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Auction Date:

April 13, 2024 | 6:00 pm

Auction Location / Nearest City:

3223 Avenue of the Chiefs, Pocatello, ID, USA

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Auction Description:

Vehicles, Equip, House, Shop and Collectibles!

Location: 2221 S 5th, 3223 Ave of the Chiefs, Pocatello, Idaho 83201

Auction Date: 4/13/2024

Pickup: Saturday until 4:00 PM, Monday – Tuesday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM 

Business Liquidations, Estates, Shops, Retirement, Moving, Government, Banks, Private Collections, Bankruptcy. Great items added up until the day of the auction. Invite a friend. See you at pickup. 

We work on Percentage / Commission for people who have great merchandise that needs to be sold. There are some consignments we do not accept. 

Lot 1: Early 1900s Bavaria Hand Painted Porcelain Serving Bowl
Lot 2: JW Wagner Brunn Toy Carousel and Wind Up Toy
Lot 3: Silver Plated Silverware
Lot 5: Vintage Pipe and Tobacco Stands, Pipes, Cigar Box
Lot 6: Eddie Bauer Sled, Halloween Decor
Lot 7: Sony PSP and PSP Games
Lot 20: K10 Max 3 Camera Drone
Lot 21: Digital Wireless Microscope
Lot 22: Condenser Recording Microphone with Mixing Board and Cables
Lot 29: 2) Purse Clutches, Glassware
Lot 30: Jewelry Box with Contents: Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, More
Lot 31: October Fest, Coors Light, Kona Brewing and Rainier Beer Tap Handles
Lot 32: Shock Top, Coors Light and Killians Irish Red Beer Tap Handles
Lot 33: Shock Top, VB Stout, Ale 208 and Winter Lager Beer Tap Handles
Lot 34: Wallace Brewing, Shock Top and Pipeline Porter Beer Tap Handles
Lot 35: Blue Moon, Gramps and Sawtooth Brewery Beer Tap Handles
Lot 36: Budweiser Beer Sign*
Lot 37: 1930s Erector Set
Lot 38: The Three Stooges Plush Dolls
Lot 39: Disney Metal Xylophone and Cap’N Mickey Boat
Lot 40: Mid 1900s Fire Chief Battery Operated Tin Toy Collectible Toy Fire Chief Car, Lawrence Welk and the Lennon Sisters Tray
Lot 41: Brass Nautical Ships Cabin Oil Lantern
Lot 42: Pair of Antique Perko Ships Lanterns Red Glass Globes
Lot 43: Vintage Perko Delete Perkins Marine Lantern
Lot 44: Rustic Vintage Ship Oil Lantern
Lot 45: Ankerlicht Copper Marine Lantern
Lot 46: 1940s Coleman Oil Lamp
Lot 47: 1920s Coleman Lamp
Lot 48: Brass Lantern and Oil Lamp
Lot 49: Mid 1900s Delta Lantern
Lot 50: 2) Wings of Texaco Die-Cast Metal Locking Coin Banks
Lot 51: Vintage Mid Century Pink Canister Set
Lot 52: Metal and Wood Cannon Models
Lot 53: 1966 Peanuts Lunch Box
Lot 54: 1979 Disney Express Lunch Box
Lot 55: 1967 Auto Race Lunch Box
Lot 56: 1980s Pac Man Lunch Box
Lot 57: Mid 1900s Stenly Coleman Fuel Lantern
Lot 58: 1950s Classic Edition Dial Wall Pay Phone
Lot 59: Cigar Box Collection
Lot 60: 3) Vintage Glass Clorox and Purex Bottles
Lot 195: 2016 Volvo VNL
