Richard Ogden Firearm Liquidation Auction 3 of 4

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Auction Date:

March 03, 2024 | 7:00 pm

Auction Location / Nearest City:

121 E 2nd St, Hastings, NE, United States, Nebraska

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Auction Description:

Richard Ogden Firearm Liquidation Auction 3 of 4
TRI-CITY AUCTION CENTER: 121 E 2nd St, Hastings, NE 68901

Date(s): 2/16/2024 – 3/3/2024

Online auction will run from Friday, February 16 through Sunday, March 3rd at 7 pm CST. One lot will end every 20 seconds beginning at 7 pm. We encourage you to place your max bid early as to not miss out.

Over 1300 firearms selling online along with ammunition and accessories in 4+ auctions throughout the next few months. This is the THIRD of 4 auctions.

**DISCLAIMER: All items marked “New” have never been fired. They may or may not include original box and paperwork. If they are pictured or stated, they are included, otherwise assume there is no box. Also, the firearms have been transported and displayed / handled at gun shows, so there may be some scuffs.

Lot 1567 “Steyer M. 95 demilled, not fireable!
It is”
Lot 1568 Charter Arms explorer II. 22LR.
Lot 1569 Ruger mini-14, 181series .223Rem, with Weaver
Lot 1570 Iver Johnson Arms and cycle Works tip up,
Lot 1571 “American Gun Co. 16ga double barrel.
Gun is”
Lot 1572 H&R 5 shot revolver, 32 S&W
Lot 1573 “S.M.L.E Mk1 No5. 7/45 .303 British

SN, P2882″
Lot 1574 H&R 5 shot revolver 38S&W, good mechanical
Lot 1575 Arisaka, type 38, 6.5Jap. Bolt action
Lot 1576 New! Kel-tec P17 22LR, 3 magazines and hard case.
Lot 1577 Anschutz-Match 1403 22LR match rifle. With
Lot 1578 New! Keltec PMR30 22WMR. With 2 mags and hard
Lot 1579 1894 Winchester. 30WCF (30-30). 20″ barrel.
Lot 1580 New! Kel-Tec P17 22LR comes with 3 mags and hard
Lot 1581 New! CZ, 513 22LR, bolt rifle, one mag, no box.
Lot 1582 New! Walther PPK/s 380ACP. Comes with 2 mags and
Lot 1583 Brescia M91/24TS carbine 6.5×52 it still has
Lot 1584 New! Ruger Wrangler birdshead silver Cerakote
Lot 1585 New! Henry .410g, model H018BAH-410. in box.
Lot 1586 Never fired! Heritage Rough Rider, 22LR.
Lot 1587 New! Kel-Tec Sub 2000 40S&W takes M&P magazines,
Lot 1588 NEW! Uberti / Stoeger model 1873, 22LR revolver
Lot 1589 New! Kel-Tec, Sub-2000 9mm, takes glock mags.
Lot 1590 New! Taurus PT-22, 22LR pistol. Comes with hard
Lot 1591 Winchester model 150, 22LR lever action rifle.
Lot 1592 New! Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0, 380 shield EZ
Lot 1593 American Western Arms, lightning in 45LC, 20″
Lot 1594 Ruger Wrangler, 22LR revolver, birds head grip,
Lot 1595 Mossberg & son’s 151M (a) 22LR, Simi auto rifle.
Lot 1596 New! Charter Arms Professional 32 H&R Magnum.
Lot 1597 New! Pioneer Arms, 22LR Sporter. Ak47 in
Lot 1598 New! Bersa Thunder 380CC. 380ACP pistol. One mag,
Lot 1599 Norinco SKS, Simi auto rifle, 7.62×39. Condition
Lot 1600 “New! Bersa Thunder 380. 380ACP, pistol.

