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Auction Date:

December 30, 2023 | 10:00 am

Auction Location / Nearest City:

101 Montana St, Wakonda, SD, USA

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Date: Saturday, December 30th at 10:00am

Located: 101 Montana St. – Wakonda, SD (American Legion Hall)

Preview: Friday, Dec. 29th 2-5pm & 8am Day of Auction

COMMEMORATIVES:  Win. M.1892 .44-40win “John Wayne 100yr” NIB; Browning M.78 .45/70 Bicentennial, 53 of 100, Highly Engraved, Wood Case, Knife, Nice!; Colt SA Frontier Scout “Golden Spike” .22LR Revolver w/case; Win. 94 30-30 L/A “Golden Spike”, NIB; Henry Big Boy International Harvester “Incredible Harvest” .45LC L/A, NIB; Win. M.94AE .30-30 “National Western Stock Show”, 5 of 100, NIB; Win. M.1500 12ga. Auto “Coca-Cola Centennial”, NIB; Win. M.94AE 30-30 L/A “Arapaho Commemorative”, 1 of 500, NIB; Win. (2)M.94 38-55 L/A “Chief Crazy Horse”; Win. M.94 30-30 L/A “Sioux Carbine”; Win. M.94 44-40 L/A “Little Big Horn Cent.”; Rem. M.870 “Ducks Unlimited” 12ga. Pump, NIB; Win. M.94 Carbine .375 Win L/A “American Bald Eagle”; Win. M.94AE 30-30 L/A “Tom Horn”, 1 of 100, NIB; Win. M.94 30-30 L/A “Alaska Purchase Cent”; M.94 .30-30 L/A “1966 Centennial”; (3) Win. John Wayne 100 Yr. Comm Ammo 30-30win, 44-40win & 45 Colt

RIFLES:  WINCHESTER – M.1894 .38/55 L/A Deluxe Take-Down w/Oct. BBL, NICE!; M.1886 .40-82WCF L/A, 2nd Year Mfg. 1888; M.1885 Hunter Low Wall .17 Mach 2, NIB; M.70 XTR Sporter Mag .300 WinMag B/A, Leupold Scope; M.9422 .22SL/LR L/A; M.1894 .30WCF L/A, Saddle Ring, Peep Sight; M.1894 .32 WinSpl L/A; M.1894 .32-40win. L/A; M.94 .30-30 L/A; (2)M.1910 S.L. .401cal Auto; M.07 S.L. .351cal Auto; M.1890 .22WRF Pump; M.1906 .22SL/LR Pump; M.63 .22LR Auto; M.61 .22SL/LR Pump; BROWNING – SA-22 .22LR Auto Grade II, NIB; SA-22 .22LR Auto Grade I, NIB; REMINGTON – Hepburn Midrange .38-50 w/Target Sights, Dies, NICE!; (3)M.572 Lightweight .22cal Pumps in Blue-Wing Teal, Buckskin Tan & Crow Wing Black!; M.700 Etronx .22-250 Win B/A, Syn, Scope, Box; M.81 Woodsmaster .300 Sav Auto; M.6 .22SL/LR SS w/Peep Sight; Rolling Block .44-40, Nickel; RUGER – No.3 Carbine .45-70 Govt w/Box; No.1B .270win w/Leupold Scope; No.1 International .243 Win., Leupold Scope, Mannlicher Stock; (4)M.96 L/A 44 Rem Mag, .22 Win Mag, 17HMR, .22LR, NIB; 77/22 All-Weather .22LR B/A, Skeleton Stock; Mini-14 .223 Auto; 10/22 .22LR Auto Tommy Gun Kit; SAVAGE – M.1899 Two-Barrel Cased Set w/.300 Sav & .410, Rare!; M.1899 Speigel Special .300 Sav L/A; M.1899 L/A Take-Down .22H.P w/Target Sight; M.1899 .303 L/A; M.1899 .300 Sav L/A w/Redfield Sight; M.1899 .250-3000 Take-Down L/A; M.1899.30-30 L/A; M.1899 .303 L/A; M.1899 .30-30 L/A; M.99DL .284win L/A; M.99M .308 L/A; M.111 .300RUM w/Custom BBL; M.99 .243 L/A; M.24B-DL .22WinMag/20ga. O/U Combo; M.24V .222/20ga. O/U Combo; Stevens Falling Block .22cal, Target Sights; MARLIN – M.1895 .45/70 L/A, Peep sight; M.336CB .38-55 L/A, Peep Sights; M.30TK .30-30 L/A; M.30AW .30-30 L/A; M.92 .22cal L/A; HENRY – H015-4570 .45/70 Govt SS, NIB; Uberti Iron Frame Henry 1860 .45 Colt; CHRISTENSEN ARMS – M.14 6.5CM B/A, Carbon BBL w/box; M.14 .22-250 Rem B/A, Carbon BBL, NIB; MONTANA RIFLE CO. – M.1999 6.5CM B/A, Thumbhole stock, box; M.1999 .300 Win. Mag B/A, NRA Gun of the Year, NIB; H&R/NEW ENGLAND FIREARMS – Handi Rifle .500 S&W Mag, NIB; Handi Rifle SB2 .45-70 Govt., Syn., NIB; SB2250 .22-250 w/Scope, Box; Classic Carbine .45 Colt SS; SAKO – M.85L .300 WinMag B/A, New; A-II .22-250 B/A, Leupold Scope; BSA – Martinia Cadet Australian Jr. .310 Rook; Martini Spec. Target Mdl. No.12 .22LR; OTHER – Fierce Carbon Fury .28 Nosler B/A, Carbon BBL; Weatherby(2)Vanguard 6.5-300 Wby Mag B/A, Syn, NIB; Zastave Arms M.85 7.62×39 B/A w/Box; CZ M70 Standard 8×57 B/A w/Dual Trigger; Herter’s U-9 .223rem B/A, Scope, Douglas BBL; 

