MultiParty Household, Toy & Antique Auction

Online-Only Auction

Auction Date:

January 03, 2024 | 5:00 pm

Auction Location / Nearest City:

2212 5th Ave NW, Waverly, IA, USA

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Auction Description:

Multi-Party Household, Toy & Antique Auction

Date: Bidding Ends on January 3 @ 5:00 PM. 

Location:  2212 5th Ave NW Waverly, IA 50677

Auction Removal Times: Pickup on Thursday, January 4th from 12-5PM at 2212 5th AVE NW, Waverly IA, 50677

Auction Preview: Preview on Tuesday, January 2nd from 3-5PM at 2212 5th AVE NW, Waverly IA, 50677

Legacy Auction Company

[email protected]

(319) 559-2454

Lot 1: Coleman lantern

Lot 1a: 1990 Ford F250 Lariat 4×4 8 cyl, 5.8 v8, rust,

Lot 2: Vintage comic books

Lot 2a: Easy Load boat trailer, 16’ no registration

Lot 2b: Ladder rack for 8’ box 5 ‘ wide

Lot 3: Marbles

Lot 4: Marbles

Lot 5: Tokens

Lot 6: Owl jar

Lot 7: Marbles

Lot 8: Marbles

Lot 9: Coolers

Lot 10: Food scale, muffin tin, grinder, etc

Lot 11: Etched flowered water goblets, 1 has a chip on

Lot 12: Baking dishes

Lot 13: Diamond pattern water goblets and sherbets

Lot 14: Marbles

Lot 15: Marbles

Lot 16: Miscellaneous pans

Lot 17: Marbles

Lot 18: Bears, frames, bubble lights, etc

Lot 19: Crockpots, mixer, George Foreman, mini waffle

Lot 20: Sony cd radio cassette player

Lot 21: Skil drill, sandpaper, decals, etc

Lot 22: 2 3/4″ vise

Lot 23: Tape measures, riveter, punches, etc.

Lot 24: Miscellaneous wrenches

Lot 25: Sockets, ratchets, etc

Lot 26: Screwdrivers, wire brushes, etc.

Lot 27: Birdfeeder, garden hose, etc.

Lot 28: Funnel, staples, wire, misc

Lot 29: Gun cleaning items, clay pigeon thrower, boat

Lot 30: Paint brushes, pads, etc.

Lot 31: Amoco gear lubricant can

Lot 32: Conoco Super Motor Oil 5 gallon can

Lot 33: Replacement screen, gun cleaning kit, yardsticks,

Lot 34: Vintage plastic Smurf costume

Lot 35: Doilies, etc with tote

Lot 36: Everhot roaster

Lot 37: Organizers and contents

Lot 38: Sheffield fine china set, couple of small chips

Lot 39: Ertl diecast replicas

Lot 40: 40 cup coffee/tea maker, new

Lot 41: Miscellaneous smalls, etc

Lot 42: Vintage ink, ribbon, wood box, misc

Lot 43: Vintage dishes

Lot 44: Cups, figurines, etc

Lot 45: Plates, platters

Lot 46: Hen on nest, misc decor

Lot 47: Pliers, glue gun, etc

Lot 48: Strawberry Shortcake glasses and mugs

Lot 49: Office supplies

Lot 50: Light bulbs, string, electrical items

Lot 51: Screwdrivers, misc

Lot 52: Advertising screwdrivers

Lot 53: Pocket knives, etc

Lot 54: Misc. tools

Lot 55: Barometer, decorative items

Lot 56: Vintage glasses, tins, etc.

Lot 57: Soft goods

Lot 58: Trinket box, planters, banks, etc. Dog planter

Lot 59: Hot Wheels, Matchbox, etc

Lot 60: Advertising pieces

Lot 61: Pink depression bowl, hand painted plate,

Lot 62: Farm toys

Lot 63: Farm vehicles

Lot 64: John Deere toy tractors

Lot 65: John Deere lawn and garden set,  1/16th scale

Lot 66: 1923 John Deere model, D, truck bank

Lot 67: Antique GE fan

Lot 68: Cast-iron, toy stove, match safes, sad iron, etc.

