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Auction Date:

January 09, 2024 | 5:00 pm

Auction Location / Nearest City:

1010 Pleasant St, Sumner, IA, USA

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Auction Description:

Moving Auction

Date: Bidding Ends on 1/9/2024 @ 5PM.

Location: 1010 Pleasant ST, Sumner, Iowa 50674

Lot 1: 4” jointer planer

Lot 2: Craftsman table saw

Lot 3: 2- metal lawn chairs, 1 sprung back

Lot 4: Charcoal grill, Happy Cooker

Lot 5: Gambles farm crest field king tiller, 21”

Lot 6: Generac GP 8000E generator, bad battery , hasn’t

Lot 7: Royce Union Kilimanjaro bicycle with 2 extra

Lot 8: FS grand Teton bike with helmet

Lot 9: John Deere LA 115 lawn tractor, 42” deck with

Lot 9b: New John Deere lawn tractor weight

Lot 10: 2002 Chevrolet C 1500 Silverado. 67,048 miles.

Lot 11: Porter cable orbit sander with disks

Lot 12: Caster wheels, hammers, clasps and hasps, misc

Lot 13: Black and decker, sunbeam irons

Lot 14: Abrasive belts, 4” x 24”

Lot 15: Organizers with contents

Lot 16: Craftsman router, 2hp

Lot 17: Corded drills, 3/8

Lot 18: Black and decker jig saw with blades

Lot 19: 2 totes with lids

Lot 20: Assorted wood wheels

Lot 21: Assorted nails, screws

Lot 22: Master mechanic bit set, pliers, 60/100 foam

Lot 23: Assorted screws, nails

Lot 24: Assorted quick-grips, mostly Irwin

Lot 25: Assorted quick-grips, mostly Irwin

Lot 26: Assorted quick-grips

Lot 27: Assorted clamps, moth balls, grabber

Lot 28: Tape, light bulbs, scale, bug repeller, misc

Lot 29: Stapler with staples, hex key sets, tape

Lot 30: Assorted sandpaper, mallet, squares, misc

Lot 31: Assorted drill bits

Lot 32: Screwdrivers, bits, hammers

Lot 33: Assorted screwdrivers

Lot 34: Drill bit set, Craftsman chisels, punches, wire

Lot 35: Bostitch BT200 brad nailer

Lot 36: Assorted wrenches, metric and sae

Lot 37: Two 20 gallon totes with lids

Lot 38: DeWalt cordless drills, batteries, chargers,

Lot 39: JDS air-tech 2000 high efficiency air filtration

Lot 40: 8 in 1 screwdriver, master force bit set,

Lot 41: DeWalt 3/8 trim saw, 12v, no battery

Lot 42: DeWalt 1/2 inch cordless drill/driver, charger,

Lot 43: 2 empty DeWalt cases

Lot 44: 10” dovetail saw, air chucks, coping saw, hole

Lot 45: Engraver, glue gun, extension cords, face shield,

Lot 46: Assorted wood wheels, misc woodworking, glass

Lot 47: Black and decker 3” x 21” belt sander

Lot 48: Fan, bike pump, fire extinguisher, Titan heater,

Lot 49: Assorted files, rasps

Lot 50: Ribbon yard art with mold, heavy

Lot 51: Assorted saw blades

Lot 52: Assorted shop liquids

Lot 53: Ribbon yard art, heavy

Lot 54: Velcro, mirrors, disposable gloves, hammer,

Lot 55: Clocks, clock parts, faces, wheelright tool

Lot 56: Assorted paints, primers, stains, glue

Lot 57: Misc craft items, poker chips, dice

Lot 58: Drill doctor, jointer knife-setting jig

Lot 59: Craftsman microtork torque wrench

Lot 60: Paint brushes, wood wheels, brown paper bags,

Lot 61: Spindle sander parts, sleeves, used

Lot 62: Vise-grips, adjustable pliers, 12” diamond wrench

Lot 63: Misc woodworking blades in box

Lot 64: Craftsman 16” variable spd scroll saw

Lot 65: Bostitch 150 psi air compressor, 1.2 gal, air

Lot 66: Laddergolf game

Lot 67: Laddergolf game

Lot 68: Security seed 4ft, squares

