Ullom: 2 Parcels of Moody Co., SD Land

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January 04, 2024 | 10:00 am

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Flandreau, SD, USA

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Auction Description:

Ullom – 2 Parcels of Moody Co., SD Land – Incl. +/-141.88 Acres in Riverview Twp. and +/-160.44 Acres in Flandreau Twp. with +/- 99 Acres Irrigated

Date: January 4th @ 10AM.

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2 Recently Surveyed Parcels of Moody County, SD Land – Including +/-141.88 Acres in Riverview Twp. and +/-160.47 Acres in Flandreau Twp. with +/- 99 Acres Irrigated

Location: We will offer the following real property at public auction, with the auction to be “On Site” at each of the following described parcels of Moody County, SD Land at the designated sale times on January 4th @ 10AM. 

SALE TIMES – FARM #1 – +/-141.88 Acres in Riverview Twp. at 10:00 AM and FARM #2 – +/-160.47 Acres in Flandreau Twp at 1:00 PM

AUCTIONEERS NOTE:  This auction awards an opportunity to purchase 2 parcels of productive Moody County, SD land.  Both of these properties would make excellent additions to area row crop farming operations or investment properties.  Both of these farms are available for the buyer to operate or lease as they desire for the 2024 crop year.  Please mark your calendars and make plans to attend these auctions or contact the auctioneers to make arrangements for absentee bidding. 

FARM #1: 10:00 AM – +/-141.88 Surveyed Acres of High Percentage Tillable Productive Riverview Township, Moody County, SD Land – Located from Flandreau, SD – 2 miles west on Hwy. #32, 7 miles north on 478th Ave. (Co. Hwy. #9A), 1 mile west on 223rd St. (Co. Hwy. #4) and 1 mile north on 477th Ave. to the SE Corner of the land at the Jct. of 477th Ave. & 222nd St.; from the Ward Corner on Hwy. #13 – 4 miles west on 223rd St. & 1 mile north on 477th Ave.; or from the Ward-Nunda Exit #121 on I-29 – 4 ½ miles east on 223rd St. & 1 mile north on 477th Ave.

This attractive +/-141.88 acre parcel of land will be offered as a unit.  According to FSA information this farm has approx. 135.43 acres of cropland with a 46.30 acre corn base with a 170 bu. PLC yield and a 20 acre soybean base with a 42 bu. PLC yield and a 5.50 acre wheat base with a 29 bu. PLC yield and previously has been enrolled under the ARC County Election of the USDA farm program. The non-tillable acres consist primarily of grassed waterways and roads.   The general topography of the cropland acres on this farm are gently rolling to rolling.   According to information obtained from the Moody Co. Assessor this farm has an Overall Soil Rating of .763; comparatively, information obtained from Surety Agri-Data Inc. indicates this farm has a weighted productivity index of a 81.1 with the cropland acres being comprised of primarily Class I & II soils.  The RE taxes payable in 2020 on this land were $3,481.78.

LEGAL DESC.:  The SE ¼ of Sec. 11, T. 108N., R. 49W., (Riverview Twp.), Moody County, SD, exc. Lot 1 of Ullom’s Addition thereof.

FARM #2:  1:00 PM – +/-160.44 Surveyed Acres Consisting of a Combination of Irrigated and Dryland Cropland, along with a few acres of WRP Grassland Near the Flandreau City Park and Lying Adjacent to the Big Sioux River Situated in Flandreau Township, Moody County, SD –  Located from Flandreau, SD (Hwy. #13) – 1 mile east on Pipestone Ave./230th St.