Lot 69: Hot Wheels

Lot 70: John Deere truck bank

Lot 71: Hot wheels, etc.

Lot 72: Northern Iowa Panthers 57 Chevy suburban bank

Lot 73: Assorted bits

Lot 74: Plastic Santa, bubble lights

Lot 75: Smurf glasses

Lot 76: Mini oil lamps, planters, misc

Lot 77: Miscellaneous items

Lot 78: Pyrex pie plates, cheese cover lid, refrigerator

Lot 79: Coffee mugs, glasses, miscellaneous

Lot 80: Glass bowls and candleholders

Lot 81: Vintage clock radios

Lot 82: Smurfs, Smurf windmill and collector case

Lot 83: Tools in case

Lot 84: DVD players, 1 is new in box

Lot 85: Popular Mechanics socket wrench set

Lot 86: Popular Mechanics socket wrench set

Lot 87: HP photo scanner, new in box

Lot 88: Doll bed, Strawberry Shortcake items, Cabbage

Lot 89: Hummel bells, books, notepads, etc.

Lot 90: Case IH Farmall M tractor

Lot 91: Classic Wood 71 piece train set, appears to be

Lot 92: Battery operated, Continental Express train set

Lot 93: Vintage toys and games

Lot 94: Tape measures, thermometer, staples, etc.

Lot 95: Lincoln logs and erector set pieces

Lot 96: Hummel needlework, ornaments, plate, etc.

Lot 97: Twinkling Christmas lights and decorations

Lot 98: Collector plates, Norman Rockwell steins,

Lot 99: Stainless steel barbecue set

Lot 100: Vintage Christmas cards

Lot 101: Miscellaneous glasses, teapot, etc.

Lot 102: Pitcher red vase, cookie cutters, salt/ pepper

Lot 103: Iowa braille school mugs, miscellaneous glassware

Lot 104: Candlesticks, syrup pitcher, nutcrackers, etc.

Lot 105: Cartoon glasses, Smurf mugs and Garfield mugs

Lot 106: Glass dinnerware set & punch bowl set. Punch bowl

Lot 107: Glass baking pans

Lot 108: Advertising items, arrowheads, etc.

Lot 109: Vintage toys, Smurf figure, piggy bank, Cabbage

Lot 110: Vintage Christmas items, angel has been repaired

Lot 111: Toothpick holders, salt dips, etc.

Lot 112: Clear glassware

Lot 113: Pink depression glass bowls and candle holder

Lot 114: Pitcher and 7 sherbet glasses

Lot 115: Clear glass bowls, etc.  Large bowl has a rim

Lot 116: Hummel Christmas carolers, angels and willow tree

Lot 117: 2 Hummel dolls

Lot 118: Fenton candle holder, bowls, misc

Lot 119: Baking dishes

Lot 120: Antique advertising thermometer

Lot 121: Collector bells

Lot 122: German steins

Lot 123: Vintage drinking glasses

Lot 124: Reinbeck, Iowa mugs

Lot 125: Red wing ice water crocks.  5″ tall, no cracks or

Lot 126: Hummel items

Lot 127: Hummel figurines

Lot 128: Hummel figurines

Lot 129: Hummel figurines

Lot 130: Hummel figurines

Lot 131: Hummel figurines

Lot 132: Hummel figurines and thimble

Lot 133: Hummel figurines

Lot 134: Hummel figurines

Lot 135: Hummel figurines

Lot 136: Hummel figurines

Lot 137: Bells

Lot 138: Vintage hand bells

Lot 139: Bells

Lot 140: Bells, glassware, etc.

Lot 141: Ertl toy vehicles

Lot 142: Vintage Aladdin lamp

Lot 143: Tonka suburban

Lot 144: Miniature farm, toys, etc.

Lot 145: Ertl 40th anniversary John Deere A

Lot 146: International Harvester historical toy tractor

Lot 147: Chicken waterer,  ashtrays

Lot 148: Vintage pail, food chopper and milk bottle

Lot 149: Vintage garden hose, nozzles, mini vise, keys,

Lot 150: Hummels, Enesco, glassware, etc.