Lot 200: 2002 Subaru Legacy Outback*
Lot 300: 1999 Suzuki ATV
Lot 400: 1989 Land Rover Range Rover*
Lot 401: 2007 Honda Odyssey EX*
Lot 500: 2001 Utility Semi Trailer
Lot 699: 2013 Lowe Skorpion SC16 Boat
Lot 700: Premier Self Storage Unit #68 10’x20′
Lot 701: 1978 Chevrolet Dump Truck
Lot 800: 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander SE/SEL*
Lot 801: 2008 Jeep Commander Sport/Rocky Mountain Edition*
Lot 900: Antonic Zoli .58 Cal Black Powder Rifle
Lot 901: Mossberg Model 464 30-30 Win. Rifle
Lot 902: Henry .22 Cal S/L/LR Lever Action Rifle
Lot 903: Winchester Model 64 32 Win. Special
Lot 904: Marlin Model 1894C .357 Mag. or 38 Spl.
Lot 905: Winchester Model 9422 XTR .22 S/L/LR
Lot 906: Harrington & Richardson Handi Rifle Sb2 Cal 45-70 Gov’t
Lot 907: Marlin Model MR-7 Cal. .30-06
Lot 908: Remington 870 Express 12 GA Shotgun
Lot 909: Sportsman 12 GA Auto Shotgun
Lot 910: Morinco Model 99 Double Barrell Shotgun
Lot 911: Remington 30-06 Sprg. Rifle
Lot 912: Target Master Model 510 .22 S/L/LR
Lot 913: Marlin Model 1895 Cal. 45/70 Gov’t
Lot 914: Tikka T3 Cal. 300 Win. Mag. Rifle
Lot 915: Remington .22 Cal LR Rifle
Lot 916: Ruger SP101 .357 Mag. Cal.
Lot 917: Taurus Nine Shot .22 LR Revolver
Lot 918: Taurus G2C 9mm Pistol
Lot 919: Ruger New Model Single-Six .22 Cal Revolver
Lot 920: Ruger Mark ll .22 Cal LR Pistol
Lot 921: Walther CP99 .177 Cal c02 Pistol
Lot 922: Taurus .22 Mag
Lot 923: Smith & Wesson Model 78G .22 Cal Air Pistol
Lot 924: Smith & Wesson .38 S.&W. Spl. Airweight Revolver
Lot 925: Sig Sauer P320 357 Sig
Lot 926: Smith & Wesson Model 29-5 44 Mag Blue Steel Revolver
Lot 927: Taurus 809 C 9MM
Lot 928: Berretta Apex PB-9×19
Lot 929: Glock G-21 .45 Auto Gen 4
Lot 930: Glock 30S .45 Auto
Lot 931: Steyr M40-A1 .40 S&W
Lot 932: Ruger Super Redhawk .44 Mag Revolver
Lot 933: Smith & Wesson Model 6906
Lot 934: American Tactical Titan .45 ACP*
Lot 935: Walther P99c AS 9MM Double Action
Lot 936: Taurus G2c 9MM
Lot 937: Glock 19C 9MM Gen 4
Lot 938: Glock 27 .40 Gen 4 Springs
Lot 939: Smith & Wesson M&P40 Shield
Lot 940: FNS-9 9MM
Lot 941: Ruger LC380
Lot 942: Ruger LCP 9MM Laser Max
Lot 943: Sig Sauer P238 .380 Auto
Lot 944: SCCY CPX-2 9MM
Lot 945: T/C Compass .308 Win
Lot 946: Mossberg Model 480 .22 Cal LR
Lot 947: Daisy Model lll BB Gun
Lot 948: Daisy No. 25 4.5 Cal BB Gun
Lot 949: Pump Master 760 .177 Cal Pellett/BB Gun
Lot 950: Lee-Enfield No. 4 MK1 Rifle
Lot 951: Springfield Armory .30 Cal M1 U.S. Rifle
Lot 952: 1939 Model 98 42 Mauser
Lot 953: 1952 SKS Rifle
Lot 954: Carl Gustafs 1909 Rifle
Lot 955: Winchester Model 70 XTR Sporter Magnum .300 Win Mag
Lot 956: Winchester Model 94AE .44 Cal Rem Mag
Lot 957: Weatherby Vanguard 7MM Rem Mag
Lot 958: Stoeger Model Uplander 28 GA Shotgun
Lot 959: Savage Mark ll Cal .17 Mach 2
Lot 960: Thompson Center Encore Stainless Pistol, Frame Black Synthetic Grip and Forend
