools
Lot 1023 Generator
Lot 1024 Clay pigeon thrower and clay pigeons
Lot 1025 Axes, shovels, etc
Lot 1026 Jack
Lot 1027 Sandwich presses
Lot 1028 Delta shop master saw
Lot 1029 Craftsman 12 inch table saw with blades
Lot 1030 Porter cable drill press
Lot 1031 Clamps
Lot 1032 Dewalt drywall screwdriver Bosch drill
Lot 1033 Grilling tools and gun cases
Lot 1034 Mosquito repellent, fishing reels and line
Lot 1035 Craftsman tool box
Lot 1036 Two man saw
Lot 1037 Saw
Lot 1038 Saw
Lot 1039 Saw
Lot 1040 BB gun
Lot 1041 Stihl leaf blower
Lot 1042 Skull
Lot 1043 Cabinet, contents not included 63”X24”X11.5”
Lot 1044 Compression tester, fuses, voltage tester
Lot 1045 Tobacco, thermometer, lunch box, bottles
Lot 1046 Dukes of hazard lunch box energy efficiency kit,
Lot 1047 Oil can, Bundt pan, hay hook
Lot 1048 Chefs choice meat slicer
Lot 1049 Nail master nail gun, staples, nails, etc
Lot 1050 Filing cabinet, contents not included 52”X15”x25”
Lot 1051 Leupold rangefinder, knife, etc
Lot 1052 Hunting supplies
Lot 1053 Socket sets, ratchets
Lot 1054 Assorted decor
Lot 1055 Turkey decoy
Lot 1056 Antique tools
Lot 1057 Sioux tools sign
Lot 1058 Sled
Lot 1059 Skull
Lot 1060 Creeper and ladder
Lot 1061 Camp kitchen
Lot 1062 Porter cable
Lot 1063 Poulan pro pole saw
Lot 1064 Power washer
Lot 1065 Stihl weed eater
Lot 1066 Jumper cables
Lot 1067 Metal detector
Lot 1068 Stamp drawer
Lot 1069 – no description –
Lot 1070 Rockwell tool
Lot 1071 Stanley fan
Lot 1072 Shop vac
Lot 1073 Shop vac
Lot 1074 Rotary saw
Lot 1075 DAPC air nailer
Lot 1076 Makita planer
Lot 1077 Assorted hammers
Lot 1078 Sioux air tools, router bit set
Lot 1079 Assorted tools
Lot 1080 Sioux air tools
Lot 1081 Brake pads
Lot 1082 Steak rack, griddle
Lot 1083 Bosch saw and cabinet, contents of cabinet not
Lot 1084 Senco nailer and black and decker router
Lot 1085 Wood pile
Lot 1086 Mail box, post driver
Lot 1087 Clamps
Lot 1088 Bell
Lot 1089 Ammo boxes (3)
Lot 1090 Igloo cooler
Lot 1091 CB radio
Lot 1092 Telephone
Lot 1093 Clamps
Lot 1094 Roller
Lot 1095 Vice
Lot 1096 Sawhorse
Lot 1097 Assorted ammunition, shooting stand, bullet mold
Lot 1098 Insect fogger
Lot 1099 Weed eater leaf blower
Lot 1100 Fall Protection Compliance Kit – in a bag
Lot 1101 Copper coil, sharpening system
Lot 1102 Remington power trigger
Lot 1103 Assorted nuts and bolts
Lot 1104 Assorted lights
Lot 1105 Black and decker sander
Lot 1106 Craftsman sander
Lot 1107 Performax sander
Lot 1108 Stihl chainsaw
Lot 1109 Stihl chainsaw
Lot 1110 Sioux tools drill, bits
Lot 1111 Ryobi sander with sandpaper and craftsman sander
Lot 1112 Ear muffs, bi pod, knife, etc
Lot 1113 Dolly and rolling stool
Lot 1114 Assorted bottle jacks
Lot 1114a Gas cans
Lot 1115 Torque wrench, hot glue gun, lock, trap,
Lot 1116 Protech drill press
Lot 1117 Tire plug kit, brake pads, gauge, etc
Lot 1118 Safety chaps, wheel, belts
Lot 1119 Knife, small crock, hammer, etc
Lot 1120 Black and decker jigsaw, black and decker grinder
Lot 1121 Wrenches, oil can, nails and screws
Lot 1122 Bolt bins
Lot 1200 Adventure system
Lot 1201 Extension cord
Lot 1202 Deer skulls
Lot 1203 Charcoal smoker
Lot 1204 Extension cords
Lot 1205 Bucket of levels, yard sticks, magnet, etc
Lot 1206 Air hose
Lot 1207 Come alongs and shop light
Lot 1208 Air hose and extension cord
Lot 1209 Clamps
Lot 1210 Fishing equipment
Lot 1211 Storacord, club and lantern
Lot 1212 Craftsman miter box
Lot 1213 Heater
Lot 1214 Battery charger
Lot 1215 Equalizer
Lot 1216 Wheel weights, tap and die
Lot 1217 Masonry tools
Lot 1218 Tool bag, panel carry, scrapers
Lot 1219 Sanding disks, grinding wheel, etc
Lot 1220 Black and decker saw
Lot 1221 C clamps, zip ties, charging hose, leak detector
Lot 1222 Cast iron pan, assorted tools, scoop
Lot 1223 Ratchet straps, bungee cords
Lot 1224 Assorted tools
Lot 1225 Assorted tools
Lot 1226 Assorted tools