Lot 1601 Marlin model 20-A, 22, S, L, LR pump rifle.
Lot 1602 Smith and Wesson model 69, 2.75″ barrel, 44
Lot 1603 Rare!!! Savage S.M.L.E No4, MK I, stamped US
Lot 1604 New! Smith and Wesson model 41, 22LR pistol. One
Lot 1605 New! Cimarron/ Armi Sport 1886, lever action
Lot 1606 Springfield XD-45LE, tactical 45GAP, pistol.
Lot 1607 Century Arms, AK-47, 7.62×39 two mags, one 30rd
Lot 1608 New! Smith & Wesson 686-6, 357 mag, 6 shot
Lot 1609 New! Thompson Contender, Compass Utility. 6.5
Lot 1610 New! Standard Mfg Switch Gun, 22WMR, 5 shot
Lot 1611 New! PTR industry PTR-91 .308win semiautomatic
Lot 1612 New! Smith and Wesson Ladysmith 60-14, 357magnum,
Lot 1613 Remington 770 rifle 300 Win Mag – Used
Lot 1614 New! Bond Arms, Rough Series, Cyclops 45-70.
Lot 1615 Remington Rolling Block, chambered in 50-70.
Lot 1616 New! Taurus 856, 38spl 3″ barrel, 6 shot
Lot 1617 New! Rossi R92, 357magnum, lever action rifle,
Lot 1618 New! Taurus 627 tracker 357magnum. 7 shot
Lot 1619 Vector arms, Group Industries 9mm UZI style rifle
Lot 1620 New! Taurus Judge, Public Defender, 45LC/.410g.
Lot 1621 New! Rossi R92, 44Mag, 16″ barrel lever action.
Lot 1622 “New! Taurus 856 38spl 6 shot revolver.

Lot 1623 New! Ruger Precision 338 Lapua Magnum. Great
Lot 1624 New! Bersa Thunder9 Pro. 9mm pistol, 2 mags and
Lot 1625 New! Rossi R92, 357magnum, 24″ octagon barrel.
Lot 1626 New! Taurus TX 22LR pistol, suppressor ready! 2
Lot 1627 New! Springfield Armory M1A loaded Precision 6.5
Lot 1628 New! Heritage Barkeep 22LR revolver. Roses
Lot 1629 New! Springfield Armory M1A tanker. 308Win, nice
Lot 1630 “New! Heritage Barkeep, 22lr revolver.

Lot 1631 New! Chiappa, little Sharps 17Hornet 26″ barrel.
Lot 1632 New! Sccy CPX-1, 9MM with optic! Comes with Two
Lot 1633 New! Walther G22, 22LR rifle. Nice feeling
Lot 1634 New Sccy CPX-1 9mm, pistol with optic, 2 mags,
Lot 1635 New! Rossi S411220. 410ga/22LR. comes with 2
Lot 1636 Trailblazer Life card, 22WMR single shot folding
Lot 1637 New! Ruger 22 Charger 22LR take down, with soft
Lot 1638 New! Trail Blazer Lifecard 22LR with threaded
Lot 1639 Cosmolined Mosin-Nagant, m91/30. 7.65x54R rifle.
Lot 1640 New! Hi-Point JHP 45ACP, one magazine, box.
Lot 1641 New! Mossburg, model 464, 30-30 lever action
Lot 1642 New! Hi-Point JCP in 40S&W comes with one mag and
Lot 1643 New! Styer AUG Simi auto Bulpup rifle. 5.56×45 or
Lot 1644 American Tactical Fatboy LW. 45ACP. Holds 16
Lot 1645 New! Steyer AUG, green, 5.56×45/.223, bullpup
Lot 1645a X2 AUG .223 / 5.56 rifke Magazines
Lot 1646 “New! Hi-Point JXP 10mm handgun.