Lot 962: Smith & Wesson M&P-15
Lot 963: CZ 455 .22 Cal LR
Lot 964: Gun Parts
Lot 1000: 4) Gun Cases
Lot 1001: 7.62×39 Cartridges
Lot 1093: 4) Boxes Federal 243 Winchester Bullets
Lot 1094: Winchester .22 Long Rifle Cartridges
Lot 1095: 2) Boxes Winchester 30-30 Cartridges
Lot 1096: 2) Boxes Remington 30-06 Cartridges
Lot 1097: 2) Boxes Remington .44 Mag Ammo
Lot 1098: 2) Boxes HS .223 Remington Ammo
Lot 1099: Winchester 12 Gauge, Federal 12 Gauge and CCI .22 WMR Shotshells
Lot 1626: Car Battery Charger
Lot 1627: 2) Baofeng 888S UHF/VHF Radios
Lot 1628: 4) Shotgun Shell Shot Glasses
Lot 1629: Digital Endoscope Camera
Lot 1630: Women’s Antler Design Ring Size 6
Lot 1631: Women’s Leaf Pattern Ring Size 6
Lot 1632: Faux Gold Maroon Watch
Lot 1633: Lightbulb Wi-Fi Camera
Lot 1634: Lever Action Metal Welcome Sign
Lot 1803: 1858 Rare Flying Eagle Cent
Lot 1804: 1867 Rare Shield Nickel
Lot 1805: 1884 Silver Rare Seated Liberty Dime
Lot 1806: 1911 Silver Rare Barber Dime
Lot 1807: 1926 Silver Rare Standing Liberty Quarter
Lot 1808: 1919 Silver Rare Mercury Dime
Lot 1809: Winston Churchill Medallion, 1 Troy ounce .999 Fine Copper Medallion, Commemorative Medallion, Ancient Roman Coin, Old Mexican Silver Dollar, Foreign Coins
Lot 1810: 1912-1957 Wheat Pennies
Lot 1811: 1957-1993 Proof Set of Coins, 1972 Proof Set
Lot 1812: Steel War Pennies
Lot 1813: 1957 Silver Certificate, 1963 Barr Note, 1976 $2 Note
Lot 1814: 1899-1912 V-Nickels, 1883 “No Cents” Liberty Nickel
Lot 1815: 1909 VDB Lincoln Head Cent, 1957-1958 Uncirculated Old Wheat Cent
Lot 1816: 1970-1988 Uncirculated Roosevelt Dimes, 1890-1903 Indian Head Cents, 1963-1989 Uncirculated Jefferson Nickel
Lot 1817: 1939-1959 Old Jefferson Nickels
Lot 1818: 8) 2009 Lincoln Cent, 8) 1960-1990 Lincoln Cents
Lot 1819: An Interesting Kennedy Half Dollar Collector’s Item, 24kt Gold Plated Indian Head Cent
Lot 1820: 14) 1918-1936
Lot 1821: US Eisenhower Dollar 1971-1978, Kennedy Half Dollar Gem “Proof” Condition, Westward Journey Nickel Series
Lot 1822: 9) Football Cards, 1974 Bicentennial First Day Cover, Indian Headdress Flathead, Authentic Meteorite Space Rock
Lot 1900: 1945 Gold 2.5 Pesos Coin
Lot 1901: 20) Mercury Dimes
Lot 1902: 30) Mercury Dimes
Lot 1909: Assorted Costume Necklaces, Bracelet
Lot 1910: 5) Women’s Watches: Armitron, Relic
Lot 1911: 925 Turquoise Bracelet, Earrings, Necklace, 5) Women’s Rings
Lot 1912: 9) Bracelets
Lot 1913: Geneva His and Her’s Watches
Lot 1914: Stuhrling Original Watch
Lot 1915: Geneva Men’s Watch and Sunglasses
Lot 1987: Case with Stones and Gems
Lot 1988: Quartz, Malachite, Anapaite Stones
Lot 1989: Crystal Stones
Lot 1990: Selenite and Chalcedony, Calcite over Wulfenite Stones
Lot 1991: Sphalerite, Hunerite, Asbestos in Serpentine Stones
Lot 1992: “The Crystal Bible”, Crystal and Stone
Lot 1993: Purple and White Stones