Lot 151: Child dishes and figurines, etc., Hummel items

Lot 152: Metronomes etc

Lot 153: Children’s lunchboxes

Lot 154: Barbie sandals, etc.

Lot 155: Berry bowls, etc.

Lot 156: Bank, Bobblehead, etc.

Lot 157: Care Bears costume and mask, etc.

Lot 158: Mickey Mouse, Care Bears, Smurfs, etc.

Lot 159: Chicken toy, knickknacks , etc.

Lot 160: Thimbles and decorative items

Lot 161: Assorted vintage items

Lot 162: Pioneer clock, radio, coffee pot, etc.

Lot 163: Glassware and wooden trays

Lot 164: Assorted bowls, including Halls

Lot 165: Vintage insulators and enamelware

Lot 166: Dish set, etc

Lot 167: Patriotic doll

Lot 168: Lamp and light fixture

Lot 169: Cast cat bank, Shirley Temple bowl, Cedar Falls

Lot 170: Pink depression tray, collectors plates, Sesame

Lot 171: Assorted stoneware and porcelain items

Lot 172: Doll stove, sewing basket, and kitchen items

Lot 173: Precious Moments doll dishes, etc.

Lot 174: Assorted cameras, etc.

Lot 175: Norman Rockwell Lasser’s Beverage tray

Lot 176: Old Gold yearbooks

Lot 177: Movie camera and the cameras, etc.

Lot 178: Antique wall mirror

Lot 179: Vintage Christmas tree stand and Christmas

Lot 180: Glass bowls, etc.

Lot 181: Electric frypan, etc.

Lot 182: Ash bucket and bird houses

Lot 183: Books

Lot 184: Assorted books

Lot 185: Antique oak wall  phone

Lot 186: Aiwa CD room box radio

Lot 187: 2- Hummel dolls

Lot 188: Vintage wire egg basket and buckets

Lot 189: RCA vintage record player

Lot 190: Reinbeck, Iowa church books, Norman, Rockwell

Lot 191: Eyeglasses, hardware, etc.

Lot 192: Magnavox video recorder

Lot 193: Fence stretcher and pulley

Lot 194: New tools

Lot 195: Fondue pot, Melmac dishes, etc.

Lot 196: Pipe wrenches, hammers, etc.

Lot 197: Antique record. 16 inch diameter

Lot 198: Tools

Lot 199: Popular Mechanics socket set

Lot 200: 2″ vise and  vintage items

Lot 201: 5- vintage seed sacks

Lot 202: Plastic file with notebooks

Lot 203: Antique cards and wall hangings

Lot 204: Assorted tools

Lot 205: Tools

Lot 206: Vintage Colombian 3.5″ vise

Lot 207: Vintage toolbox with Craftsman ratchet, etc.

Lot 208: Piano and organ music

Lot 209: Vintage sheet music

Lot 210: Smurf and cartoon glasses

Lot 211: New tarp, books, etc.

Lot 212: Red Wing dishes

Lot 213: Assorted salt and pepper sets

Lot 214: Oriental fan, bank, coins, etc.

Lot 215: Metlox strawberry set of dishes

Lot 216: Vintage drawer, hardware, tool box, saws, and

Lot 217: New king size blanket and afghan

Lot 218: Knitting yarn

Lot 219: Glassware

Lot 220: Black & Decker air station, ice scrapers and

Lot 221: 1/64 tractors

Lot 222: 1/64 Clay honey wagons

Lot 223: IH construction toys and truck banks

Lot 224: Matchbox originals toy vehicles

Lot 225: Regulator clock, Thomas radio and wall hanging

Lot 226: Crosley CD recorder with the remote

Lot 227: Red Wing Stoneware chicken feeder

Lot 228: Antique Arcade crystal coffee grinder

Lot 229: Galvanized buckets, etc.