SN, 6005361″
Lot 1647 New! White Kriss Vector, 9×19. Takes glock mags,
Lot 1648 New! Charter Arms P.F. Lite 22Mag. 6 shot
Lot 1649 New! Bootlegger Prohibition Thompson 45 acp
Lot 1650 New! Charter Arms, The Pink Lady 22LR, 10 shot
Lot 1651 New! Black Kriss Vector in 10mm, takes Glock mags
Lot 1652 New! Browning Buck Mark 5.5″ barrel threaded.
Lot 1653 New! Ruger 5.56 AR-15 chambered in 5.56/.223,
Lot 1654 New! CZ, 75B 9mm pistol with 2mags and hard case.
Lot 1655 New! Armalight, AR-180B in 5.56, with original
Lot 1656 Thompson Center, Contender, 44Mag pistol. 10″
Lot 1657 Winchester Hotchkiss 45-70 rifle, i beleve it to
Lot 1658 New! Heritage Rough Rider 22LR revolver. Pin Up
Lot 1659 Savage 99c in 308win lever action rifle, with one
Lot 1659a Savage Model 99c magazine for 308Win, .243, and
Lot 1660 New! Heritage Rough Rider 22LR revolver, Pin Up
Lot 1661 Savage Model 99E, 308Win rifle, with Weaver K4-1
Lot 1662 High Standard Double Nine, 22LR 9 shot revolver.
Lot 1663 Savage Model 99 chambered in .300 Savage, good
Lot 1664 Browning Buck Mark, camo, 22LR pistol, one mag,
Lot 1665 Savage Model 99 in 30-30win has some minor
Lot 1666 Stoger Luger 22LR, pistol. Appears very lightly
Lot 1667 Remington Rolling Block rifle, .43 Spanish. With
Lot 1667a Bayonet for Spanish Rolling Block! With sheath.
Lot 1667b 43 Spanish ammunition! Seller stated is new
Lot 1668 CZ M70 pistol 32ACP. Good mechanical condition,
Lot 1669 Mosin-Nagant, 91/30 rifle 7.65x54R, condition is
Lot 1670 NEW! Norinco M-54-1 9MM pistol. With box and 3
Lot 1671 Group Industries, HR4332S 9mm rifle. Adaptable to
Lot 1672 Zastava, M57 ceremonial/palace gaurd version,
Lot 1673 Volunteer Enterprises Commando Mark 45, 45ACP
Lot 1674 EAA, Zastava Serbia, EZ40 40S&W Pistol. One mag
Lot 1675 Yugoslavia M24/47 Mauser. 7.92×57 (8mm Mauser)
Lot 1675a 8mm Mauser (7.92), spam can, sealed!
Lot 1676 Colt Police Positive, New Police 38S&W 6″ barrel.
Lot 1677 Springfield Armory model 1903 mark 1. Cut for
Lot 1678 Jennings J-22, 22LR pistol. Used, mechanically
Lot 1679 Nice Arisaka rifle, 6.5 Jap rifle, bore is of
Lot 1680 Hopkins & Allen Acme hammerless No. 3. double
Lot 1681 Yugoslavian Mauser M48A, 8mm Mauser, (or 7.92)
Lot 1681a 8mm Mauser (7.92) spam can, sealed.
Lot 1682 Raven firearms MP-25, 25ACP pistol. One magazine,
Lot 1683 Interordnance SR-41 7.62×25 rifle. 4 magazines,
Lot 1683a New! 7.62 Tokarev ammo jacketed hollow point
Lot 1684 Davis Industries P-32, 32ACP, pistol, good
Lot 1685 Stevens Arms Company, model 22-410. 22LR 410ga
Lot 1686 P. Beretta model 1934, in 380ACP. Has Iron
Lot 1687 Stevens model 22-410, 22LR 410ga combination gun.
Lot 1688 Astra, Guernica 22short pistol. One magazine,
Lot 1689 Norinco 97, 12g 2.75″ 1897 clone. Set up as a
Lot 1690 H+R arms company, The American double action 5
Lot 1691 Walther Sport modell 22LR waffenfabrik Walther
Lot 1692 Hardington & Richardson 32S&W, 5 shot revolver,
Lot 1693 Carl Gustaf 1896 Mauser 6.5×55 Swedish. Made
Lot 1694 American Bull Dog, 32S&W, it’s a wall hanger.
Lot 1695 Mossburg Shock-N-Saw 590 12g 2.75″-3″ shells,
Lot 1696 H & R Arms Co. Premier 32S&W tip up with 2″
Lot 1697 GSG MP-40-P 9mm pistol. With one mag, manuals,
Lot 1698 H+R MOD, 922. 9 shot revolver 22LR. Mechanically
Lot 1699 New! Romarm WASR-10, AK-47 7.62×39 rifle. New in
Lot 1700 Spanish 32S&W unknown maker. Mechanically sound,
Lot 1701 New! Century Arms BFT-47 AK-47, 7.62×39 rifle.
Lot 1702 Belgian folding trigger 32S&W 6 shot revolver.
Lot 1703 New! Hi-Point Carbine threaded barrel, 9mm rifle.
Lot 1704 H&R model 922, 9 shot 22LR revolver. Mechanically
Lot 1705 New! Cimarron-Uberti Indian carbine, 45LC rifle.
Lot 1706 H&R Young America Double action, 22LR revolver 7
Lot 1707 New! Pointer SCT 12ga 3″ chamber single shot
Lot 1708 Le Page A Liege, 30cal revolver, Webly bulldog
Lot 1709 Ruger PC4 40S&W rifle, the only reason this isn’t
Lot 1710 Iver Johnson 38S&W, mechanically good, little
Lot 1711 “New! Rossi R92 357mag rifle. 16″” barrel. SN,”
Lot 1712 Smith and Wesson pre model 11 K200 38S&W British
Lot 1713 New! Mini Mosin-Nagant M38 from Keystone. 22LR
Lot 1714 Savage 101 22LR single shot pistol. Good
Lot 1715 New! Keystone mini Mosin-Nagant m91/30 22LR rifle
Lot 1716 Hardington & Richardson top break 32S&W 6 shot
Lot 1717 New! Rossi R92 Ranch Hand. 45LC, large loop,
Lot 1718 Iver Johnson Arms and cycle Works, 38S&W 5 shot
Lot 1719 New! Rossi 92 20″ barrel, 44Mag rifle. New in
Lot 1720 Rossi Derringer 22LR pistol, springs are really
Lot 1721 New! Rossi R92 357mag rifle 16″ barrel. New in
Lot 1722 “EIG E15 22LR revolver, 4.75″” barrel.