Lot 69: Bench grinder with bench, built in file drawer

Lot 70: Two 55 gal drums, one has some grease in bottom

Lot 71: Work bench with 4” vice

Lot 72: 3 drums

Lot 73: Laddergolf game

Lot 74: Golf balls, extra Laddergolf balls

Lot 75: Workbench, 3’ x 6’ x 31”, drill press NOT

Lot 76: Drexel multipro with some accessories

Lot 77: Craftsman 34” radial drill press, 1/2” chuck,

Lot 78: Cornhole game with extra bags

Lot 79: 2 pipe clamps

Lot 80: 2 pipe clamps

Lot 81: 2 pipe clamps with stand on wheels

Lot 82: ValueCraft 4” x 36” belt and disc sander on stand

Lot 83: Dollie, aluminum scoop, dust pans

Lot 84: Performax oscillating spindle sander with cart

Lot 85: Delta router/shaper with extension

Lot 86: 3 bar stools, some rips

Lot 87: 4 wooden clamps

Lot 88: Wooden stand with drawers, 12” x 13.75” x 58.5”

Lot 89: Woodworking books

Lot 90: Misc woodworking items

Lot 91: Wood burning craft kit, desk light, misc fabric

Lot 92: Shop-vac 14 gallon, 5.5hp, wet/dry, with

Lot 93: Six wooden chairs

Lot 94: Homemade stand, assorted dowels, fishing rod

Lot 95: Work bench/chop saw bench, scrap wood

Lot 96: 6 Shelves of mixed wood, shelves not included

Lot 97: 3 shelves of mixed wood, shelves not included

Lot 98: Shop counter/cabinet, 2’ x 7’ x 3’

Lot 99: Mixed wood on shelves, shelves not included

Lot 100: Metal cart on wheels

Lot 101: Dresser, 16” x 29.5” x 40.5”

Lot 102: Wood cabinet, 12” x 2’ x 30”

Lot 103: Assorted wood.  Oak walnut, maple, Cedar. Various

Lot 104: All wood on two different shelves. Walnut, maple

Lot 105: Assorted wood. Oak, walnut, Cedar, maple etc. All

Lot 106: All wood on shelf. Oak, walnut, maple, cedar etc.

Lot 107: Four shelves on west side of garage. Oak, walnut,

Lot 400: 5 gallon buckets, cardboard barrels, and tomato

Lot 401: Fishing rods and reels with rack

Lot 402: Ice, fishing rods, and reels

Lot 403: 3- oak school desk chairs, oak chair

Lot 404: Limb trimmer

Lot 405: 2 ton floor, jack

Lot 406: 5-  gas cans

Lot 407: EZ Up canopy

Lot 408: Roof rake

Lot 409: 3- stepladders, 2-6’, 1-4’

Lot 410: 2- bag, chairs and lawn chair

Lot 411: Receiver, cargo rack, 5’x 2’

Lot 412: vintage, minnow, bucket, boat, light, etc.

Lot 413: Assorted bungee cords

Lot 414: 3- sets of jumper cables

Lot 415: Screwdrivers, etc.

Lot 416: 2” ball hitch

Lot 417: Hammers, etc.

Lot 418: Vintage oil, cans, etc.

Lot 419: 4- hammers

Lot 420: Tool belts, SMV sign, etc.

Lot 421: Hatchet, paint, scrapers, and putty knives

Lot 422: Assorted Chainsaw, , Chains, 2- new

Lot 423: Assorted lightbulbs

Lot 424: Assorted lawn fertilizer

Lot 425: Garden hoses

Lot 426: 1- 4’ x8’ sheet 1/2” OSB etc, tools, not included

Lot 427: Assorted wrenches

Lot 428: Toolbox with Sockets ratchets and assorted tools

Lot 429: Trouble, lights, hardware, etc.

Lot 430: Nail puller, squares, etc.

Lot 431: Hurricane ties

Lot 432: Horse shoes

Lot 433: 1/2” drive 500# chain hoist

Lot 434: Oil, filter. Wrenches and assorted shop items.

Lot 435: Little giant corn Sheller

Lot 436: Vintage south bend croquet set

Lot 437: Assorted home sawn lumber, mostly ash , up to 7’

Lot 438: Assorted home sawn lumber up to 12 ‘, mostly ash

Lot 439: 2- organizers with hardware

Lot 440: 4 plus quarts of oil and partials

Lot 441: Riveter and assorted tools

Lot 442: Ice scrapers, air hose, etc.