Lot 230: 2- umbrella stands

Lot 231: Colander, Lazy Susan and porcelain pieces

Lot 232: Nippon vanity set

Lot 233: Antique sewing machine cover, mirrors, etc.

Lot 234: Desk light, air cleaner, etc.

Lot 235: Alaska ice cream freezer and mailbox

Lot 236: 2- wall clocks

Lot 237: King size bed set

Lot 238: Quilt 6’x6.5’

Lot 239: Paper shredder

Lot 240: Dewalt 18 V cordless drill

Lot 241: Milwaukee electric saws-all

Lot 242: Craftsman circular saw, bad cord

Lot 243: Miller High Life bobber cooler

Lot 244: De Walt 20 V oscillating multi tool

Lot 245: Milwaukee M12 oscillating multi tool

Lot 246: Milwaukee 18 v  oscillating multitool, bare tool

Lot 247: Milwaukee M18 in oscillating multitool, bare tool

Lot 248: Milwaukee M18 1/4″ hex driver, bare tool

Lot 249: Milwaukee M18 1/4″ hex driver, bare tool

Lot 250: B&D 1/2″ mpact and Craftsman reciprocating saw

Lot 251: Dual saw

Lot 252: 2- floor jacks

Lot 253: Wagner power roller with milk crate

Lot 254: 3-New Coleman Iowa Hawkeye can coolers

Lot 255: 4- Tostitos bag chairs with speaker systems

Lot 256: 2- Caution lights, some cracks, 1 Code 3

Lot 257: Tote with Fish and Chips Frito-Lay felt

Lot 258: Wooden baskets and hand sprayer

Lot 259: 3- Frito-Lay rods and reels

Lot 260: 3- Frito-Lay rods and reels

Lot 261: 3- Frito-Lay rods and reels

Lot 262: 3- Frito-Lay rods and reels

Lot 263: Dell 19″ monitor speakers, keypad and wireless

Lot 264: 20- new GM Lug nuts

Lot 266: Thunder gun power washer

Lot 267: Titan electric heater

Lot 268: Hudson commercial Bak Pak sprayer, 4 gallon

Lot 269: 11- 5 gallon buckets

Lot 270: 4- The shoe box bears, Wizard of Oz Figurines

Lot 271: Craftsman grilling tools

Lot 272: Tail Gate Gear canopy

Lot 273: Tupperware Chip ‘n Dip set

Lot 274: Nutri Bullet nutrition extractor

Lot 275: Gatorade water cooler and mountable box

Lot 276: The United States President’s coin collection,

Lot 277: Settimio Soprani accordion

Lot 278: Red Wing Bremer Co. Fair and Readlyn telephone

Lot 279: John Deere bowl and cookie jar

Lot 280: 2- cast skillets

Lot 281: Cast iron 17″ skillet

Lot 282: Tupperware chip and dip sets, etc.

Lot 283: George Forman grilling machine

Lot 284: Shot glass collection

Lot 285: New 3 tiered, adjustable buffet server

Lot 286: John Deere heritage collection, buildings and

Lot 287: Assorted hand weights

Lot 288: Tote with Boyd’s Bears

Lot 289: Hamilton Beach professional roaster

Lot 290: Tote with Boyd bears

Lot 291: Jars

Lot 292: VisionWare and stackable bowls

Lot 293: 4-Boyd and shoebox bears

Lot 294: George Forman fry pan

Lot 295: Christmas dishes

Lot 296: Christmas glasses and centerpiece, missing 2

Lot 297: 2- John Deere ornaments

Lot 298: Vintage metal cigar boxes

Lot 299: Bar set

Lot 300: 2- Longaberger baskets with liners and protectors

Lot 301: 3-  Longaberger baskets with liners and

Lot 302: Longaberger basket with liner, protector and

Lot 303: Longaberger, lamp, Pottery, and  Basket

Lot 304: 3- Longaberger baskets with liners and protectors

Lot 305: 3- Longaberger baskets

Lot 306: Church plates and copper communion mugs

Lot 307: Assorted glasses

Lot 308: Organizer, hooks, kneepads, lightbulbs, etc.