Lot 1723 New! Rossi Gallery 22LR pump action rifle. New in
Lot 1724 Possible Kyber pass Webley. There is no way to
Lot 1725 New! Rossi Rio Bravo 22LR lever action rifle.
Lot 1726 Lasserre Comanche 22LR 9 shot revolver. 6.5″
Lot 1727 New! HI-POINT carbine 1095, 10mm rifle. Threaded
Lot 1728 Hawes Firearms Co. Tip up 22LR, single shot
Lot 1729 “New! Rossi R92 357mag lever action rifle. SN,”
Lot 1730 Smith and Wesson model 10-5, 6 shot 38spl,
Lot 1731 New! Rossi R92 454 Casull stainless, lever action
Lot 1732 Smith & Wesson 39-2, 9mm pistol, condition is of
Lot 1733 New! Ruger Mule Deer 10/22, 22LR rifle. New in
Lot 1734 CZ, Model 27 32ACP Pistol, 2 mags and holster.
Lot 1735 New! Ruger 10/22 Mule Deer custom stock, new in
Lot 1736 H&R Premier 22LR 7 shot revolver, good mechanical
Lot 1737 New! Ruger 10/22 22LR rifle Brown Crocodile, New
Lot 1738 Smith and Wesson victory model, converted to
Lot 1739 Marlin 336 30-30 lever action rifle. It’s not
Lot 1740 High Standard Sentinel 22LR, 9 shot revolver.
Lot 1741 New! Cimarron-Uberti, 1894, 38-55 lever action
Lot 1742 High Standard, Double Nine, 9 shot, 22WMR
Lot 1743 New! Winchester Limited Series 1873 in 45LC.
Lot 1744 Uberti-Navy Arms, Sharps pepper box clone. 4
Lot 1745 New! Rossi R92, 44Mag, lever action rifle, 20″
Lot 1746 Dan Wesson model 15, 357mag 6 shot revolver,
Lot 1747 New! Henry 22WMR large loop, lever action rifle.
Lot 1748 Hi-Standard double nine 22LR, 9 shot revolver,
Lot 1749 New Henry H001TLP rifle 22 S/L/LR
Lot 1750 O. F. Mossberg & Sons, Brownie, 22LR pistol, 4
Lot 1751 New! Cimarron-Uberti 1866, 38spl lever action
Lot 1752 Western Auto Supply Revelation model 76. 22LR 9
Lot 1753 New! Cimarron-Uberti, 1866 22LR, lever action
Lot 1754 Colt Police Positive Special 4″ barrel, 38spl 6

Richard Ogden Firearm Liquidation Auction 3 of 4

121 E 2nd St, Hastings, NE, United States, Nebraska
Hastings, NE

Auction Location / Nearest City:

121 E 2nd St, Hastings, NE, United States, Nebraska

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