Lot 1994: Geodes and Crystal Stones
Lot 1995: Smithsonite, Purpurite, Cavansite and Tourmaline Stones
Lot 1996: Crystal and Polished Stones
Lot 1997: Quartz Stones
Lot 1998: Indicolite Tourmaline, Lepthenite Stones
Lot 2000: Archie’s, Betty and Veronica, Pals and Gals, Jughead’s Magazines
Lot 2001: Comic Books, Excalibur, Spawn, Huntress, Brigade
Lot 2002: Comic Books, Conan, Ambush Bug, Johnson Stroman
Lot 2003: Comic Books, Master of Kung Fu, Frankenstein, Moon Knight, Thor, Warlord, Marvel Universe, Nonexistent, Clint and More
Lot 2004: Comic Books, Champions, Thing, Tarzan, Warlock, Black Hood, Street Fighter and More
Lot 2005: Comic Books, Wally, Champions, Beast, Scalphunter, Justice League and More
Lot 2006: Comic Books, Warlord, Wolverine, Hulk, The Mighty Magnor, Mantech, Transformers Universe, Dare Devil and More
Lot 2007: Comic Books, Ghost Rider, Xmen, Mickey Mouse and Goofy, Dark Adventures, Project New Man, Gargoyle, Star Trek, Nova and More
Lot 2008: Comic Books, Indiana Jones, Spiderman, Micronauts, Titans, Nightmare and More
Lot 2009: Comic Books, The Falcon, Mantech, Power Man Iron Fish, X-Men, The Incredible Hulk, Jonny Quest and More
Lot 2012: First Act Electric Guitar, Jasmine Acoustic Guitar
Lot 2013: Stagestar Ibanez Electric Guitar
Lot 2014: Squier Showmaster Electric Guitar
Lot 2015: Kramer Electric Guitar
Lot 2016: Yamaha Acoustic Guitar
Lot 2017: Texas Hold’Em Poker Set
Lot 2018: 2) Bird Feeders
Lot 2019: Porcelain Bedpan
Lot 2020: 2) Lamps
Lot 2021: 3) Cans Flex Seal, Tarp, Assorted Hand Tools
Lot 2022: Lamp, 4) Pitchers
Lot 2023: 2) Coach Purses, 2) Dooney and Bourke Purses
Lot 2024: 2) Bird Houses, 3) Bells, 6) 2 1/2x 3 1/2 Picture Frames, Table Cloth
Lot 2025: Wine Glasses, Coffee Cups, More
Lot 2026: Computer Speakers, Dumbells, Extension Cord
Lot 2027: Assorted Books
Lot 2028: Ironing Board, Clothes Drying Rack, Air Mattress
Lot 2036: Baseball, Football and Basketball Collector Trading Cards
Lot 2037: Sewing Supplies
Lot 2038: Little Golden Books and Vintage Children’s Books
Lot 2039: 2) Hot Glue Guns, More
Lot 2040: Assorted Beads, Craft Supplies
Lot 2041: Assorted Yarn
Lot 2042: Lamp
Lot 2043: Elk Antlers
Lot 2044: Kitchen Aid Attachments – Pasta Rollers, Grater
Lot 2045: Extra Large Spatula
Lot 2500: Model Train Tracks, Structures, Transformer, Lionel Cars
Lot 2501: 1960s Heineken Beer Dutch Boy Bar Sign
Lot 2502: 1985 Effanbee “Mark Twain Collection” Figure
Lot 2503: Vintage Metal Domed Mushroom Desk Lamp
Lot 2504: Mid 1900s Swiss Army Lantern
Lot 2505: Bazooka Lunch Pail, 2) 1930s Thermos Lunch Boxes
Lot 2506: 7UP Clock
Lot 2507: 1940s Westclox
Lot 2508: Mid 1900s RCA Victor Radio and 1930s Tube Radio
Lot 2509: 2) Table Lamps with Vintage Victorian Couples, Vintage La Mode Illustree Wood Framed Paris France Fashion Advertisement
Lot 2510: Wood / Glass Display Box with Oriental Lady