Lot 309: 2- Patton electric heaters

Lot 310: New Moen shower head

Lot 311: Double propane radiant heater

Lot 312: Vintage pillow and throw

Lot 313: Buckeye pottery 5 Stoneware shoulder jug

Lot 314: Assorted Boyd bears and tea set

Lot 315: N Tec New infrared heater

Lot 316: Homemakers Guild electric frypan

Lot 317: Boyds bears nativity scene

Lot 318: Car and truck books

Lot 319: Handpainted decanter set

Lot 320: Assorted shot glasses

Lot 321: Presto electric fry pan, mirro-matic 22 cup

Lot 322: Assorted mason jars, lids

Lot 323: 4 Earth anchors, 3in x 15in

Lot 324: Pyrex bowls

Lot 325: Craftsman screwdrivers, misc, organizer, loctite,

Lot 326: As sorted pliers, craftsman 11pc hex key sets,

Lot 327: Presto fry daddy, George Forman grill

Lot 328: Tupperware divided serving trays

Lot 329: Yax cutlery set, W M Rodgers silver platter,

Lot 330: Presto kitchen kettle, presto pressure cooker

Lot 331: German wall clock, decorative wood chairs

Lot 332: Longaberger divided dish

Lot 333: Bremer county cemetery records, bibles, bible box

Lot 334: Elf on a shelf costumes, male and female

Lot 335: Swifter wet jet

Lot 336: Smurfette costume, masks, hats, monk robe, etc

Lot 337: Halloween decor, masks

Lot 338: Assorted Bearware bears

Lot 339: Home interiors votives, decor, framed squirrel

Lot 340: Assorted Boyd’s collection Bearware bears, items

Lot 341: Assorted Boyd’s collection Bearware bears, items

Lot 342: 6 two foot bamboo torches

Lot 343: 6 Siesta ware cups, set of assorted cups, glass

Lot 344: Halloween costumes, wigs, hats, etc

Lot 345: Alabaster doves, assorted glassware, figurines,

Lot 346: 4 Pyrex dishes, some chips

Lot 347: Assorted shelves, candle holders

Lot 348: Bill bell 24k plates set, with tote and lid

Lot 349: Inflatable raft, size unknown

Lot 350: Apple themed decor

Lot 351: Christmas decor, automatic waterer, tote

Lot 352: Boyd’s Bearly built villages, Kringles village,

Lot 353: Boyd’s Bearly built villages, Boyd’s town, with

Lot 354: Swintec 2410 typewriter

Lot 355: Wreath, ornament tree, 4 sets of lights

Lot 356: Assorted Doilies

Lot 357: Christmas ornaments, decor with tote

Lot 358: Oil lamp, candle holder, decor

Lot 359: Dolls, candle holder, decor

Lot 360: NTec 1500w heater no remote, KDK fan

Lot 361: Playskool riding toy, Tonka racecar

Lot 362: Pepsi bi-centennial tin, serving trays, misc tin

Lot 363: Pampered Chef trio bowl, dip bowl, decorative

Lot 364: Two 24in table trees, wood welcome sign

Lot 365: Rope light tree, tree stand, Christmas sign

Lot 366: 2 lighted Christmas blow molds, 24in wreath, rope

Lot 367: Igloo ice cube, Rubbermaid cooler, Igloo maxcold

Lot 368: Igloo coolmate 18, ice bucket, Rubbermaid drink

Lot 369: Replacement carpet, fixed mount shelves

Lot 370: Toy barn

Lot 371: Boyd’s Bears collection

Lot 372: Boyd’s Bears collection

Lot 373: 6 lawn chairs, 2 slightly torn

Lot 374: Foldable plastic table

Lot 375: Fitness flyer exercise machine

Lot 376: Lighted stand, chair, desk

Lot 377: 3 metal stools

Lot 378: Yard art items

Lot 379: Datrek golf bag carrier

Lot 380: Bud Light keg, 15.5 gallon

Lot 381: Axe, hedge trimmers, sprinkler, garden sprayer

Lot 382: Shovels, ice scrapper

Lot 383: Shovels

Lot 384: Rakes, squeegees, broom

Lot 385: Invacare roller walker, 2 walkers

Lot 386: Plant stands/hangers

Lot 387: Craftsman extendable pole saw