Lot 443: 6- quarts of 5W-30 motor oil

Lot 444: 3- quarts of 10 W-30 motor oil, brake fluid,sea

Lot 445: Brass, nozzles, garden tools, large rain, suit,

Lot 446: 1/2” drill, drill, bits, etc.

Lot 447: Craftsman Circle saw, wood clamp, etc.

Lot 448: Hand, trowels and splitting wedges

Lot 449: Electrical supplies, nails, etc.

Lot 450: Rigid pipe wrench, soldering, gun, Chainsaw,

Lot 451: Steel workbench, 70” x 28”x 35”

Lot 452: Tackle box with tackle

Lot 453: Tackle box with tackle

Lot 454: Ratchet straps, some damage

Lot 455: Bench grinder

Lot 456: Hardware and Nails

Lot 457: Drop cords, some damage, light

Lot 458: Fishing reels, etc.

Lot 459: Caulk guns , grease, guns, oil, pan, etc.

Lot 460: 2- 14’ log chains with repairs

Lot 461: Garden, cultivator, hoes, scrapers, etc.

Lot 462: 2- scoop, shovels, and snow shovel

Lot 463: Moen showerhead and plumbing supplies

Lot 464: Enterprise food, chopper, Snoopy, thermos

Lot 465: Stainless steel dog pans, tent, stakes, bucket,

Lot 466: Halter and show stick

Lot 467: 3- tarps

Lot 468: Gardening supplies, etc.

Lot 469: Milk crate with assorted shop supplies

Lot 470: Assorted wheels

Lot 471: Driller, grinder attachment, and assorted Sockets

Lot 472: Bird bath, feeder, wood carving

Lot 473: Block and tackle

Lot 474: Rakes pitch, fork, etc.

Lot 475: 2- levels and measuring sticks

Lot 476: 5-Assorted shovels

Lot 477: John Deere metal art

Lot 478: 2- fiberglass mauls

Lot 479: 3- garbage cans

Lot 480: 24’ wooden extension ladder, some damage

Lot 481: Metal shelving unit, 64”x 66” x 13”

Lot 482: 6- chairs

Lot 483: 2- wooden sawhorses

Lot 484: 2- boxes of  edging

Lot 485: Folding boat seats, boat anchor, life vests, etc.

Lot 486: Metal John Deere road sign

Lot 487: Axe, pick, bar, no name on axe

Lot 488: US 9 XW arctic boots

Lot 489: Ice auger

Lot 490: Bag with ear corn

Lot 491: 5 gallon bucket with softballs

Lot 492: Milk and pop crates plastic jugs and heater

Lot 493: 2- folding bucket seats, and shop dollies

Lot 494: Wooden box, baskets, and stakes

Lot 495: 2- totes , sled , clothes bags etc

Lot 496: 2- shepherds hooks

Lot 497: Sears. Exercise, bike, and basketball hoop.

Lot 498: Working air compressor, ladder, jacks, and

Lot 500: Soft toys with crate

Lot 501: Soft toys etc.

Lot 502: Christmas items

Lot 503: Christmas items

Lot 504: Christmas items with tote

Lot 505: Electric Santa and Mrs. Claus, both work

Lot 506: Christmas items with totes and lids

Lot 507: Lighted Santa Claus and snowman

Lot 508: Backpack, raft and other blowup water toys with

Lot 509: Toys, games and doll clothes etc.

Lot 510: Knife with sheath

Lot 511: Halloween items, Longaberger  basket, shoe

Lot 512: Leg and knee braces

Lot 513: Luggage, TV tray, paper shredder and pictures

Lot 514: Games and toys, Christmas musical Advertising

Lot 515: Beanie Babies, Raggedy Ann, Barbie dolls etc.

Lot 516: 1999 Mattel 65 impala. 18th scale

Lot 517: Assorted children’s books

Lot 518: Assorted books

Lot 519: Candle stands, vinyl mini blinds and assorted

Lot 520: Antique wardrobe. 48 x 19 by Approximately 80

Lot 521: Chest of drawers.  36 x 15 x 34″ tall. Bring

Lot 522: Entertainment center. 49 1/2 x 18 by

Lot 523: Full bed with mattress box spring frame and

Lot 524: Two dressers with mirrors. 46 and 43 1/2 wide by

Lot 525: Maytag Centennial electric dryer

Lot 526: Maytag Centennial washer

Lot 527: Knife sets

Lot 528: Horizon  six piece stainless steel cookware. All

Lot 529: Assorted kitchen utensils

Lot 530: Sunbeam Mixmaster

Lot 531: Mixing bowls

Lot 532: Hamilton Beach electric carving knife, pampered

Lot 533: Kitchen utensils, Longaberger  1 quart crock etc

Lot 534: Hamilton Beach 18 qt. roaster oven

Lot 535: Scotch bright and SOS pads, Fire King pieces and

Lot 536: Black Angus waffle maker, ice cream maker warming

Lot 537: Flatware and kitchen utensils etc.