Lot 2511: Vintage Auto “Protekt-A-Dor” and “Saflex” Side Clearance Reflector
Lot 2512: Star Trek Barbie and Ken Dolls
Lot 2513: 4) Batman Toys
Lot 2514: 2) Robotix Toys and The Shadow Toy
Lot 2515: “John Wayne” Limited Edition Action Figures
Lot 2516: Metal Route 66 Replica Gas Tank
Lot 2517: 3) Harry Potter Hardback Books
Lot 2518: Radio, CD and Record Player
Lot 2519: 1940s “Farm Journal”, 1960s Life Magazines and The Saturday Evening Post Magazines
Lot 2520: 1940s and 1960s Children’s Friend Magazines, 1960s The Instructor Magazines, 2010 Elvis Calendar
Lot 2521: Alaskan Books and Magazines
Lot 2522: Vintage Books, Geronimo, Buffalo Bill Crazy Horse, Davy Crockett, General Custer, Hunting for Hidden Gold, Freckles, The Cat of the Wild and More
Lot 2523: 1970s Frontier, True West and Old West Magazines, A&W Mugs
Lot 2524: 12) Norman Rockwell Collector Plates
Lot 2525: 11) Norman Rockwell Collector Plates, 1) Church Plate
Lot 2526: Surf Board and Plastic Dolphin Decor
Lot 2527: Vintage Lockstitch Dress Maker and Sew-N-Play Sewing Machines
Lot 2528: Dolls from Around the World
Lot 2529: Sega Game Gear with Case
Lot 2530: Adult Magazines
Lot 2531: Adult Magazines
Lot 2532: Unabridged Websters New Twentieth Century Dictionary
Lot 2533: Vintage Fireman Hat
Lot 2534: Mess Kit and Vintage Metal Military Hat
Lot 2535: Mess Kit and Vintage Metal Military Hat
Lot 2536: Mess Kit and Vintage Metal Army Hat
Lot 2537: Mess Kit and Vintage Metal Army Hat
Lot 2538: Snap-On and Matco Mugs
Lot 2539: Snap-On and Budweiser Collector Mugs
Lot 2540: Carburetor
Lot 2541: Carburetor
Lot 2542: 2) Wildlife Tapestries
Lot 2543: Revell “Cutty Sark” Model
Lot 2544: Pop-O-Matic Popcorn Maker
Lot 2545: 75mm Shell Casing, WWII 40mm Anti-Aircraft Shell Casing
Lot 2546: 1967 Newell Studios Cherub Mantle Clock
Lot 2547: Floral Oval Dish from Germany, Wales Tea Cup and Saucer, Pink Tea Cup and Saucer,
Lot 2548: Vintage Framed “John Quincy Adams” and “William Seward” Pictures
Lot 2549: Victrola Record Player
Lot 2550: Large Painting on Board of Knight, Metal Knight Helmet
Lot 2551: 2) Fencing Swords
Lot 2552: Vintage Singer, Sew-N-Play toy Sewing Machines
Lot 2553: Franklin Heirloom Bisque Porcelain Doll
Lot 2718: Assorted Fabric Pieces
Lot 2719: Assorted Fabric Pieces
Lot 2720: Bead Necklaces, Watches
Lot 2721: Crystal and Glass Vases, Figurines, Perfume Bottles and More
Lot 2722: 2) Miniature Tea Sets, Candle Snuffers
Lot 2723: Chemical Biological Mask and Canister
Lot 2724: Promaster Tripod
Lot 2725: Holster, Fanny Pack, WW2 Books
Lot 2726: Activity Books, Various Children’s Books
Lot 2727: Comic Books, Gaming Magazines
Lot 2728: Assorted Anime DVD’s
Lot 2729: Fishing Slingshot
Lot 2730: Fishing Slingshot
Lot 2731: “Manga/Anima “Kage Tora Books 1-11
Lot 2732: Assorted Owner’s Manuals for Rifles/Pistols