Lot 388: Kirby G4 with attachments

Lot 389: Sylvania 7ft led pine tree

Lot 390: Toro blowervac, Black and Decker hedge trimmer

Lot 391: Jaguar garment bag, organizer, ricardo tote bag,

Lot 392: Kids tag-along bike

Lot 393: Unicycle rims, seat

Lot 394: Chevy big block intake

Lot 395: Garden tools, saw, birdhouse, misc

Lot 396: Metal buckets, milk can lid, oil can

Lot 397: Planter, buckets, watering cans, scoop, hoses,

Lot 398: Galvanized tub

Lot 399: Folding chair with side table, pet carrier

Lot 400: Three fans

Lot 401: Magazine rack, corner shelf, Iowa 150 year pins,

Lot 402: Folding sawhorses, 375lbs max

Lot 403: Fans, vents, misc electrical, bulbs

Lot 404: 3 shelving boards, bed rails

Lot 405: Tall adult crutches, walker

Lot 406: Trouble light, extension cords

Lot 407: Power strips, extension cords, lights

Lot 408: Schanz wall clock, handcrafted

Lot 409: Jig saw, 7.25 circular saw, Sears electric

Lot 410: Black and decker 37pc drill and screwdriver set,

Lot 411: License plates, vintage maps, matchbooks, hitch

Lot 412: 2 Camelback trunks

Lot 413: Assorted dog toys

Lot 414: King size comforter, flag, quilt

Lot 415: Town and country wagon

Lot 416: Sunbeam quartz heater

Lot 417: Radio Flyer rodeo wagon

Lot 418: 6 can lights

Lot 419: DEA wall clocks

Lot 420: Hamilton Beach countertop oven, needs cleaning

Lot 421: 3 suitcases

Lot 422: American Tourister suitcase, Amelia Earhart

Lot 423: 2 cassette tape storage boxes

Lot 424: Advantco 10 rack food dehydrator

Lot 425: Splitting wedges, railroad spikes, misc bolts,

Lot 426: Child’s horse, no springs, needs repair

Lot 427: Misc cast iron wood stove parts

Lot 428: Log holders

Lot 429: Remington letter-riter deluxe

Lot 430: 2 Boston speakers, 2 Lloyds speakers, Garrard

Lot 431: Brooms, dustpan, dusters

Lot 432: Fishing poles, putter

Lot 433: Hoover and Kirby vacuums

Lot 434: Lamp and saw

Lot 435: Roadmaster 34in steel wagon

Lot 436: Minnesota Vikings portable grill

Lot 437: Lays fire ring

Lot 438: 2 MCS 2-way bass speakers

Lot 439: Two 2010 Super Bowl inflatable chairs

Lot 440: Two 2010 Super Bowl inflatable chairs

Lot 441: Two 2010 Super Bowl inflatable chairs

Lot 442: PTO adapter shaft

Lot 443: Lays foldable cooler

Lot 444: 2 Lays foldable coolers

Lot 445: 2 Lays foldable coolers

Lot 446: Algoma hammock, double size bed, 60in x 82in x

Lot 447: Tostitos NFL tail gating chairs with cooler,

Lot 448: Tostitos NFL tail gating chairs with cooler,

Lot 449: 2 Frito lay standing coolers

Lot 450: 2 Frito lay standing coolers

Lot 451: Display stands, wooden shelving with door

Lot 452: Sportcraft slam dunk basketball game, mouse

Lot 453: Char-broil American gourmet deluxe

Lot 454: Countertop, 73in x 24in

Lot 1000: Yard tools, rack not included

Lot 1001: 16 foot aluminum extension ladder

Lot 1002: 6 foot aluminum ladder

Lot 1003: Cut off wood ladder

Lot 1004: Plastic rotating display

Lot 1005: Milk can

Lot 1006: Yard angel

Lot 1007: Antique Minnesota sewing machine

Lot 1008: Wash stand, missing one wheel.  29.5 x 17 x 35

Lot 1010: Antique dresser with hankie drawers, 39 x 18 x 49

Lot 1011: Vintage dresser with mirror 71 x 20 x 78 tall

Lot 1012: Antique walnut dresser 43 x 19 x 77 tall

Lot 1013: King size top mattress, 2 twin box springs, king

Lot 1014: Antique headboard, frame and footboard.  5’