Lot 538: Miracle blade three with knife block and Shappu

Lot 539: Knife block with knives and Sharpsu 2000 Knife

Lot 540: Assorted tools, electric tester and knife sheaths

Lot 541: Steel shelf unit. 30 1/2 x 11 1/2 by 58 tall

Lot 542: Kirby generation three vacuum cleaner and brooms

Lot 543: Super shooter and cookie cutters etc.

Lot 544: Tupperware

Lot 545: Tupperware

Lot 546: Assorted plastic containers

Lot 547: Tupperware and assorted plastic containers also

Lot 548: Assorted plastic containers with Pampered Chef

Lot 549: Cutting boards, egg poacher, picnic plates and

Lot 550: Maytag quiet series 100 dishwasher with cabinet

Lot 551: Extra large clothing

Lot 552: 2 gallon water cooler and crate

Lot 553: Cookbooks

Lot 554: Cookbooks

Lot 555: Cookbooks

Lot 556: Cookbooks

Lot 557: Cleaning supplies

Lot 558: Serving trays, plates and cookware

Lot 559: Pampered Chef baking stone, snack sets, serving

Lot 560: Scissors, cleaning supplies, matches etc.

Lot 561: Knife sets, electronic pest repellers, rosettes

Lot 562: Desk lamp, office supplies, lighters and keys

Lot 563: Tupperware

Lot 564: GPX undercabinet CD player with radio, toaster and

Lot 565: Stoneware , toothbrushes, refrigerator magnets

Lot 566: Floss picks, manicure kits, Shark cordless

Lot 567: Table and five chairs. 40 x 60 with 2-12 inch

Lot 568: Maytag refrigerator freezer

Lot 569: Vintage ice skates and rollerskates  with ankle

Lot 570: Stoneware dishes

Lot 571: Two oil lamps. One Queen Anne

Lot 572: Stained glass decorations etc.

Lot 573: Plastic animal figurines etc.

Lot 574: Christmas and Valentines lights

Lot 575: Amana 1000 W radar range. 21 1/2 x 17 1/4 x 14

Lot 576: Christmas lights and decorations

Lot 577: Christmas decorations

Lot 578: Christmas decorations

Lot 579: Miscellaneous greeting cards

Lot 580: Cosco stool

Lot 581: John Deere tractor Christmas ornaments

Lot 582: John Deere Christmas ornaments

Lot 583: John Deere 9400T tractor

Lot 584: 2 John Deere tractor ornaments and 2 Other John

Lot 585: Toy car replicas, street cars and railroad cars

Lot 586: The Danberry mint lighted John Deere tractor With

Lot 587: Hot wheels etc. in case

Lot 588: John Deere decorative light set etc.

Lot 589: Games. Electronic dartboard, monopoly etc.

Lot 590: John Deere Christmas ornaments

Lot 591: Easter items

Lot 592: Assorted knives

Lot 593: Presto salad shooter, food chopper, pampered chef

Lot 594: Assorted books

Lot 595: Yarn

Lot 596: Yarn

Lot 597: Singer portable sewing machine

Lot 598: Vintage desk. 60 x 30 etc

Lot 599: Canes, slide bar shower kit, 1 inch cordless

Lot 600: Singer stylist zigzag sewing machine free arm

Lot 601: Sears sewing machine with cabinet

Lot 602: Card table and five chairs

Lot 603: Canning jars with tote. Pints and 1 quart

Lot 604: Towels and wash cloths

Lot 605: Sheets, blankets, towels etc.

Lot 606: Christmas items

Lot 607: Costume jewelry and watches

Lot 608: Costume jewelry and watches

Lot 609: Cassettes and holders with cassette player

Lot 610: John Deere employees credit union banks

Lot 611: John Deere employees credit union banks

Lot 612: Emerson VHS player with VHS tapes and four DVDs

Lot 613: Baking and cooking pans

Lot 614: Cooking and baking pans

Lot 615: Cross stitching pieces, hot pads and towel sets

Lot 616: Pens and pencils, colors and coloring books etc.