SHOTGUNS:  WINCHESTER – Signal Cannon 10ga. on Base!; M.42 .410ga. Pump, Nice; M.1887 12ga. L/A; M.1901 10ga. L/A; M.9410 .410ga. L/A; M.1912 12ga. Pump; M.25 12ga. Pump; (2)M.12 12ga. Pump; BROWNING – M.12 28ga. Pump Grade 5, highly engraved, NIB; Citori Lightning 20ga. O/U, NIB; A-5 Magnum Twelve 12ga. Auto, Belgium, NIB; LC SMITH – Hunter Arms No.00 12ga SxS w/Leather case; (2)Field Grade 12ga. SxS, Clark Foream, Nice; OTHER – Remington M.870 WM 12ga. Pump w/Extra BBL; H&K Gold Lion Mk.III 12ga. Auto, Engraved, case; Beneli Super Black Eagle 3 “Camo” 12ga Auto, new w/Case; Marlin M.90 12ga. O/U; W. Richards 12ga. SxS Hammer Blackpowder; Stage Coach 20ga. SxS Hammer; Husqvarna M.1869 20ga. Rolling Block SS w/Custom .45cal Stainless Barrel; 

REVOLVERS:  COLT – M.1860 Army Commercial .44cal Blackpowder, MINT!; M.1894 .31cal Blackpowder; Police Positive .38 Spl w/Box; Police Positive .22cal Pencil BBL; Frontier Scout .22cal, NIB; S&W – M.500 Alaska Bear Gun .500 S&W Mag, Stainless; M.48-2 .22 MRF NIB; K-Frame 5-Screw .38 S&W Spl; M.17-3 .22LR w/Box; M.51 .22MRF w/Box; OTHER – US Firearms Plinker .22, NIB; 

PISTOLS:  COLT – (2)Ace Service Model 1911 22LR; Match Target .22LR NIB; OTHER – Ruger SR22-PG .22LR, Purple, NIB; Walther CCP 9mm, Friends of NRA, White, Case; 

MILITARY:  LUGER PISTOLS – M.1902 Navy Carbine 7.65mm w/Matchin #’s Stock, believe unfired, RARE; DWM M.1916 9mm, #’s Matching w/Two #’s match magazines; M.1900 American Eagle 7.65mm, early toggle & grip safety, #’s matching; Mauser M.1938 9mm, #’s Matching; M.1906 American Eagle 7.65mm, #’s match; DWM M.1917 7.65mm, #’s match; MAUSER PISTOLS – Broomhandle M.96 Standard Commerical 7.63mm; GARANDS – International Harvester .30cal, BBL date 1945, Nice; (3)CMP Springfield .30cal w/cases; TRAPDOORS – Sprinfield M.1884 .45-70 US Calvery Saddle Ring Carbine w/Original Sling & Holster!; Springfield M.1878 .45-70; OTHER – Enfield No.5 Mk.I Jungle Carbine .303 Brit w/Bayonet; Inland M1 Carbine .30cal Auto; Mosin Nagant M91/30 7.62x54R w/Accessories; Chilean Mauser M.1895 7mm, scope; US Springfield M1898 30-40 Krag; Mauser M.48 8mm Mauser; Argentina 1909 Mauser 7.65mm, Match #’s; Mauser DWM 1908 Brazilian 7×57, Match #’s; Mauser La Corona 8×57, Match #’s; 

AR/TACTICAL:  IWI Ace SAR 7.62×51 AR Pistol, new; S&W M&P 15-22 .22LR AR-Style Rifle, NIB; FN FNAR 7.62×51, scope; Aero Prec. Freedom 5 6.5CM, new;  

MUZZLELOADER: Knight LK-93 .50cal, Syn. Skeleton Stock; 

AUCTIONEERS NOTE: This auction comes from consignors all over the MidWest!  Some of the rarest and most desirable guns we’ve ever offered with several probably being the first time ever being offered in our area!  250 guns expected by auction day, only 150 listed at the time of this print!  Check our website each Friday afternoon for an updated list as firearms come in!  There will be NO “Camo & Ammo” auction along with this gun sale.  Catalog will be posted on or before Monday, December 18th.

‚ÄãLive In-House Bidding – No In-house Buyer’s Premium – Internet, Absentee & Phone Bidding Available!  Shipping of Firearms Available in the US.  See a full list & catalog at!

Terms:  Cash, Good Check, Visa, MasterCard.  SD Sales tax applies.  10% buyer’s premium on all Internet, Absentee, and Phone bids.  Sales tax now charged to online buyers according to new federal guidelines.  All Federal Firearms Regulations Apply.

Girard Auction & Land Brokers, Inc.

15 Ohio St. – Wakonda, SD

(605) 267-2421 OR Toll Free:  1-866-531-6186 & 

Ken Girard, CAI, AARE; Mike Girard, CAI—FFL Manager; Scott Moore–Auctioneer

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Girard Auction & Land Brokers, Inc.

(605) 267-2421

Toll Free:  1-866-531-6186

New Year Premier Firearms Auction

101 Montana St, Wakonda, SD, USA
Wakonda, SD

Auction Location / Nearest City:

101 Montana St, Wakonda, SD, USA

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