Lot 1015: Child’s headboard and footboard -38.5 across

Lot 1016: Iron bed frame. 55″ across headboard 44″ tall

Lot 1017: 2 vintage high chairs

Lot 1018: Three ice cream chairs

Lot 1019: 4 ice cream chairs

Lot 1020: 4 ice cream chairs

Lot 1021: Porch swing, needs work

Lot 1022: Two wheeled cart

Lot 1023: Antique school desk and chair

Lot 1024: 3 antique card tables

Lot 1025: Childs desks

Lot 1026: 2 child’s rockers and sewing rocker, all need

Lot 1027: Four chairs

Lot 1028: 5 cane seat chairs, one needs repair

Lot 1029: Round table with 3 chairs and 2 leaves. Chairs

Lot 1030: Wood full size headboard, footboard

Lot 1031: Wash stand 29 x 17 x 34 tall

Lot 1032: Wash stand. 29 x 16 x 33 tall

Lot 1033: Oak roll top desk with keys 54 x 29 x 46 tall

Lot 1034: Card table & 4 folding chairs

Lot 1035: 4 folding chairs and two card tables

Lot 1036: Six dining chairs, table, 1 leaf

Lot 1037: Round oak dining table, 6 chairs, 5 leaves 45″

Lot 1038: Bookshelf

Lot 1039: Antique Kenmore sewing machine

Lot 1040: Corner cupboard 33.5 x 13 x 75 tall

Lot 1041: Vintage ironing board and highchair

Lot 1042: Vintage dresser with mirror 50 x 18 x 64 tall

Lot 1043: Lane cedar chest, no key 48 x 19

Lot 1044: Portable foldaway table

Lot 1045: China cupboard, 52 x 19 x 73 tall

Lot 1046: Skilsaw 10″ table saw

Lot 1047: Fifth wheel part

Lot 1048: Air hose and reel on cart

Lot 1049: Paper shredder, Untested

Lot 1050: Vehicle seats

Lot 1051: Chest of drawers, has some loose pieces.  36 x 22

Lot 1052: Vintage Roos cedar chest 46.5 x 19

Lot 1053: Shelf 5’ x 15

Lot 1054: Homemade garbage hauler

Lot 1055: Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike, appears almost new

Lot 1056: Round patio table 40″ dia.