Lot 617: Metal cupboard  and wood shelf. Wood shelf is 25

Lot 618: Candles and candle holders

Lot 619: Games

Lot 620: Kids toys only With Bin

Lot 621: Medical items, battery organizer, Socks, heating

Lot 622: Lenoxx CD player and AM and FM radio With CDs

Lot 623: Artificial flowers etc.

Lot 624: Precious moments etc.

Lot 625: Longaberger Red crock and let it snow basket,

Lot 626: Homco Figurines, Cow salt and pepper shakers etc.

Lot 627: Bells, Figurines, jewelry box etc.

Lot 628: Plates and serving trays. Also Terry Redlin

Lot 629: Camera, phones, clocks, boom box and adding

Lot 630: Wind chime, kids items and decor etc.

Lot 631: Christmas decorations etc.

Lot 632: Flower arrangements, wind chime, photo light box,

Lot 633: Electric fan, candleholders, lamp with shade,

Lot 634: Cookbooks and health books

Lot 635: Assorted Books and paper

Lot 636: Sewing supplies

Lot 637: Beanie babies, puzzle, beads, games etc.

Lot 638: Bags, hats and pillows

Lot 639: Baggies, aluminum foil, cling wrap, swiffer

Lot 640: Headboard for bed . 104 long by 17 deep by 61

Lot 641: Pyrex, fire king and anchor hocking pieces etc.

Lot 642: Salt/pepper shakers, tins, pocket hose, sea

Lot 643: Framed pictures, frames

Lot 644: Wall clocks, shelf, decorative wood items

Lot 645: 2 fans

Lot 646: Owl woodwork painting, wall clock/shelf, ceiling

Lot 647: Propet stability shoes, size 10.5 W(D)

Lot 648: Reclining couch, 7 ft

Lot 649: Lamps, end tables

Lot 650: Jmason Hi-chair

Lot 651: Lift chair with foot stool, phonebooks

Lot 652: Shelves, 2’ x 8.5”

Lot 653: Vizio 24” tv with remote, Taylor bathroom scales,

Lot 654: Assorted totes, baskets

Lot 655: Box of blankets, sheets, towels, etc

Lot 656: Everything on the table, NOT the table

Lot 657: Rocking chair with Homedics massager

Lot 658: John Deere calendars, vinyl records

Lot 700: Wash tubs on stand

Lot 701: Mirror, easel, step ladder, particle board, not

Lot 702: Ball and Kerr canning jars

Lot 703: Assorted coolers

Lot 704: Ball and Kerr canning jars, 1 qt

Lot 705: Bells, baseball glove, knife, Pioneer bag, John

Lot 706: Backpack, speakers, magnetic vent blocks,

Lot 707: Canteens, bank, leaf shelves, misc electrical

Lot 708: #8 Cast iron pan, enamel pan

Lot 709: Misc tools, Old Milwaukee tin, extension cord,

Lot 710: Nutcracker, battery charger, table legs, full

Lot 711: Outdoor decor

Lot 712: Outdoor decor

Lot 713: Onion/potato bags, yard sticks

Lot 714: Antique door knobs, flue, door hardware

Lot 715: Slider Jarts

Lot 716: Scooter, dart board, lunch pail, Mickey cards

Lot 717: Wash tub

Lot 718: John Deere wind chime

Lot 719: Perfect aire dehumidifier

Lot 720: Westinghouse refrigerator

Lot 721: 6 kitchen chairs, loose

Lot 722: Christmas trees, ribbons, garland

Lot 723: Antique cot

Lot 724: Ozark trail 11’ x 9’ tent

Lot 725: Ozark trail 15’ x 9’ tent

Lot 726: 8 tracks and vinyl records

Lot 727: Totes, face guards, hot dog sticks, shelf liners

Lot 728: Fri-al shortening tin, spools

Lot 729: Shower chairs, rockers, canner with plates,

Lot 730: Canning jars, rings, jar grabber

Lot 731: Sumner first national bank thermometer, fire

Lot 732: Serving trays, glass punch bowl

Lot 733: Solar lights, wicker bike, car wash tool

Lot 734: Ice melt bags

Lot 735: Wind chimes


Moving Auction

1010 Pleasant St, Sumner, IA, USA
Sumner, IA

Auction Location / Nearest City:

1010 Pleasant St, Sumner, IA, USA

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