Lot 1227 Repair links, oil can, tailpipe
Lot 1228 Timing gun, socket set
Lot 1229 Hole saws and drill bits
Lot 1230 Cabinet 35”X30”X21”
Lot 1231 Staple gun, fire starter
Lot 1232 Wrenches, squares, planer
Lot 1233 Electric impact, nails
Lot 1234 Saws
Lot 1235 Pipe wrenches, corn knife
Lot 1236 Pry bars
Lot 1237 Hitchahi saw
Lot 1238 Black and decker saw
Lot 1239 Paint gun and wooden box
Lot 1240 Two wheel cart
Lot 1241 Hunting blind, gun case
Lot 2000 Ceramic Christmas tree, works, missing a few
Lot 2001 Ceramic Christmas tree, works
Lot 2002 Ceramic Christmas tree, missing lights, works
Lot 2003 Side table, sides fold down
Lot 2004 Assorted toy cars, Mattel, hot wheels, etc
Lot 2005 Fall decorations
Lot 2006 Assorted dolls and tree toppers
Lot 2007 Fourth of July decor
Lot 2008 Barbies, Barbie house and Barbie accessories
Lot 2009 Bratz dolls and accessories
Lot 2010 Assorted childrens toys
Lot 2011 Nativity scenes
Lot 2012 Books
Lot 2013 Pack and play
Lot 2014 Children’s table and chairs with toys
Lot 2015 4 totes of Christmas lights, decor, etc
Lot 2016 Valentine’s Day decor
Lot 2017 4 totes of Easter decor
Lot 2018 Fans
Lot 2019 Ironing board
Lot 2020 Kids toys
Lot 2021 Shells
Lot 2022 Christmas decor and ornaments
Lot 2023 Mr and mrs snowman, mrs snowman is broken in the
Lot 2023a Step stools, cart
Lot 2024 Christmas village
Lot 2025 Picnic basket
Lot 2026 Clock, lantern, candle holders
Lot 2027 Native American nativity and decor
Lot 2028 Clippers, curling iron, spoons, view finder
Lot 2029 Christmas village
Lot 2030 Assorted mugs
Lot 2031 Assorted lights
Lot 2032 Purple decor
Lot 2033 iPod, hanging decor, moving picture screen
Lot 2034 Christmas village
Lot 2035 Christmas village
Lot 2036 Christmas village
Lot 2037 Christmas village
Lot 2038 Christmas decor
Lot 2039 Christmas village
Lot 2040 Religious decor, scentsy
Lot 2041 Power strip, weather strip, screws, light bulb
Lot 2042 Christmas village people
Lot 2043 Christmas decor
Lot 2044 Christmas village
Lot 2045 Christmas village
Lot 2046 Christmas village
Lot 2047 Christmas village
Lot 2048 Christmas village
Lot 2049 Assorted decor, clips, pins, earrings
Lot 2050 Assorted cards and envelopes, notebooks
Lot 2051 Doll, assorted decor
Lot 2052 Green storage box
Lot 2053 Wood filing cabinets
Lot 2100 Yard sticks, local advertising
Lot 2101 Crutches, canes, grabber
Lot 2102 Pride scooter, brand new
Lot 2103 Wood Coat hanger
Lot 2104 Clock
Lot 2105 Lift chair
Lot 2106 Wall decor
Lot 2107 Wall decor
Lot 2108 Wall decor
Lot 2109 Wall decor
Lot 2110 Wall decor
Lot 2111 Couch, 7ft
Lot 2112 Baby gates
Lot 2113 Entertainment center, contents not included
Lot 2113a tables (2)
Lot 2114 Jig saw, clocks, radios, saw, etc
Lot 2115 Wii and accessories
Lot 2116 Fabric boxes, binders
Lot 2117 Fans
Lot 2118 Air mattress
Lot 2119 Desk with chair
Lot 2120 Recliner
Lot 2121 Odjob mixing system
Lot 2122 Christmas village
Lot 2123 Coolers and water jug
Lot 2124 Flower pots
Lot 2125 Assorted games
Lot 2126 Assorted decor
Lot 2127 Game set
Lot 2200 Bed warmer and stool
Lot 2201 Assorted bag, 4
Lot 2202 Daybed, contents not included
Lot 2203 Christmas village lights
Lot 2204 Tins
Lot 2205 jars
Lot 2206 Side table 23”X23.5”X12”
Lot 2207 Chair
Lot 2208 Lamp
Lot 2209 Dresser27.5”X38”X19.5”
Lot 2210 Pelonis heater
Lot 2211 Skating ponds, 3 totes
Lot 2212 Christmas decor, 3 totes
Lot 2213 Fall decor, 3 totes
Lot 2214 Christmas decor, 3 totes
Lot 2215 Dishes set, full tote
Lot 2216 Auto emergency kit
Lot 2217 Lawn sprayers, 2
Lot 2218 Lawn sprayer and vaporetto
Lot 2300 Work out equipment
Lot 2301 Assorted decor
Lot 2302 Office supplies
Lot 2303 Pressboard shelf 71″X29”

Larry Mead Estate Auction – Online Only

2488 Humbolt Avenue, Anthon, IA, USA
Anthon, IA

Auction Location / Nearest City:

2488 Humbolt Avenue, Anthon, IA, USA

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