Lot 2733: Assorted Wii Games
Lot 2734: Lilian Venon USA Flag Plates and Bowls
Lot 2735: Thomas the Train Set
Lot 2736: 3) Leather Belts, 2) Holsters
Lot 2737: Nunchucks
Lot 2738: Scale Set
Lot 2739: Silver Plated Pitchers, Silverware, Serving Trays, More
Lot 2740: 2) XBox Controllers, Various XBox Games
Lot 2741: 8) Marc Secchia Books, 2) Melissa Grey Books, 4)Sam Ferguson Books, More
Lot 2742: Various Playstation 2 Games
Lot 2743: Sentry Safe with Key
Lot 2744: Various Books
Lot 2745: Assorted Fabric Pieces
Lot 2746: Assorted Fabric Pieces
Lot 3500: Pool Chair
Lot 3501: Plant Stands, Shelf, Artificial Plant, Plate Holder, Letter
Lot 3502: Lamp, Wall Decor, Candle Holder, Wicker Basket, More
Lot 3503: Rain Bird, Tripod, File, Strapbinder, More
Lot 3504: 2) Kami Fall Detect, Games
Lot 3505: Steamer, Sewing and Crochet Items, Totes
Lot 3506: Pull Up Bar, Mop, Vitamins, More
Lot 3507: Dresser Mirror, Framed Picture
Lot 3508: Contents of Floor: Framed Windows, Banner, Auger, Rug, More
Lot 3509: Suitcase, Costume, Women’s Clothing and Shoes Size Small
Lot 3900: Vintage Oil Lubester Pump Dispenser
Lot 3901: Floor Lamp
Lot 3902: 1970s Magnavox Stereo Endtable
Lot 3903: Curio Cabinet
Lot 3904: Glass Top End Table
Lot 3905: Yankee Clipper Snow Sled
Lot 3906: Waather Handler 14″ Wheel Covers
Lot 3907: Vinyl Records, Sammy Kaye, Waltzes, John Conlee, Elvis Christmas, Boots Randolph, Skeeter Davis, Hank Williams, Waylon Jennings, Ray Charles and More
Lot 3908: Vinyl Records, Jim Nabors, The Sandpipers, Andy Kim, Christmas, Johnny Rivers, Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, Bobby Bare and More
Lot 3909: Toy Story Collectibles
Lot 3910: Vinyl Record 45s, Some Warped
Lot 3911: Vintage General Electric Tube Radio, Dial Phone and Push Button Phone
Lot 3912: 2) Carved Stone Ash Trays, Cream & Sugar Dishes, Cake Plates, Glass Ashtray
Lot 3913: IBM Electric Typewriter with Cover
Lot 3914: Lighted Dolphin Mirror
Lot 3915: 4) Jewelry Boxes
Lot 3916: Cokesbury Model 666-C Projector
Lot 3917: 4) Gardening Binders
Lot 3918: Pari of Clipper Canoes Wood Oars
Lot 4000: Honda Lawnmower
Lot 4001: GroundWork Pro Series Wheelbarrow
Lot 4002: 2) Plastic Shelves, Metal Shelf
Lot 9600: Maytag Dryer – Working
Lot 9601: Sunbeam Countertop Mixer
Lot 9602: Fold Out Sectional
Lot 9603: 2-Drawer Filing Cabinet
Lot 9604: Recliner
Lot 41322: One Ounce Pure Silver .999 Fine Harry Truman Bar
Lot 41323: Life Liberty Happiness – Liberty Silver – 1983 One Ounce Fine
Lot 41324: 20 Years of Silver Half Dollars Collection 1940s, 50s, 60s
Lot 41325: Veedol Motor Oil Sign
Lot 41326: 10 Ounces Troy Fine Silver .999 Assayers

Estate, RV, Sporting Goods & More!!

3223 Avenue of the Chiefs, Pocatello, ID, USA
Pocatello, ID

Auction Location / Nearest City:

3223 Avenue of the Chiefs, Pocatello, ID, USA

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