Lot 1057: 4 rolling chairs

Lot 1058: 52″ Patio table with four chairs

Lot 1059: TV trays, folding table

Lot 1060: Stand fan

Lot 1061: Lamp stand

Lot 1062: Hose, shovel, broom, heart

Lot 1063: Kitchen table, six chairs and two leaves. 48″

Lot 1064: Vanity with bench and mirror 48 x 19 x 66 tall

Lot 1065: Filing cabinet

Lot 1066: Filing cabinets

Lot 1067: Cabinet drawers, twin headboard

Lot 1068: 3 stacking chairs

Lot 1069: Blow mold snowman

Lot 1070: Blow mold Santa

Lot 1071: Birdhouse bench

Lot 1072: Igloo 150 quart cooler

Lot 1073: 5 ft.³ Yard Works wheelbarrow

Lot 1074: Carrier rack 5’ x 19.5

Lot 1075: Drop cords

Lot 1076: Drop cord, work light, carrier

Lot 1077: Drop cord, needs new end

Lot 1078: Sears propane lantern set

Lot 1079: Jumper cables

Lot 1080: Christmas cat collector plates

Lot 1081: 7 padded folding chairs

Lot 1082: 4 mismatched folding chairs

Lot 1083: Headboard only

Lot 1084: Shop stool

Lot 1085: Chair, organizer, plastic pieces

Lot 1086: Rolling cart

Lot 1087: Cart

Lot 1088: 6’ Keller aluminum ladder

Lot 1089: Jewelry

Lot 1090: ET necklaces, Strawberry Shortcake, etc

Lot 1091: Advertising items, 1959 penny, calendar, etc

Lot 1092: Misc. vintage jewelry

Lot 1093: Souvenir spoons, box, silverware

Lot 1094: Wheelbarrow, weed trimmer parts

Lot 1095: Wagon wheel parts

Lot 1096: Antique sleds, parts

Lot 1097: Full-size truck mat

Lot 1098: Steel wagon wheel

Lot 1099: Steel wagon wheel

Lot 1100: Cover for a bass boat 8’ x 9’

Lot 1101: Coats tire machine RC 55,

Lot 1102: SpeedAire Air compressor, untested

Lot 1103: Fairbanks antique scale

Lot 1104: Fairbanks antique scale

Lot 1105: 6 foot wooden ladder

Lot 1106: Delta 10″ bench saw, stand is weak

Lot 1107: Fairbanks antique scale

Lot 1108: Antique Eagle Works scale

Lot 1109: Honda 5.5 air compressor, works good

Lot 1110: Dado blades

Lot 1111: Sanding discs

Lot 1112: 20 ft tow strap

Lot 1113: 12 volt battery

Lot 1114: Air nail guns

Lot 1115: Olsen torch kit

Lot 1116: Hilti DX 36M tool

Lot 1117: Gas cans

Lot 1118: Gas jugs

Lot 1119: Gas jugs

Lot 1120: Tin snips, pop rivet tool

Lot 1121: Misc. decals

Lot 1122: Battery powered grease gun

Lot 1123: Makita tools, battery and charger

Lot 1124: Jumper pack

Lot 1125: Stanley 300 amp jump start pack

Lot 1126: Duracell instant jump start pack

Lot 1127: Bostitch air tool

Lot 1128: Air grease gun, grease gun, barrel pump

Lot 1129: Misc. decals

Lot 1130: Misc. decals

Lot 1131: Dewalt light, vacuum, charger, battery

Lot 1132: Dewalt circular saw, drill, battery and charger

Lot 1133: Dewalt tools, no charger, 1 battery

Lot 1134: Dewalt drills, charger, batteries

Lot 1135: Dewalt batteries and chargers

Lot 1136: Dewalt 3/8 drive, no battery

Lot 1137: Dewalt drills, battery and charger

Lot 1138: Misc. decals

Lot 1139: Dewalt drill, light, 2 batteries no charger

Lot 1140: Air tools, 3/4 and 3/8 drive

Lot 1141: Snap-on 1/4” screwdriver, battery and charger

Lot 1142: Powermate air drills

Lot 1143: Misc. decals

Lot 1144: 1/2 ton coffing hoist, misc

Lot 1145: Tacklebox

Lot 1146: Cheese boxes, misc

Lot 1147: Stanley toolbox, rough condition

Lot 1148: Shop Vac hang up wet, dry vac

Lot 1149: Tote with lid

Lot 1150: Campbell Hausfeld, 2300 psi power washer

Lot 1151: Bedding forks

Lot 1152: 2 older space heaters, untested

Lot 1153: Craftsman creeper

Lot 1154: Portable tire changer, nib

Lot 1155: Werner 16’ combination ladder

Lot 1156: Badland 12000 lb. truck/SUV winch

Lot 1157: Kobalt 8 gal. 150 psi air compressor

Lot 1158: Magnetic drill press and wood box

Lot 1159: Dyna-Glo space heater with fuel,  starts good,

Lot 1160: Office chairs

Lot 1161: Reddy Heater, runs good

Lot 1162: Homelite chainsaw 14″





MultiParty Household, Toy & Antique Auction

2212 5th Ave NW, Waverly, IA, USA
Waverly, IA

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2212 5th Ave NW, Waverly, IA, USA

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