This property will be offered in its’ entirety as a surveyed +/-160.44 acre unit and is inclusive a Valley Center Pivot 6 Tower Irrigation System that is indicated to irrigate approx. 98.8 acres according to the Bureau of Land Mgm’t. aerial map & annual certifications with DANR.  Water for the irrigation system is provided by 1 well, which according to the well log and irrigation permit as provided by the SD Dept. of Ag and Natural Resources indicates this property is regulated under Water License/Permit #7154-3, which is designated as “in use” for the operation of the existing system and with the well drilled and placed into service In 2010 and is approx.     48’ deep with a capacity rated at approx. 700 gpm and has a Western Land Roller Pump and GE 40HP 3 Phase Elec. motor.  The existing irrigation licenses/permits will be transferred to the purchaser in accordance w/SD DANR requirements with the transfer and fees to be the responsibility of the buyer.  Electricity for the irrigation system is provided by Sioux Valley Energy Rural Electric.   This parcel of land was previously part of a larger parcel which according to FSA included a total of 213.74 acres with 141.80 acres of cropland, which had a total of 116.40 base acres, which had a 109.30 acre corn base with a 170 bu. PLC yield, a 5.70 acre soybean base with a 42 bu. yield and a small wheat base – **Note** – the cropland acres, crop bases and yields will change in accordance with the survey and the acres being sold, and subsequently will be subject to an FSA reconstitution and allocation as determined by FSA personnel.  The county soil rating is not available, as the present assessor’s data includes additional acres which are not a part of the acres being sold, although based on a measurement and information obtained from Surety Agri-Data, Inc. indicates the portion of the cropland acres (+/-146.77 acres lying south of the Co. Hwy./230th St.) has a Soil Productivity Index of an 80.3; while the WRP non-crop acres (+/-13.7 acres lying north of the Co. Hwy./230th St.) has a Soil Productivity Index of a 45.8.  The cropland acres on this property has a topography which is nearly level to very gently rolling.  Additionally, as part of this purchase there will be approx. 13.7 acres of WRP land, which lies north of 230th St., the WRP acres have restrictions for farming practices and very limited use in accordance with the terms of the WRP agreement easement – a copy of the Warranty Easement Deed is available for review by interested parties, additionally individuals with specific questions pertaining to the WRP acres are encouraged to contact the Moody County NRCS office at 605-997-2949 Ext. 3.   This property will be sold in accordance to a recent survey as completed by Midwest Land Surveying, Inc., with this property as a whole consisting of approx. 160.47 total acres M/L.

 LEGAL DESC.:  Tr. A-1 of Ullom’s Add’n. in the S½ SW¼ of Sec. 23 and the NW1/4 Sec. 26, T. 107N., R. 48W., Moody Co., SD exempt Lot 1 of Tr. A-1 NW1/4 Sec. 26 thereof together with a parcel to be platted as: Tr. 2 of Ullom’s Add’n in NW1/4 SW1/4, Sec. 23., T. 107N., R. 48W., (Flandreau Twp.), Moody Co., SD.

 TERMS ON BOTH FARMS #1 & #2: Cash – A 10% nonrefundable earnest money payment sale day with the balance on or before Feb. 21, 2024, with full possession to the buyer for the 2024 crop year.  Marketable Title will be conveyed and an Owner’s Title Insurance Policy will be provided with the cost the owner’s title policy and closing agent’s fees to be divided 50-50 between the buyer & seller.   This property is sold based on the acres as stated on a survey as completed by Midwest Surveying, Inc., with the acres understood to be “more or less”.   All of the 2023 RE taxes payable in 2024 will be paid by the sellers, with the purchaser(s) to be responsible for all of the 2024 RE Taxes payable in 2025. The sellers do not warranty or guarantee that existing fences lie on the true & correct boundary and new fencing, if any, will be the responsibility of the purchaser pursuant to SD law.  FSA yields, bases, payments or other info. is estimated and subject to County Committee approval.  Information contained herein is deemed to be correct but is not guaranteed. This property is sold in “AS IS” condition and subject to existing easements, restrictions, reservations or highways of record, if any, and is subject to Moody Co. Zoning Ordinances.  The RE licensees in this transaction stipulate that they are acting as agents for the seller.  Sold subject to confirmation of the Trustee/Owners. This auction is inclusive of two parcels of Moody County, SD land, with both productive dryland cropland and irrigated cropland.  These parcels of land truly must be seen to be fully appreciated!  Please mark your calendars and plan to attend these auctions, or if you are unable to attend and need to make arrangements to bid by phone, then contact the auctioneers prior to sale day to make arrangements. To View FSA Maps, Soils or Other Property Information, see WWW.SUTTONAUCTION.COM or WWW.BURLAGEPETERSON.COM or contact auctioneers.


CHUCK SUTTON – Auctioneer & Land Broker – Sioux Falls, SD – ph. 605-336-6315 & Flandreau, SD – ph. 605-997-3777

JARED SUTTON – Auctioneer & RE Broker Associate – Flandreau, SD – ph. 605-864-8527


Ullom: 2 Parcels of Moody Co., SD Land

Flandreau, SD, USA
Flandreau, SD

Auction Location / Nearest City:

Flandreau, SD, USA

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